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Elizabeth was impatiently awaiting the arrival of her husband this afternoon. Mr. Darcy had been away from her for a week and a half on business and she was becoming very lonely. Georgiana was wonderful company, but she missed her husband holding her securely in his arms.

Lizzie and Georgiana sat in the parlor having a delightful conversation when the front door was opened and Mr. Darcy appeared in the front hall. Georgiana quickly rushed over to embrace her brother and scurried off to leave the young couple alone.

"I was not expecting you home for a couple more hours," Lizzie said as she smiled at her adoring husband.

"I could not wait to see you, my dear," he replied grasping her in his arms.

The couple stood there for a moment in tight embrace, for they had missed one another greatly. They began walking into the parlor as Darcy struck up a conversation.

"Has there been any exciting news lately?" he asked, truly curious.

"Well," she said hesitantly, "I will tell you of this news if you promise to sit yourself down first."

Darcy sat himself down before saying, "This is either good news or bad news I take it." His curiosity was starting to get the better of him as she stood their unwilling to speak the news.

"Mr. and Mrs. Wickam are coming to stay with us for a week," she said this quickly feeling ashamed of such company.

For a few moments the room was in awkward silence. She awaited a fury to erupt from her husband, but he remained still.

"When are they to arrive?" he asked. His countenance was dark and he harbored anger in his words.

"Unfortunately, they did not wait for permission and announced they were to come this evening." Elizabeth went and sat on her husbands lap. Though knowing she could not calm him, she decided it would not hurt to try.

"Why does that man wish to stay with us? He does not deserve any sort of good treatment from us. He simply wishes to ask for money." Darcy was still seated, but only just as Elizabeth sat curled in his lap. His fury was evident, though he understood Lizzie's reasons for trying to calm him. He decided this was not the appropriate time for such a display and quickly changed the subject.

"How have you been the past week, my dear?" He asked as calm as before the mention of Wickam. Elizabeth was amazed at the self control he possessed with his emotions.

"I have not been eating well lately. I have no idea as to my loss of appetite, but I'm sure I will be fine," she replied assuring him of her health.

His countenance deepened with concern, but he did not have much time to dwell on it. The butler, Thomas, entered the room. He informed the master and mistress of Pemberley their guests had arrived.

Through dinner Lydia was the only one chatting. "The carriage ride here was horrid unpleasant and . . ." Elizabeth tuned out Lydia and stared at her food. Darcy put on a stone face for Wickam but seemed somewhat distracted by Elizabeth's loss of appetite. Georgiana was pale from shock at the arrival of their guests. Elizabeth sat quietly not wishing to chat endlessly with Lydia. As dinner was being cleared, Georgiana retired for the night and Darcy claimed he had some last minute business to attend to before the day was out. Lydia decided to unpack before retiring herself. (This was to Elizabeth's shock.) This left her and Wickam alone.

Elizabeth was not sure how to communicate with the man that nearly destroyed her husband's sister. Mr. Wickam asked Elizabeth to join him on a walk in the gardens. In shock, and slightly confused, she agreed to the walk and decided to keep it brief.

Wickam had thought about Elizabeth constantly. He couldn't seem to rid her from his mind. He knew the reason was he married flighty Lydia instead of the sensible Elizabeth. He knew of his mistake, but unfortunately the opportunity had passed for any chance to take her love. Not knowing what else to do, he decided to take drastic measures.

"Have you been well, Mr. Wickam?" asked Elizabeth. She found it hard to keep a civil tone at this hopeless man.

"Yes," he replied. He decided to take his chances now. He grabbed Elizabeth and attempted to kiss her before being kicked in the shin and slapped extremely hard on the cheek.

Elizabeth was furious. She was in a state of rage and slapped him again on the same sore cheek. It was evident that his cheek would bruise and he stood in silence holding his cheek.

"If you ever do that again," she glared at him, "my husband and I will be glad to relieve you of your duties."

She stormed off and left Mr. Wickam in the dust. She knew she must tell Darcy. She did not want him to hear gossip from the servants. She decided to leave the matter for tomorrow before breakfast.