A/N: It's been a long while since I've watched Charmed and even longer since I've written anything for this story. Hopefully with my recent (ongoing) rewatch of the series I'll be able to continue this and maybe even finish it.

"Got anything?" Leo asked, getting straight to the point. He brushed some dirt off his shirt with one hand as he moved over to join the sisters by the armchair.

"So, no 'hello', then?" Piper teased, coming up from behind Phoebe and taking him into her arms. She gave him a quick kiss, and then let her attention return to the matter at hand. "Sadly, no. We haven't got anything new, here. A big fat zero is all. What about the Elders?"

"Sorry." Leo smiled sympathetically. "The Elders don't know anything more than they've already told you."

"Right…" Piper sighed wearily and moved in to lean against Leo's chest. He pulled her close, dragging her fingers through her dark hair absentmindedly.

"Get a room!" Phoebe called a little irritated. She shifted position on the armchair, pulling her feet up under her and crossing her legs. Slamming the book shut that she'd been reading earlier.

"Phoebes? " Prue interjected. "Have you even thought any of this out?"

"Yeah, I have. And I think we're wasting a lot of time sitting around here and doing this. We've been here for hours and we're more confused and in the dark about this new evil than when we started! It's pointless!"

"So what do you suggest then, oh wise one?" Prue asked sarcastically. She picked up another book and opened it to the index, searching it for anything that could help them with their research.

"We could – you know – go out and look around for this thing. Ask Morris if the police have any information on anything abnormal. There's got to be something else we can do!" Phoebe reasoned.

She glanced out the window, relishing the warm glow of the sun on her skin and sighed. They were getting nowhere just sitting around.

"Huh," Prue said thoughtfully after a moment. "That may actually work! I mean, we're not doing much good sitting around here."

Leo nodded slowly behind them, his forehead creased in worry and concentration. He wiped away the beads of sweat that were beginning to form with the back of his hand.

"Leo?" Piper prompted him, picking up on his silent message. "What's on your mind?" They all quietened and turned to face the Whitelighter.

"I know you said they don't know anything more than they've told us through you," Prue said, "but are you absolutely sure there's nothing we're missing out on here?" They all clustered around Phoebe, at the armchair.

"I'm sure. The Elders don't know what this thing is yet, but it's bad. End of the world bad."

"Ooh, another end of the world evil thingy!" Phoebe mocked enthusiasm.

"Yup. More evil." Piper sighed.

"So what now? Do we have a plan?" Prue pursed her lip up and chewed on it thoughtfully. The Elders had no idea what this evil thing was; there was nothing in the Book Of Shadows; they had no idea what they were up against. The unknown scared Prue more than the known. At least when they knew what they were up against, they had more of a chance. Not knowing could put them in an even more dangerous situation than normal.

"We've got to find out more about this evil thing. After that we can vanquish whatever it is." Piper's determination shone in her eyes fiercely.

"Okay," Prue agreed. "Let's get back to work."

A series of groans filled the room before they returned to the books.