Chapter one- gone

The rain poured down hard, a silver shower of tears trying to wash the earth clean of blood and oil that had been spilled during the horrors that had occurred. Oz mobile suits littered the ground, mangled broken and dead, a grave yard of metal reflecting the endless leaden sky. The only thing more lifeless on the battle field that day were the eyes of four young men who now stood around the twisted, smoking wreck that had once been sand rock.

Their angel was dead. Killed by a stray missile that had come from his own lover. Trowa replayed the scene over and over in his mind as he held the fragile form of quatre tight against his chest , believing that if he held him long enough, refused to believe what had happened that quatre would suddenly be alright. But it wasn't alright and it never would be Quatre was gone after surviving countless missions; hundreds of battles Quatre's end had been at the hands of not the enemy but the person he had loved and trusted most.

Heero and Wufei felt they should say something, but as usual words failed them instead they turned to the one member of the group who never was at a loss for words, Duo, but this time the American was silent. Duo was staring at the ground his teeth gritted his fist clenching and unclenching, his frame physically shaking with pure rage. The Chinese and Japanese pilots exchanged worried glances before Wufei jerked his head in Duos direction motioning that Heero should speak to his partner. Heero shot Wufei a piercing glare before approaching the American and hesitantly placing a hand on Duos shoulder, hero was uncomfortable with public displays of concern or affection and wufei's eyes on him was not helping him relax any. He took a deep breath.

"Duo are you all right" hero cringed once the words left his mouth fully expecting the American to yell at him for asking a dumb question.
"I am Shinigami, god of death" Heero blinked this was not the reaction he had expected.
"I am Shinigami god of death and Quatre is dead" all three remaining pilots were now looking at Duo strangely, Trowa glanced at Heero his red rimmed eyes seeking an answer to Duos behaviour. The Japanese boy shook his shoulders as confused as the others by Duos words, so puzzled was Heero that he had forgotten to remove his hand from the pilots shoulder.
"Duo its ok…." Started Heero but was cut off when his hand was shaken off his friends shoulder and he was met with a pair of blazing violet eyes.

"I am Shinigami god of death I decide who lives and who dies, yes, I, me" pure venom was behind every word that were hissed between clenched teeth and Heero backed away a few steps .Duo was now breathing hard his head down body shaking once more. Heero tried to calm him once again.
"I know you say that's what you are but now is not really the time for games Duo…… you aren't really …" he was interrupted by hysterical laughter Duo was shaking with laughter. He raised his head fixing glowing shadowed eyes on his partner and shaking the rain water from his bangs. He flashed Heero a crazed smile, there was a word for the way duo looked right now, and it was demonic. For the first time in his life the Japanese boy felt the faint signs of fear as Duo began to advance on him.

" ahh Heero" he said shaking his head as if speaking to a child " you really don't understand buddy, I am the Shinigami , the bringer of death, I decide who lives" he raised his left hand " and who dies " he raised his right before turning and pointing and the body of Quatre still cradled in Trowa's arms, Duos face suddenly lost the amused look and changed to one of blind fury" AND I DID NOT SAY QUATRE COULD DIE!!!" duo calmed down again and pushed the hair back off his face looking thoughtful absently chewing his lip. Wufei saw the other were too in shock at their friend personality change to be of any use so he walked up to Duo and grabbed him by the shoulders.

" Maxwell get a hold on yourself we all wish we had the power to stop what happened to Quatre and to save him but we couldn't" Duos head shot up his eyes narrowed like Heero's did when he was thinking, before Wufei knew what had happened he had been pushed flat on his back . He blinked astonished and dazed as Duo turned to leave
"Of course none of you could save him, how could you" he yelled leaving the others and walking towards the remains of the village oz had bombed. Then under his breath he muttered
"But I can, damn you father!"

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