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What about me

Chapter 20


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Hinata stopped her training and looked to where she heard the scream. 'Is the camp being attack!? Oh, no! I have to get there quickly.' She then quickly ran toward camp, leaving everything behind, even her jacket.


Naruto woke up from his sleep and sat up quickly as he heard his name being screamed at in a high pitched tone. "S-Sakura?" 'Was I just dreaming that Sakura screamed my name?' He shooked his head a bit before looking around him and seeing that everybody was gone.

"HELP!!!!! NARUTO!!!!!!! HINATA!!!!! HELP!!!!!"

Sending goosebumps through his skin, this screamed made Naruto realized he wasn't dreaming. The high pitch voice was Rioch. Naruto quickly got up and darted out of the tent, of course, tripping at the entrance of the tent before pulling himself up and running after the trail of screams.


"HELP!!!!! HELP!!!! SOMEBODY!!!! I'M GOING TO DIE!!!!! HELP!!!! AAAGGGGGHHH!!! HELP!!!!!" Rioch screamed as as high as possible as he noticed the menacing face of the Uchiha.

If only Rioch knew that his high pitch screaming was making things worst for him, then he would have stopped screaming. Too bad, that our dear friend didn't know this; thinking that maybe the Uchiha would leave him alone, if he saw that he could get in trouble, he continued screaming.

Rioch was getting on Sasuke's nerves and finally, with a swift punch, did everything go silent.

Sasuke gaved a step back, away from the motionless body. 'Finally he shut up!' He looked at Rioch and then frowned. 'Oh, crap! Now how am I going to explain this?...oh, well.'

"Sasuke? Is that you?" He looked down and saw Hinata a few feet away from the tree, bending, resting her hands on her knees; trying to catch her breath. She had obviosly heard the perv's screams and came to his rescue as soon as possible.

"Hina-" He was soon interupted by an annoying voice.

"Rioch! Where is Rioch!? I heard him screaming...where is he? What happened? Hinata?...Sasuke?" Sasuke turned around and sure enough, there was Naruto, jumping from one tree branch to the other; finally reaching the branch where the victim and offerder were. "-huff- What the -huff-huff- You teme! -huff- What happened to Rioch?" Naruto asked as he eyed the motionless body. "Is he dead?"

Sasuke's eye twitched, "No, you moron! Can't you see his chest rising up and down. His breathing."

Naruto turned to him with a glare, since he didn't like being offended, specially by Sasuke-bastard. He then turned to look at Rioch and noticed some blood dripping from his nose...again. Naruto snapped, "You bastard!" Naruto turned to face Sasuke, "What the hell did you do to him?"

Sasuke snapped back at Naruto, "Just what makes you think it was me who hurted him?"

"It could only be you!" Naruto screamed at him as he pointed an accusive finger at him.

Sasuke closed his eyes,took in a deep breath and exhale before opening his eyes once more. "I swear Naruto, I will snap that finger." Naruto immediately removed his hand, knowing well that Sasuke was not kidding.

"See what I mean? How can I not think it was you? You are always beating me up for no reason-"

"Oh, but I do have my reasons." Sasuke interrupted him as he glance down the tree and looked at Hinata, who was staring up at them with a worried face.

"Ha! Yeah, sure." Naruto rolled his blue eyes, "You just know I am way better than you and are jealous...its too obvious...can't blame you though."

"Idiot." That was all it took to get Naruto mad once more.

"What did you just say you bastard!? Oh, I had enough of you," Naruto rolled up his right sleeve as he stared at Sasuke with so much hate in his eyes, "first you beat me up, then you offend Hinata, and now...you hurt Rioch. Don't try to deny it, it was you I know it!"

Sasuke gritted his teeth, first the perv, aka Rioch, was annoying him to no end and now it was Naruto. Perhaps it wouldn't be such a bad idea to shut Naruto up, in the same way he shut Rioch. Yeah, not bad at all. Sasuke fisted his left hand, "Fine. I won't deny it. It was me who 'hurt' him. He was just like you Naruto, he wouldn't shut up, so I did what I did, I shut him up. I'll even be nice to show how I did it."

