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Chapter 25: Time Loop

It was just a normal morning, Nami got up and did whatever. As she did the whatever she noticed something was off. And it was cemented when Peter ran by with a flame thrower chasing that weird spider thing.

"Seriously you're chasing one of those again?" asked Nami.

"What do you mean again?" asked Peter.

Nami just faced palmed, "You know what, never mind…" sighed Nami.

However what she was going through wouldn't be apparent until dinner.

That was when Peter walked in on pony Gear.

"Not again." Sighed Lois.

"I have discovered My Little Pony Friendship is Magic it is the most awesome show ever and I am a brony." Said Peter.

"What…" said Nami.

Nami's eye twitched as she watched everything roll out the same way as it did last.

Thankfully there was one person to count on.

"Hey! Friendship is Magic is awesome!" said Peter, "Didn't you see Death Battle! It shows that Rainbow Dash could beat Star Scream and Pinkie Pie would become best friends with Deadpool!"

"Did somebody say my name!" said Deadpool suddenly showing up.

"Damn it Peter! You just had to say his name." muttered Lois.

"Wait a second… this is the same fanfics as last time!" said Deadpool taking out his cell phone, "Let me check some stuff out… nope still only vaguely mentioned on the page… and Monkey and Butterfly? What is that?"

He checked elsewhere.

"Okay seriously… a story that was published a couple months ago? Seriously? Even if it does have more stuff than My Little Community, it still hasn't up for that long!" said Deadpool, "And is this seriously the same chapter as last time! I have no idea what's going on… So I'm out here! Like I said last time don't bring me in until this story gets a TV Tropes page. Oh and one more thing! Since the last chapter was published there was another Friendship is Magic episode… Twilight Sparkle VS. Raven from Teen Titans… Twilight got her clanked kicked! Deadpool out!"

"Well that just happened." Said Brian with his eye.

"I'm going to bed." Muttered Nami.

"But it's early!" said Lois.

"I can't deal with this again." Muttered Nami trying to figure out what happened.

Everyone was confused and shrugged off.

Over the course of the next few days, Nami jut stayed where she slept not wanting to deal with Peter singing the songs and such.

However one day, the strange spiders once again showed. This time bother her specifically.

"Great." Muttered Nami.

She got up to fight them but of course one bit her in the leg, some of the other found the spiders attacking her and helped her.

Chopper of course started to treat her leg.

"Great… I got bit again." Said Nami.

"What do you mean again?" asked Chopper.

Nami sighed knowing that Chopper would believe her no matter what.

"For some reason I was sent back in time and I don't' know why." She explained.

"Really?" asked Chopper.

"It's true." Said Nami.

"Is that why you haven't been getting up?" asked Chopper.

"I really don't want to deal with Peter's brony phase again." Said Nami.

"Is it going to end soon?" asked Chopper.

Nami nodded.

And of course Peter once again read cupcakes and quite being a Brony.

The day afterwards Nami once again… she realized something. She checked her leg. The bite was gone.

"Great." She muttered.

She walked in to find Peter chasing the spider thing and she sighed.

That was when she remembered something… there was someone else who remember the time loop… or least it seemed that way.

She wasn't sure considering what she managed to got from him.

She so waited until dinner that night to talk to him all she hoped that he would show… all she had to wait for Peter to say something.

"Hey! Friendship is Magic is awesome!" said Peter, "Didn't you see Death Battle! It shows that Rainbow Dash could beat Star Scream and Pinkie Pie would become best friends with Deadpool!"

"Did somebody say my name?" asked Deadpool, "Oh son of bitch again! Same story! Okay! Who's the Bill Murray here!"

"What?" asked Peter.

"Someone's in a Groundhog Day Loop! And if I don't I'll mention the story arc that shall not be named lest risk the author's wrath." Said Deadpool.

"The story shall not be named?" asked Luffy.

"Oh!" said Chris quickly figuring it out, "Endless Eight!"

And then a brick landed on Chris' head for bring up that horrific thing that depository an anime franchise the writer loves.

"Thank you! It's not like 4kids dub for guys! She let go of her anger on that."

"Seriously?" asked Luffy.

"I mean come on they stopped dubbing it back in 2007… it's been what…" said Peter, "Wait year is now?"

"2019." Said Deadpool.

"2019… Jesus! 12 years! And this story is still being updated?" asked Peter.

"And Emma just got over the depression that prevented her from writing as much… all it took was a stint in a mental hospital." Laughed Deadpool, "Okay I really shouldn't be laughing at that last part…"

Yeah… you really shouldn't be…

"Anyways back to the point, who is Bill Murraying this fic!" yelled Deadpool.

