Thing's Can Only Get Better

She didn't want to take the suggestion. Really she didn't but what other choice did she have?

Asking her father for help was out of the question. After her mothers death he had developed an extreme case of agoraphobia, so he holed himself up in his little room at the local residential home, only leaving to visit his wife's grave every Sunday. Hermione would visit bringing food and clean up every week but she couldn't bear to stay longer than a few hours.

Sometimes he would confuse her with one of the nurses who came in to give medication or to change the bed linen. "You're a very pretty girl," he would say, "very much like my wife." It always broke her heart that he could no longer remember he had a daughter.

Next on the list would be Harry but he now lives in France. After the war Harry thrived to settle down and make a family of his own. He still considered the Weasley's and Hermione apart of his world he just wanted to be out of the spot light. Ten years of publicity had caused him to leave Britain and set up his own flying school for young children. He fell in love with Terri one of the other flying instructors and got married six months later, and after eighteen months of marriage they were blessed with Jacob. Hermione only sees them on birthday's and Christmas' now.

She misses him terribly.

Ron. Ron can just shove his help up his arse for all Hermione cared. He was the reason she was in this predicament. Having one of your best friends not know that you can't put dried milk on your cereal and then put it in the microwave, can cause havoc. Needless to say Ronald Weasley had burnt down Hermione Granger's house. She would not be living with Ron, he's twenty three for Merlin's sake and still lives at home. Although his career is taking off and is one of the most sort-after Quidditch players around.

So this brings Hermione to her final choice. Blaise. And His suggestion.

Hermione couldn't move in with Ginny, she didn't want to invade the living space of a relatively new couple. Not wanting to see the lovey-dovey eyes, matching bath robes or hearing the banging of the head board at night, Hermione declined the offer of moving in with her and Blaise. So he came up with the idea of moving in with their neighbour who just so happens to be in need of a new flat mate.

It seemed the world was shining a little ray of hope on her day. She didn't want to impose on a complete stranger and ask if she could invade their space but it was her only hope. Blaise even said they wouldn't mind.

So feeling in higher spirits, Hermione ignored Blaise's smirk and Ginny's slightly scared look and made her way to flat number 9, two floors down.

Seeing the glossy black door with a shiny gold number nine screwed within the centre, Hermione took a deep breath and knocked.


Apparently the occupant didn't hear so she raised her hand to knock again.


A muffled voice answered.

"Okay, Okay I'm coming."

The door sung inward to reveal…

"Well, well, well Granger. I never thought I would ever see you on my doorstep."

Hermione's eyes widened to the size of dinner plates.

"Malfoy? Oh Shit."


This is my first multicaptered fic, so I don't know how long it's going to be but I got a plot set out. But don't expect the romance to begin early I want to drag it out a little.

Also I don't know howI will be with up dates but I'm aim for one every 2 weeks.

Now about this chapter, it's short but it's just an introduction to Hermione's situation, the next chappy will be longer.