So I was watching ABC family today and the episode 'Run Away, Little Boy' was on. And as I was watching it, I was thinking I don't like the way that ended. So I have decided to do a little editing of my own.

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"Look, things are really good for me and Dean right now, and I don't want anything to mess that up. Especially not something that meant nothing at all to me and I wished had never happened in the first place." Rory explained.

The minute the words slipped from her lips she regretted them. That kiss, That one kiss had meant a lot to her. More than any kisses she'd shared with Dean, that was the sad part. Deep down she could have cared less if things between her and Dean were screwed up.

She noticed Tristan's face fall as her sentence registered in his mind. "So things are going good for you too, huh?" He said trying to regain the nonchalance in his voice.

At this point Rory didn't trust her voice to obey her so she just hesitantly nodded. "Good, that's good." He told her.

Rory could tell he wasn't sincere, She was glad he wasn't. That gave her a little hope that she wasn't completely wrong in assuming her liked her.

Tristan turned and started walking towards his locker and against Rorys better judgment she followed. She was with Dean, She loved Dean. Didn't she?

"Are you all right?" She asked. He looked a little pale, of course the way his jaw practically hit the ground when she told him their kiss didn't mean anything she understood why.

"Yeah, I think somehow I'll recover from the great romance between you and the Beave" He shot back bitterly. Rory mentally laughed at Tristan calling Dean the Beave.

Then her thoughts drifted, If it was such a great romance why did she spent more of her time thinking about Tristan DuGrey than she did about her own boyfriend.

"A lot of stuff's been going on with you lately, huh?" She questioned trying to free her mind of the thought that just ran through her head.

"Meaning?" He spat. He didn't want to talk to her anymore, Not after she pretty much put a dagger through his heart. "Coincidence that we're playing Romeo and Juliet, Isn't it?" Tristan thought to himself.

"Just, you know, the car thing, the suspension thing, a lot of drama." Rory elaborated.

"Well I get bored easily." Tristan snapped still aimlessly sorting through books in his locker to try and avoid eye contact with her.

"That's what I am afraid of." She muttered under her breath. "What!" Tristan's head shot up from his locker upon hearing this comment. "I said, Just doesn't really seem like you."

"And you know me now?" He questioned. He was tired of her being so nice to him when in all reality she was just going to go running into Bag Boy's arms. It pissed him off that the reputation he had worked hard for wasn't helping him with the one girl he wanted. The one girl he needed.

"I know you don't get suspended for stupid pranks." She reasoned, She knew she really didn't have a right to be prying into his personal life. After all they weren't very close but she still knew this wasn't him.

"I pulled stuff like that before I knew Duncan and Bowman, all right?"

"Well, if you did, you didn't get caught. You're getting caught a lot." Rory told him.

"Your point being?" He asked slamming his locker door shut. He was officially angry. He didn't want her to care, He didn't want her to dissect his actions. That wasn't her job, She had a boyfriend to analyze.

"My point being…" She trailed of while he stared at her expectantly. "My point being.." She tried again but still nothing came to mind except that she cared about him. She didn't want him getting into trouble. She wanted him to be in class with her everyday annoying her, pestering her, making comments that made her blush.

Without thinking Rory pushed herself into his arms and kissed him.

Tristan backed himself against the lockers and held Rory tightly against him. He was caught off guard by her actions but that didn't mean they weren't welcomed. His only hope was that this didn't end up like the party, He couldn't handle that.

Lucky for him, it wasn't like the kiss they'd shared at the party. This one she didn't run away crying. This kiss she didn't pull away till she needed oxygen and even after she stopped kissing him she was still clinging to him.

"My point being I don't want you to keep getting kicked out of school, I don't want you not to be here everyday."

"Rory…" Tristan began but Rory stopped him. "I lied, I said that the kiss meant nothing when it was the farthest thing from the truth. That kiss meant more to me than you'll ever know."

"Wow." He said looking at her with a smirk on his face. "What? Surprised that I do actually like you?" She joked.

"No, I am surprised the bell rang five minutes ago and you haven't gone running to class."

Rory laughed "Your worth the tardy slip." She got on her tip toes and planted another kiss on his lips. "What about Bag Boy? Your still going out with him, He thinks you love him. I saw you tell him."

"I told him I loved him and I do, But I am not in love with him." Rory said resting her head on his chest.

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