Hey guys! Here's my first Titanic fanfic, so pardon me if it isn't very good. I'm not one who is very romantic, so this is gonna be hard….

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Jack's POV

I could only just feel her cold lips touch my numb hand, then I could barley hear her whisper, "I will never let go," and I scarcely felt her let go of me. I could tell I was going to fall to the bottom of the ocean if I didn't do something. For a moment I didn't care, but then Rose's face swam before me. I knew it wasn't real, that it was just my memory. Yet I knew that somewhere up there, she was wishing I were there too. And I knew I had to get to the surface.

I was frozen, but after a while I could kick. It was a miracle that I was able to hold my breath for so long.

After what seemed like ages, I felt freezing air upon my face. I took a huge breath and looked around. I saw a piece of driftwood, and immediately recognized it as the piece of wood Rose had been floating on, but when I swam over to it, it was very clear that she was no longer on it. I wanted to scream in frustration, but my throat wouldn't make a sound. Either she died, or a boat found her. If it was the former, I wanted to sink back to the bottom of the ocean; if it was the latter, I needed to continue. Not knowing which it was, I decided I needed to keep moving, stay alive, get to a boat.

There was a light in the distance: a boat! I started swimming with all my strength, so naturally it took me quite a while to reach it. When I finally reached it, the people in it pulled me in. I was given a blanket, and when I wouldn't stop shivering, someone gave me their coat. I didn't really register anything; everything seemed a blur of faces.

"Are you all right, son?" a familiar voice asked. I recognized it as Molly Brown's.

"Rose," I managed, "Where's Rose?"

"I'm sorry, Jack. I have no idea."

Suddenly someone was speaking to me with urgency in her voice. "Rose! What happened to Rose?" In the wavering light of the flashlight held by a crewman, I saw Ruth DeWitt Bukator's face leaning toward mine, worry for her daughter in her eyes.

"I… I don't know."

"What do you mean, you don't know?"

"I mean, I went unconscious, and when I woke up, she was gone!" I was getting annoyed. Her concern for Rose couldn't be half of my heart wrenching worry for her.

She glared at me as though it were my fault that she no longer had her daughter with her, no longer knew what was going to happen to her. But it was her own fault for alienating her own daughter.

Still, the unspoken conversation between the two of us stung me. I tried to tell myself it wasn't my fault that Rose was gone, lost somewhere, perhaps in a place where I couldn't find her. I tried to tell myself that Ruth's accusation wasn't true at all. But it was tough.

"Go to sleep, son," Molly advised. "There's nothin' you can do right now about anything."

She didn't understand. I couldn't go to sleep. Not with all the anxiety I felt. I must have dozed off into a fitful sleep, however, because the next thing I knew, it was sunrise.

Rose's POV

They found me and put me in a boat. They gave me quite a few blankets and wrapped them around me tight. They kept the actual cold off me, but my heart was freezing like the Atlantic that I had just come out of.

He was gone. I had watched him float down and down until I couldn't see him anymore. I would never see his face again, never look into his penetratingly blue eyes again.

It all hurt too much. It made me want to throw myself off the lifeboat and join him at the bottom of the ocean. But I had made a promise to him that I would go on. And that I would.

Tears flowed freely down my face. For hours, it seemed, I sat in the boat, saltwater dripping uncontrollably out of my eyes. I fell asleep eyes red and swollen.

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