Title: Wild Hearts

Summary: Reviews appreciated! Chavez meets a girl who almost tames his wild heart.

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Samantha Allen rode fast and hard, chasing the young bull that had escaped from her father's herd. She could hear her horse panting loudly and felt her heart beating faster and faster in her chest. Finally she was only a few feet away so she began swinging her rope. She was just about to throw her rope around the bulls neck when a young cowboy, a few years older than her beat her to it. She glared at the cowboy and jumped down off her horse as the cowboy stopped his horse, pulling his ropetightly. Samantha had a determined expression on her face as she walked over, reached up and shoved the boy off his horse. She walked around the cowboy's horse and over to him so she could stare down at the him. The bull had already run off into the brush nearby.

"Darn it, Sammy! You let him get away," the boy laying on the ground said. He could tell by the look on Samantha's face that she was getting angrier at him by the second.

"Joshua Allen, I had that bull," Samantha screamed at him. Josh rolled his eyes and stood up, dusting off his pants.

"Why don't you just go home and help mama like a girl should, Sammie?" Josh replied, staring at his sister angrily. Samantha clenched her fist.

"Samantha, don't hit that boy," a man's voice bellowed from behind her. Samantha turned around and stared up at her father who was glaring down at her from a big, black stallion that he had let her name.

"But daddy I had that bull," Samantha said, pouting as she glanced back at Josh, " It's all Josh's fault." Samantha insisted, instantly regretted her words as she saw her father's face getting redder. She had to hold back her laughter when she saw the vein in his forehead began to throb. It always did that when he got angry.

"It was your fault, young lady," her father said, "If you hadn't knocked your brother off that horse we'd have that bull right now." Samantha felt her eyes feel with tears of embarrassment as she looked around at all the other ranch hands that her father had hired. They we're all smirking at her like they always did when she got into trouble and she got into trouble a lot. She started to respond but her dad put his hand up to stop her.

"Go back to the house and help your mama with supper," her dad continued, still glaring angrily down at her. Samantha bit her lip to fight back the tears and started to say something back but her father spoke first.

"I said to go home, Sammie," her father said, his voice rising, "I mean now, young lady." Samantha turned and glared at Josh before climbing on her horse and riding hard back toward the two story, white house they called home.

Jose Chavez Y Chavez watched the girl ride away from the others in the direction she came fromhis hiding place in the brush. He smiled to himself. The girl had spunk. He had watched her knock the older boy off his horse and saw the anger in her face when she rode back the way she had come. He knew she couldn't be any older than fifteen or sixteen. She was a beautiful girl with long, wavy brown hair that fell down to her waist. Her skin was pretty dark from being outside so much and usually he wouldn't like that but on her it just seemed to work. He had let his eyes linger over her body as she had stood their arguing with the older men who he knew to be her father. She had a nice figure. He smiled to himself at the thought.

His eyes turned back to the older man on the horse that the girl had been arguing with. That man was the reason he was here. Chavez had been looking for that man for a year. The only one of them that he had been able to hunt down and he was going to make this one pay. This man who he knew to be William Allen. One of the soldiers who had helped butcher everyone he loved. He was going to take everyone and everything he loved away from him but before he did he was going to force the man to tell him exactly where he could find Murphy. Murphy was the man he knew was responsible for everything that had happened.

Chavez glanced down at the small, dead bull on the ground beside him. It was a small start but it meant something to William Allen and that's all that mattered now.

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