Called By The Powers

Rays of warm, dazzling sunlight poured through the stained glass windows of the attic in the Halliwell manor, giving off a magical glow of colour that danced across the walls inside. The Charmed Ones were gathered there beneath the sparkling light, too busy with their latest case of demons to notice the beauty of the new day.

Prue poured over the Book of Shadows, an expression of deep concentration on her face and her brow furrowed. She wore a forest-green shirt over a pair of old jeans that had seen one to many demon fights. Yellowish blood stained the upper-left part of her trousers and there was a tear in the fabric, thanks to one of their latest adversaries.

"You should really think about getting a new pair of jeans, Prue." Phoebe called from her current position – she was sitting in a stuffed armchair nearby. A heavy-looking book with yellowed pages lay open in her lap and next to her on the floor, a huge pile of journals and other books were piled up, almost level with her head.

Unlike Prue, Phoebe's choice of clothing did not include anything that had been in contact with a demon. She tended to throw garments under that category out as soon as possible.

"Phoebes, there's more important things to think about now than getting new jeans. Like this new evil, for instance!" Prue glanced over at her sister, feeling slightly impatient at her seemingly lack of interest.

Phoebe twirled a strand of light-brown hair around one finger and sighed restlessly. She turned to Piper, who was currently pacing the room.

"Piper! Stop pacing for a minute, please! You're giving me a headache!"

Piper paused, then walked over to stand by Phoebe's side.

"Found anything yet?" She asked, hopefully.

"Nope, sorry."

So far, despite the immensely large number of books that they had viewed, nothing had come up that was even remotely connected to the new evil that the Elders had warned them about.

"What about you, Prue?"

"Nothing here, either." Prue answered, tiredly. She turned away from the Book of Shadows and joined her sisters.

"So, what now?

For a few minutes, the Charmed Ones pondered on their next move. Prue leant back on the armrest of Phoebe's chair, Piper returned to pacing the room between where the Book of Shadows lay on its stand and the door of the attic, and Phoebe remained where she was, scratching her head thoughtfully.

"Leo!" Piper finally called, breaking the silence that had taken the room and startling both Prue and Phoebe out of their thoughts. Leo had gone to the Elders several hours ago for more information on whatever it was they were looking for and as of yet had not returned.

It was possible that Leo had found out something that would be useful or at least give them a clue as to what was going on. Any information would be helpful to them, considering how little they already knew – especially since what they knew just about added up to nothing.

"Huh! Why didn't I think of that?" Phoebe smiled as an eerie blue glow formed in front of her and Leo's form appeared.

"Hey, Leo."