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Smoke billowed over the tops of the trees and rubble fell from almost every building. Every single thing in the once beautiful village had some form of damage to it. Though most buildings were still standing, some only requiring minor repairs, the larger structures needed extensive reconstruction. The last signs of war were beginning to be cleaned up, and the most dreaded of tasks were being carried out.

"The death toll was rather high….." Tsunade lowered her head in respect as another lifeless body was brought past on a stretcher.

"Yes but not as high as it could have, or would have been," Jiyaria said solemnly. "And don't forget the third is still alive…"

"But only just!" Tsunade snapped only to recoil and turn away from the white haired Sanin.

"You tended to him, you know better then anyone if he'll ever be able to walk again, let alone fight," Jiyaria sighed deeply. "But we can count our blessings on how many lives were spared at least…" The old man said turning to look out over the village and the damages therein.

"I know your right, but still… With Orochimaru still alive, the threat of another attack is still as big as ever."

"At least we hit them harder then they were able to hit us. Orochimaru is missing an arm, so at the vary least that will slow him down…"

"We can only hope" Tsunade heaved a heavy sigh looking to the sky, wanting nothing more then to drown herself in a bottle of Sake.

Sakura looked up at the imposing hospital building, grasping her daffodils tightly. She shook her head as she entered the building unable to believe what had happened over the past few hours. A mass funeral had been scheduled to be held for all the deceased, all of her teammates had been hospitalized for one reason or another, and worst of all she felt like she had hardly done anything. Granted she did what she could with what little first aid techniques she knew, but she still needed help to guard herself while she worked. Shaking her head again in an attempt to free herself from these thoughts she asked the nurse at the reception desk what rooms her teammates were in before beginning her trek up the hospital stairs.

She went into her sensei's room first, finding him sitting on the end of his bed glaring at the nurse who was trying to check his bandages.

"I don't care how good you feel, your not leaving until I say your well enough to be moving around!" the nurse yelled almost breaking her pencil in half.

"I have a broken arm, a few puncture wounds, and a number of sore muscles! I'm sure this room can be put to better use!" Kakashi argued his eye narrowing.

Not wanting to be pulled into the argument Sakura simply left a few flowers on the bedside table and left without a word. Heaving a sigh as she went on to Haku, she opened his room to find the nin sleeping soundly. A small smile crossed her lips as she saw he too wasn't as badly injured as she had feared. Leaving Haku a few flowers she stayed a few moments before heading on to her last stop.

Opening the door to the last room she hoped to visit, she couldn't help but giggle slightly as he noticed Hinata snuggling into Naruto. Sasuke was in the bed beside the pair his back turned on them. Sakura placed a few flowers on Naruto's bedside table and went over to Sasukes. When she approached he stirred turning his head to glare at her as she gave the flowers to him. Sasuke made a huffing noise as he turned to look at the pink haired nin.

"You didn't get hurt too badly, did you Sasuke?" She spoke softly eyeing his bandages. Sasukes glare shifted resting on Naruto's bed a moment before running over Sakura. With a grunt the dark haired nin pushed himself into a sitting position, immediately regretting the decision as a head rush made the room spin. "Sasuke?" Sakura tried again, not really likening the look on the other teen's face.

"No." Sasuke spat out almost disgusted his eyes flickering from one of Sakura's eyes to the other. Huffing again Sasuke turned his head to look out the window. Sakura blinked but didn't press. Turning to Naruto looking at all the blood stained bandages that were covering his body she couldn't help but wonder just what exactly he had done to get half of those wounds.

Sasuke turned to look back towards Naruto Sakura's back now facing towards him. 'How was it that that idiot was able to beat Gaara while I could barely make a dent in his sand?' Noticing Hinata curled up with Naruto for the first time his eyes Narrowed. 'That Hyuga… she must have been able to seal up that odd chakra… that would explain it...' Sasuke's eyes hardened further. 'There is no way that dobe could have beaten that …that… monster by himself'

Sasuke huffed as he convinced himself more and more that was the most logical solution. No matter how he looked at it though, everything still boiled down to one thing and one thing only. Naruto was able to beat someone he couldn't even damage… weather he had help or not was irrelevant. It felt like Naruto was speeding along while he was standing still. Sasuke clenched his fists as his thoughts wandered to how weak he must be if the dropout was surpassing him.

