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"I had to start this story! All of the elements were swirling in my brain"

"Ah, update you have a brain...surprising after all the caffeine you've ingested"

"Ha ha very funny!"

"Anyways, this is my Makoto and Mamoru fic. A quick summary Makoto moved to Italy to go to a world renowned Culinary Arts school. After three years of being away

she is on her way back to Japan, for the birth of Usagi's child and is finally getting homesick."

"So please read and review!"



"Here" Makoto groaned and handed the man a set of keys

She was sadly saying goodbye to her love...her 2006 Mazda 6. Black with green lightning bolts.

"Going somewhere?" The dealer asked

"Home" She replied

"Oh where is that?"

"Japan...Tokyo, Japan" She smiled

"Well good luck"

"Thank you"

She walked off and began to think of things she had forgotten.

She didn't renew her lease on her apartment, it was up anyway. Sold back her car. Said goodbye to everyone at the restaurant.

Makoto had finally made it. She spent a year at the Tokyo Culinary Institute and transferred to the Roman Culinary Institute the following year. It was the second best school in the world, of course

The French were first, she also got accepted there, but declined. She like the Italian feel better and she knew a little of the language. So needless to say after a lot of fretting and whining Haruka forced her on the

Jetliner. She knocked herself out with some sleeping medication Ami's mother had prescribed her. After she left, that was for the most part the last she had seen of her friends. She had been back one time and that was for Usagi's wedding almost a full three years ago. Haruka and Michiru stopped by a few months ago during Michiru's tour. They had to see where she was working. Makoto easily landed a job at one of Rome's, "hot spots" a five star restaurant, called Zeus' Palace. She thought it was very fitting, it was right on the Mediterranean. Haruka and Michiru didn't even recognize her. That had always been Makoto's complaint, she was the youngest of the Inner Senshi, and she had grown the tallest the quickest and most definitely had "matured" in other areas faster but had never really filled out into her legs and hips. Now was a different story she could finally look Haruka in the eyes, which was her ultimate goal and really filled out. She even did a swimsuit shoot for the Menu at the restaurant. She had also dyed her hair. A dark blonde with Champagne Blonde highlights, her and her roommate had given it a whirl, she thought she'd be making a midnight run to the drugstore for more dye to fix it, but needless to say she fell in love. And even cut a lot of it off, it always got in the way when she cooked, so what else was she to do? She hadn't talked too anyone much, Minako called quite often as did Usagi. Ami was in Germany at Medical school, Rei was taking care of the temple and her Grandfather was ill. Hotaru was in school and Haruka and Michiru never stopped. Mamoru had finished up his degree in Tokyo to be with Usagi he even switched his Major so he could get out quicker, Business Administration, he and Motoki were in business together they co-owned the three star restaurant "The Crown." They promised her a high paying job if she came back, really what they needed was a good chef. She was glad she was going back and also glad she had centered her cooking in the Japanese Style, the only one in her class, of course 3/4 did Italian and the others did French, her heart belonged in Japan and so did her stomach. She also had taken up Kendo from a local trainer. Running up and down the Italian mountain sides had really gotten her in shape, now she dreaded going back to busy Tokyo she feared not being able to keep up the pace she was at. She sighed and looked at the large, monstrous, evil metal plane ahead of her. She tensed up took a breathe and got on board. She hoped to get back before Usagi had her baby and Rei had called to say she was getting some bad readings and there had been a few youma disurbancesm, this gave her mind a reason to leave. In Rome she had found her femininty, personality, individuality and herself but now Kino Makoto was going home.

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