Naruto growled in anger, "You bastard! I knew it was you! I knew you didn't like Rioch since the begging because he reminded you of me! Because you knew he was way better than you will ever be, just like me!!!" With this, Naruto charged at Sasuke, who in turn, did the same.

"Naruto! Sasuke! Stop! Remember, you said you two promised there wouldn't be anymore fights! Stop please." Hinata screamed as saw what was going to happen.

Naruto heard her and let his guard down for a few seconds, giving Sasuke the full advantage. Sasuke landed a punch on Naruto's face; making Naruto dizzy for a while; then gaved him another punch on the gut, making Naruto fly towards Rioch. Naruto's body impacted with Rioch's body, making him loose conscience.

Sasuke huffed with anger and satisfaction. He looked down and saw tears rolling down Hinata's face, fear showing in her pale white eyes. He jumped down, landing in front of Hinata, who jumped a bit.

"Hinata," he noticed that she gaved a step back, "...we are alone." The instant that she gaved another step back he realized he had said the wrong thing. She was afraid...afraid of him. Yet, he didn't understand why? He continue looking at her, not moving, afraid that she might try to ran away or attack him. Her eyes shifter upwards, to the location where Naruto and Rioch laid.

'Oh...so that is it! She thinks I have gone berserk or something. She thinks I will try to hurt her.' He let out a small laugh, which cause Hinata to coward a bit.

"Hinata, don't worry, I won't harm you. Unlike the dead last, I wouldn't hurt you." He gaved her a small smile, which looked like a smirk, making Hinata more nervous.

"S-stay where you are Sasuke! D-don't come any closer to me!" Hinata said in a trembling voice.

Sasuke scoff and glared at her, 'Does she seriously believe I would hurt her? Does she think so lowly of me? Why can't she trust me? Why? Why only me? She trusts that pervert Rioch! She even flirts with him! What about Gaara? Hmph, so basically, she likes and trusts anybody but me.' Sasuke gave a step forward. Hinata gaved several steps back before taking the gentle style fighting stance.

Sasuke's eye widen a bit, 'Does she really intent to fight me?' His surprised eyes then change back to glaring, 'She doesn't trust me. In her eyes I am the worst. Haven't I tried enough to show that I care for her? Is she that stupid? ---- I hate the way she is looking at me, with fear and disgust. Willing to fight me, for Naruto's and Rioch's sake. --- Stupid bitch, I don't even know why I set my eyes on her. She is a nobody, she isn't worth anything, she is below me. Ungrateful bitch! I've been keeping an eye on her, I've been protecting her from all the other perverts! Yet, this is how she pays me? By thinking horrible of me and wanting to fight me? ---I could have any girl I want...I don't understand why I am wasting my time with her. She is a lost case, she will never know what is best for her; she will always comform. All that exists in her eyes is Naruto, Naruto, Naruto and that DAMN RIOCH!'

Hinata noticed his dark eyes turn red and she gasped. This was not good and she knew it. Hinata immediately activated her Byakugan.

Sasuke dared to go closer by giving more steps forward. When he got near enough, she attacked, only to have Sasuke dodge. In the blink of an eye, he disappeared and reappered behind her. She felt his strong arms wrap around her arms, holding her still. She panicked and tried to break loose in vain.

"Hinata," He whispered in a husky voice into Hinata's ear, making her shiver, "just give up. There is no way you could ever beat me."

Hinata gasped when she felt warm lips pressed against the side of her neck. "Hinata," he whispered into Hinata's skin, making her feel goosebumps, "I despise you...I despise you with all my might."


AN: So, yeah...I just wanted to add some angst. I wanted Sasuke to feel anger towards Hinata...since all of his efforts seemed worthless. Hinata yet has not seen him in other eyes.

Hmn, who knows...perhaps after this, Hinata will open up to Sasuke, or allow him to get near her. -shruggs-


Next chapter:

'She doesn't love you, she never will. I just have to get that through my thick head.' Sasuke started to take apart the tent, since he knew once his travel 'companions' arrive, they would have to leave immediately; they were already behind schedual. He had left Hinata behind to tend the 'wounded'. Sasuke sighed, he didn't want to face Hinata. For once he was afraid; afraid of what he might do to her. In an outburst he might kiss her again or tell her some foolishness.