"I am." Sighed Nami.

"Wait… the sane one…" said Deadpool, "Neat!"

Nami dragged the Merc with a Mouth out of the room to talk.

"Okay what do you know?" asked Nami.

"How the hell should I know?" asked Deadpool.

"What?" asked Nami.

"Look this clearly a case similar to The Infinite Loops, I only know about the time loop because of how awesome I am." Said Deadpool.

Nami face palmed.

"Come on! Don't be that way… it can't be any worse than when Wall-E ended up in Detroit." Said Deadpool.

(Cut Away)

Wall-E was making some garbage Cubes, when he came across a bunch of guns. He grabbed one and ended up shooting it.

He looked at the gun and had a certain look in his eye.

"Wall-E 2! Detroit! This time it's personal!" said an announcer.

(End of Cut Away)

"Yes! Did it!" said Deadpool, "A little half assed but I did cut away! Now what were talking about?"

"About how I'm stuck in a time loop." Muttered Nami.

"Look you're the one in a time loop, I'm just aware of all media I'm in." said Deadpool, "It's your job to figure it out, not mine. So just figure it out…"

"Seriously." Said Nami.

"Also try to prevent Peter from becoming a Brony next time." Said Deadpool, "Or else I'm sending my non-union Japanese equivalent."

"What?" asked Nami.

"Trust me the pay off will be sweet." Said Deadpool, "Oh and keep your sanity I recommend having some junk loops! Like that time Homura decided to have some fun…"

(Cut Away)

It was time for Homura to introduce herself to the class, she decided much like the first loop to walk over to Madoka.

But instead of talking about Magical Girls, she started making out with an extremely confused Madoka.

"Girls can't love girls!" cried Hitomi.

"How can my students have better love lives than me!" yelled Mr. Saotome.

(End of Cutaway)

"Awesome I got tow! And this one was really clever…" said Deadpool, "Also be aware, because the last time Emma did something related to a time loop it got really dark… like dead pet piggy and loosing the ability to walk dark."

"What?" asked Nami.

"Look just never mind! Good luck! Deadpool out!" said Deadpool.

Nami just sighed as Deadpool disappeared.

And so over the course of the next few days Nami decided to try to figure out the possible cause.

However she found nothing by the day of the massive spider attack. She helped the others in fighting them off.

Of course she got bit again.

The next day she once again woke up to Peter chasing the first spider.

She sighed and looked at the TV and decided to "accidently" break it so that Peter wouldn't watch My Little Pony.

And thankfully she didn't have to deal with Peter become a brony.

However sadly that wasn't the end of the loop.

As when the spiders attacked again she got bit.

As she tried to figure it out, she figured out various way to stop Peter from becoming a brony.

"The fandom is really messed up, like writing stories where Pinkie Pie bakes ponies into Cupcakes." Said Nami.

"Seriously!" yelled Peter.

Another loop she had to this to say.

"You know the episode where William Shatner he doesn't interact with Discord." Said Nami.

Peter was about to say something.

"Nor does he over act." Said Nami.

She also left out that it's one of the best episodes there is… there I said.

Another loop she ran out if ideas.

"there's an episode where the Dude interacts with the Doctor." Said Nami.

"What! Really that's awesome!" said Peter.

Nami's eye twitched.

"Why did you think that deter him?" asked Brian.

"I have no idea." Sighed Nami.

That night of course Peter said the this…

"Hey! Friendship is Magic is awesome!" said Peter, "Didn't you see Death Battle! It shows that Rainbow Dash could beat Star Scream and Pinkie Pie would become best friends with Deadpool!"

However Deadpool didn't show up.

But instead a Pikachu wearing a deer stalker hat.

"Why is there a Pikachu here?" asked Meg.

"Oh cute!" said Peter.

Pikachu began to talk to Peter.

"Okay! Is anyone else hearing this Pikachu?" asked Peter, "He ha the voice the voice of Ryan Reynolds for some reason!"

"So that's what he meant…" said Nami.

"At least he probably won't be a brony." Said Lois.

Thankfully Peter got distracted with Detective Pikachu this loop so there's that…

However that loop she needed a break so she decided to go on a heist.

"I'm in a time loop so I'm going to museum to steal something." Said Nami.

"Have fun." Said Lois.

"Wait did she just say she's stuck in a time loop and she's going to steal some form the museum?" asked Vivi.