"… Alright?" Sakura's voice echoed about bringing Sasuke out of his trance.

Blinking once flickering his eyes to hers for a small moment he gave his seething reply. "Whatever…"

Sakura looked worried a moment but hid it quickly opting out to shake her head for the umpteenth time today. "If you want to talk… just let me know…." She said heading to the door knowing full well that Sasuke wasn't one to just talk about his issues. Sakura walked out without another word hearing a huff and a sigh from Sasuke before the door clicked shut behind her. Heaving a deep sigh she began her long walk back to where she knew Tsunade would still be stationed, her visit with her team not going as well as she'd hoped.

Sasuke continued to stare daggers into the door until he heard Sakura's footsteps disappear completely from the hallway. Naruto shifted in his sleep tilting his head back slightly, digging his nose out of Hinata's hair. Sasuke looked to the pair momentarily before grinding his teeth and falling back into his pillow with yet another aggravated huff. 'That idiot is hiding something… something that I will make him share with me…' Sasuke smirked almost evilly to himself.

"But Jyiria! You must! You…" The elderly man started to protest but was cut short.

"No… I Don't want the position" Jyiria said turning his back to the elderly man and woman. "I have no interest in becoming a stand in." Jyiria turned his head slightly to look back at the pair. "Didn't Tsunade talk to you yet? I hear she was interested in taking over."

The elderly woman tilted her head slightly much in the same way a dog would. "But the Hokage directly asked for you to..."

"Well then when he wakes up again tell him I decline!" Jyiria pinched the bridge of his nose and scanned the area for anyone or anything else he could focus on. Finding a stumbling trio of ninja within the debris of what once was the market street he quickly went over to take the lifeless load they were carrying. Giving a solemn look to the Jonin he made his way off to the make shift burial ground.

"There doesn't seem to be too many more unaccounted for," The one Jonin said tiredly

"I'm just glad the sound ninja were driven out as quickly as they were" Said the second equally as exhausted. Jyiria nodded as he continued walking

Naruto groaned as he groggily opened his eyes. He had no idea how long he had been unconscious for but knew he'd rather go back to sleep. It was getting dark out and everything in the hospital room had long shadows, and everything had a luminescent orange tint to it. Fighting the urge to turn his head and look around Naruto simply scanned the room with his eyes. He took a few things into notice as he did so, one being a bouquet of flowers set at his bed side, the other being the glare Sasuke was currently sending his way.

Naruto blinked a slow blink as he looked towards the black haired teen. Then grudgingly tilted his head to get a better more easily focused look Sasuke was giving him. Noticing Naruto's movement Sasuke gave something that was a combination of a growl and a huff.

"How?" Sasuke said simply more of a demand then a question, aggravation extremely evident in his voice.

"Mmmm?" Naruto moaned not sure if he would be able to work his mouth or not, laying his head back down into the pillow, pain making him hiss slightly. Naruto knew Sasuke had questions he wanted answered, unfortunately his brain wasn't working at full capacity and missed half of the question he asked.

Deciding it better to redirect then answer in his muddled state, Naruto half mumbled "I'm glad your ok…. I'm glad…" Naruto closed his eyes slowly.

"Damn it! Your going to answer me!" Sasuke shouted angerly.

"I'd rather it me then you killed anyway…" Naurto mumbled softly on the verge of passing out again.

"You! …Naruto" Sasuke started to yell but when the blondes words hit he found himself caught off guard. The fact that Naruto of all people could make him stop in his quest like that… It angered him more then the fact that the blonde had managed to beat Gaara where he himself failed!

'Naruto I will make you tell me…' Sasuke huffed and laid back down, trying his best not to grind his teeth in frustration. 'One way…. Or another…'


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