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Problems w/ the new team

"My isn't this fun." Sasuke mumble Sarcastically under his breath as he walked along with Hinata and Naruto.

His obnoxious teammate was being a loudmouth as always. Hinata was her shy, stuttering self. Now that she was near Naruto, her face was flushed most of the time.


Sasuke couldn't take it anylonger. He had been on this team for a while now. Sakura had been under Tsunade's care. Tsunade decided Sakura needed intense training, so appointed Hinata to the rest of team 7. Not that he cared. He was actually glad Sakura was out of his team...for a while at least.

Hinata was known as the quiet one, and didn't have a crush on him, that was all he knew.

At first he was able to tolerate her stuttering, since she didn't open up her mouth as much as Sakura.

At first he was able to stand her indifference toward him. Hinata seemed to acknoledge Naruto and only Naruto.

At first he was fine with it but then found himself jealous of that attention.

Was he really that accustomed to attention? Did he really want attention? Maybe he got used to all the attention, he felt envious not receiving it anymore.

Hinata's full attention was on Naruto. Sasuke little by little started making Naruto's life a living hell. Giving him more insults, hitting him for no reason or would simple use lame excuses to hit him. Beating the living daylights out of Naruto during practice. Although this only made things worse, since Hinata now had an excuse to get close to Naruto and give him more attention; which of course made Sasuke furious.


He turned and looked at Hinata who was carefully listening to Naruto. Her face looked happy to listen to his nonsense. He couldn't help but be sulky.

"Naruto Shutup and be useful for once in your life!"

Both Hinata and Naruto turned and looked at Sasuke. Naruto narrowed his eyes...Sasuke had just ruined the great conversation he was having with Hinata.

"You are just jealous because you have no one to talk to. Hmph, its my fault you are such a cold hearted son of a biiiiiiiiiiii" Naruto remember Hinata was there and restrained himself from cussing Sasuke out. "iiiiiiHinata forgive Sasuke for his rudeness, he isn't civilized." Naruto scratched the back of his head while grinnig.

Hinata smiled back while blushing. Sasuke was becoming irritated.

"Wipe that stupid grin off your face or else!" Sasuke couldn't keep his anger hidden any longer, he just felt the need to beat the shit out of Naruto...once again.

"OR ELSE WHAT?" Naruto started defying Sasuke and that was not good.

'Oh you son of a-'

"G-guys please. D-don't-"

"Naruto! I am so going to beat your ass!" Sasuke hissed as he darted toward Naruto.

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Sasuke's jealousy surfaces after the match, as Hinata tends Naruto's wounds.