"Eh… it should be fine." Said Lois.

As Nami was exploring the museum to get the proper layout she heard a scream.

She turned around and saw that the spiders had started attacking people.

She knew since she was the only one to fight them off she had to.

As she was fighting them off one of them bit her.

Once they were fought off she was taken to first aid.

"I know I'm not as good doctor as your little tanuki friend." Said the doctor.

"I'm a reindeer!" yelled Chopper in the distance as if he heard him.

"But I'm sure I'll make you feel better." Said the doctor.

"I figured it out." Said Nami.

"What?" asked the doctor.

The next morning Nami woke up and saw her leg was fine.

She realized it.

She found Peter chasing the first one.

"We have to have a meeting now." Said Nami.

"What? Why?" asked Peter.

"I'll explain during the meeting." Said Nami.

And so everyone gathered and Nami explained her plight.

"So wait… you're stuck in a time loop and that weird spider that Peter was chasing is the cause of it?" asked Usopp.

"That sounds pretty farfetched, why should we believe you?" asked Ace.

"Because I'm not Usopp." Said Nami.

"Hey!" yelled Usopp.

"Wait you've been stuck in a time loop and you haven't memorized the lottery numbers?" asked Chris.

"Oh come on!" said Nami.

The next loop…

"So wait… you're stuck in a time loop and that weird spider that Peter was chasing is the cause of it?" asked Usopp.

"That sounds pretty farfetched, why should we believe you?" asked Ace.

"Because I'm not Usopp." Said Nami.

"Hey!" yelled Usopp.

"Wait you've been stuck in a time loop and you haven't memorized the lottery numbers?" asked Chris.

"No I did…" said Nami, "In the last loop we had the conversation… and I memorized them… not a big pot but I'm taking what I can get."

"So are you sure it's the spiders?" asked Zoro.

"I took advantage of the last loop to double check, I decided to go the insect zoo to see if they would still show up." Said Nami.


Nami was looking around the insect zoo when the spiders showed up.

"The spiders have escaped!" yelled one of the patrons.

"These are not our spiders." Said one of the workers.

"Oh! Okay!" said the patron.

And of course it bit Nami.

(End of Flashback)

"So you've been bitten at the incent zoo too." Said Peter.

Nami sighed.

"Okay so we got an unknown number of days because Emma's lazy like that." Said Peter, "So let's get prepping! Right after I check out the My Little Pony Friendship is Magic marathon!"

"Peter's going to become a really obsessive borny if he watches that marathon." Said Nami.

Everyone tackled him to prevent him from watching it.

And so that unknown number of days they prepared and the spiders attacked the house.

And thankfully they were ready for them.

Nami reading a book in the living room when the spiders tried to attack however it turned it was a dummy.

"Now!" yelled Sanji.

The Straw Hats and Griffins all attacked the spiders. Killing them.

However Nami was also wearing weird pillows on her leg to make sure they didn't bite her.

And thankfully none back mated to.

"Okay…" sighed Nami, "That seems to be all them."

"And you won't know until tomorrow if it worked." Said Usopp.

The next day, Nami woke up to the song I Got You Babe playing.

"Seriously!" muttered Nami but then she realized something, "Peter!"

Peter was giggling.

"You know that doesn't work since that wasn't involved in the loop." Said Brian.

"Shut up." Said Peter.

At breakfast Nami was so happy.

"Finally I'm free of the time loop." sad Nami.

"Hey silly question but did you remember to buy lottery tickets?" asked Chris.

"Oh come!" yelled Nami.

"You know this is a bit worrying." Said Meg.

"what do you mean?" axed Vivi.

"Like we don't know where the Spider Came from…" said Meg, "I mean you don't think that someone sent them, do you?"

OF course the Griffins ignored her.

So Vivi repeated it.

"Wait… seriously…" said Peter, "There's been 25 chapters and more than a decade worth of writing… you don't seriously there would be a plot now?"

Meanwhile in a strange bunker, a woman scowled while sitting in a chair.

"Great…" muttered the woman, "They broke the loop…"

"Should we add more people?" asked one of the people in there.

"Not yet…" said the woman, ":it's just wait and see…"

And so with that time loop… the plot was finally revealed… but for now… it was no going no where…

Sorry people… but it's just that kind of story…

Next Time: Stewie decides to do some spring cleaning, and accidently uses one of his inventions on the Straw Hats (and Ace)... a device that runs them into babies but keep their intelligence. What will happen? And will Stewie be able to fix this? Find out next time!