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"Mom! I'm home!"

Lizzie walked around the house, searching for her mother, who had been staying here with Lizzie's grandma for the past few days.

Rose Dawson was not doing so well. At 101, she had practically finished living life. And her whole family was worried that God would want to take back such an amazing woman. Still, the old lady had been holding on.

Lizzie walked into her nana's room and found her mother sitting next to the bed, which was holding Rose. Grandpa Jack had passed away the year before. Rose had tried not to let the devastation get to her, but it pulled her down. And now, it seemed, it was her turn, time to be reunited with him.

Ellie could see that her mother was dying, and that killed her. No longer very young herself, Ellie just wished that her mother could go back to the way she had been before her dad died, but that wasn't possible. Now she was slipping, slowly but surely leaving this world in favor of the next one.

Rose had lived a long and full life. Now she was finished with it, and she was ready to move on. "I held on as long as I could, Ellie. Never let go."

Lizzie sobbed. Ellie sat in her chair in shock, then she began to cry as well. Her mother was gone, no longer occupying the body that lay still and breathless on the bed.


Rose floated up. Or down. She couldn't tell. All she knew was that she was on the Titanic again, and it was exactly as she remembered it. There was Jack, waiting for her, as he had been for a year. She was 17 again, and it felt good to be in a body that worked. This is the way it will be forever. Rose liked the sound of being in Jack's arms for that long.

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