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Last Time on Family Piece!

Steve and his friends gathere war room.

"We will finally get what we paid for!" yelled Steve.

In a room Cleveland was on the computer with his family.

"No our show has been canceled!" yelled Cleveland.

His family all began to yell.

Luffy looked at the shadowy figure in front of him.

"How dare you! HOW DARE YOU!" he yelled.

"The fun has only began..." mocked the showy figure.

Peter looked at the computer and smashed the wall.

"HOW COULD THEY!" yelled Peter, "This fic in one of her most reviews and it's not mentioned on her page on TV tropes! How the hell is My Little Community more prominent then this one!"

And now the conclusion to the chapter.

Chapter 22: Anime Con, Panel

Roberta was bored, she didn't understand how that was a punishment, she was on the third episode and from what she could follow it was a show about young girls making wishes then fighting evil or something like that…

"It's the good part." Said one of the kidnapers.

"What do you mean?" asked Roberta.

That was when monster the girl was fighting who looked like stuffed toy suddenly turned into a giant worm and bit off the girl's head.

Of course Roberta started screaming.

Elsewhere in the audience Otaku who were part of the kidnapped plot sighed.

"Oi!" yelled one, "You don't bring a noob to Madoka!"

Meanwhile in the panel room…

"Now that Emma's finally working on the new chapter! Does anyone have any questions?" asked Luffy.

Someone raised their hand.

"Can you prove you're really the real Straw Hats?" asked someone.

Luffy stretched out his arm, Ace turned his hand into fire and Chopper motioned to himself.

"Okay next." Said Luffy.

He took a question from a girl dressed like Akane from Ranma.

"Zoro? Who would be the first to get out a maze, you or Ryoga?" asked the girl.

"Next question." Muttered Zoro.

A girl dressed like Rangiku from Bleach raised her hand.

"Zoro… who would get out of a maze first… you or a tag team of Yachiru and Kenpachi." Said the girl.

"I will kill whoever ask that question again." Muttered Zoro.

Several hands went down.

That was when a man stood up.

"I have a rash and…" said the man.

Stewie pointed a gun at him.

"Not at this Q and A panel." Muttered Stewie.

Off to the side, Lois and Brian watched.

"I can't believe how well the panel is going." Said Lois.

"Easily since Emma isn't able to attend cons this year…" said Brian.

(Cut Away)

Emma was typing away, looked at the calendar sighed then began to chanting "Next month then it will be fun… next month it will be fun…"

(End of Cut Away)

Outside of the panel room, Steve and his friends plotted.

"We have to get her alone in a place with out security." Said Steve.

"I think you're taking this way too seriously." Said Snot.

"(It's begging to sound we're trying to rape her...)" said Toshi.

That was when two new girls heard Toshi.

"He speaks Japanese!" said one of the girls.

"So awesome!" said the other.

Toshi smiled.

"Later Toshi." Muttered Steve.

"(I have to start attending anime conventions.)" said Toshi.

Nearby Rallo had managed to get away from his mom and was flirting with several girls in cosplay.

"Do you like anime?" asked one of the girls who was dressed like Sayaka from Madoka Magica.

"Not yet, but maybe I'll watch the one your from..." said Rallo.

"Oh… little boys shouldn't' watch this one… it's too scary." Said the girl, "And sad…

"I heard that some are forcing a drag along to watch it." Said a girl dressed like Misty.

Meanwhile Roberta was gaping at the anime she was watching… now it involved a mass suicide…

"WHAT THE HELL!" she yelled.

"Shut UP! This is a good scene!" yelled another audience member.

Back in the panel room, they took more questions.

"Will you ever do any type of time travel adventure." Said a man asking the question.

"I don't know." Said Luffy, "It all depends on what sort of idea Eiichiro gets… but I can't help what sort of adventure we would get…"

(Cut Away)

They were in the past…

"Wait… how do we know we're in the past." Said Luffy.

Nami shrugged.

"Well according to this news paper." Said Usopp.

"Don't care." Said Luffy.

"But…" said Usopp.

"I said I don't' care…" said Luffy.

(End of Cut Away)

"Any more questions." Said Nami.

That was when Ann and Anne from chapter 8 raised their hands.

"Whatever happened to our spinoff!" yelled Ann.

"A pin off?" asked Luffy.

"Yeah! WE were in talk for a spin-off!" yelled Anne.

"But that was years ago." Said Nami.

"Yeah Emma's idea for a good fic has changed." Said Luffy.

"If it's about OCs then what about that Madoka fic." Said Ann.

That fic exists for a reason, I won't say what reason due to spoilers now shut up before I pull "I created you and I can destroy you!" thing…

Both of them shut up….

Outside of the panel room Steve's group came up with the perfect plan.

"I don't know about this Steve." Said Snot.

"What could go wrong with doing this." Said Steve.

"For one thing I heard if you turn off lights in a con, Team Rocket cosplayer show up." Said Snot.

(Cut Away)

At some random panel suddenly the light went out.

"Prepare for Trouble!"

"Listen, is that a voice I hear?"

"Prepare for trouble from the skies!"

"What a question, twerpish indeed!"

That was when they heard a struggle, they turned on the light and saw a pile of Jessie Cosplayers fighting.

Four games James cosplayers stood nearby and watched.

"You want to get some doughnuts?" asked one.

"Do you mean doughnuts or "doughnuts"" said another.

"I could go for either." Said a third.

"Let's just go…" said the fourth, "I refuse to be seen with them now."

(End of Cut Away)

"It happened again!" yelled Barry freaking out.

Back in the One Piece panel…

"And that's why I will never try to eat a horse again." Said Luffy, "Wait what was the question."

That was when suddenly the lights turned off.

"Oh great… Team Rocket cosplayer." Muttered someone in the audience.

What was when a loud piercing scream filled the room the light came back on everyone saw Steve and his friend groping Usopp.

"Uh-oh…" said Steve.

There was an awkward silence in the room as Nami face palmed.

"We… couldn't see anything." Said Steve.

Not too long later in Langley Falls Virginia, at the Smith home, the phone rang, Stan was reading a book when he picked it up.

"Hello…" he answered.

After a few seconds he hung it up.

"What was that?" asked Francine.

"Steve was a arrested for fondling a pirate." Said Stan.

"Okay…" said Francine, "Wait… what?"

Sometime later at the area with tables (there's one at every con… seriously), the Straw Hats, Griffins and Brown-Tubbs family all sat.

"This was a weird convention." Said Vivi.

"I know right." Said Nami.

Sanji glared at Rallo who was still flirting with the ladies.

"Why can't that be me…" muttered Sanji.

"Hi! Sanji!" called out a girl.

Sanji didn't hear her however.

"Hey! Where Roberta." Said Donna realizing it.

That was when Roberta showed up… crying her eyes out.

"All she wanted to do was save her friend!" yelled Roberta.

"What?" asked Donna.

"Some weirdoes kidnapped her and made we watch a Madoka marathon." Said a girl dressed like Kyoko, "Looks like they broke her with that anime…"

"Whatever." Said Donna.

"Well! This was fun!" said Luffy.

"I was fondled!" yelled Usopp.

"Well it will was fun" said Luffy.

And so the con came to a close… after three days of writer's block!

I hope you're happy!

Next Time: The Griffins are loosing money thanks to certain reasons. Now they must get Nami to give up her money for the greater good... will she do it? Find out next time!