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"RORY! Tristan just pulled up!" Lorelai yelled looking out the window. "How do you know?" Rory shouted from her bedroom.

She had been nervous about Lorelai and Tristan meeting, After all Tristan was from the world that Lorelai ran away from.

"He's the only one I know that has a Porsche and would be visiting!" Lorelai laughed. "Oh right. Well I'll be out soon. BE NICE!"

Lorelai heard a knock at the door and quickly answered it. "BIBLE BOY!" she exclaimed brightly.

"Nice to meet you…Lorelai." Tristan greeted remembering Rory told him not to call her Ms. Gilmore. "Come in, Come in! Rory's being a diva and taking hours to get ready."

"She's got a little Naomi Campbell thing going on, I can respect that." Tristan joked. "You say that until she throws a phone at you."

Just then Rory came walking into the room tripping on her dress. "Whose throwing a phone?" She asked looking from her mother to Tristan and back again.

"Naomi Campbell." Lorelai told her. "Ah, Yes. I might take a page out of her book incase Paris gets out of hand."

"You can use my cell." Tristan offered. "I will take you up on that." She smiled before giving him a quick peck on the lips and turning towards her mother.

"You're my mother, You made my dress and yet you couldn't manage to hem it for me?" Rory asked.

Lorelai smirked "Well, Maybe I am intentionally trying to make you fall on your face in front of all those people because when I was seventeen I had a daughter and couldn't play Juliet."

"Or maybe you got lazy and didn't want to alter the length." Rory shot back. "That's that too." Lorelai admitted.

"Well mom we've gotta get going, See you there." Rory said gathering her things and giving her mom a hug goodbye.

"I'll be the one booing and throwing tomatoes." Lorelai laughed and waved goodbye to Tristan.

Rory and Tristan were halfway to Chilton before they said anything. "Your mom and you've got that whole banter thing down to a science."

"Years of practice." Rory smiled. "And speaking of practice did you go over your lines?"

"Yes Rory, I went over my lines. I could give Leo a run for his money." He smirked grabbing her hand in his. Rory smiled it was a simple gesture but it meant a lot to her.

"That would make me Claire Danes, I could live with that, Although she did do The Mod Squad. Not one of her best roles."

"I agree." Tristan said. He needed to ask Rory something seriously, He didn't want her to laugh at him. "Hey, Ror?"

"Yes Trissy?" She said. "Trissy?" he questioned. "Well you see, I'm trying to think of nick names for you. But Trissy only seems like that type of name I'd use to make fun of you. Anyways, What did you need?"

Tristan laughed, He'd never went out with a girl like Rory. She had quirks and she wasn't afraid to sound silly. Tristan liked that, It meant he could be himself around her.

"I was just wondering, You know that I'm not seeing other girls, right? That I consider you my girlfriend." He said shyly.

Rory smiled and squeezed his hand. She knew Tristan didn't usually date exclusively. "That's good because I kind of, Sort of consider you my boyfriend."

"Alright, As long as we are on the same page." he said relieved that she didn't make him feel like an idiot for confirming it.

He lifted her hand and kissed it, "I'm glad you didn't run away crying the other day."

"Me to Tris, Me to." Rory told him "TRIS! That's a good nick name, See I told you I'd find one!" She said victoriously.

"Way to kill a moment, Mary."

Lorelai, Lane and Lorelai were all watching what they thought was supposed to be Romeo and Juliet.

"Ooh, ooh. He jests at scars that never felt a wound. But, soft! What light through yonder window breaks? It is the east, and Juliet is the sun." A voice from the stage said.

"Are you sure this is Shakespeare?" Sookie asked. "What's with all the grunting?" Lane added.

Lorelai shrugged "I wish Luke was here, he could translate for us."

"Shakespearian is hard enough to understand with out all the groans and grunts." Sookie muttered.

Rory walked up behind them "Hey."

"Oh honey, look at you! You look like a princess! Doesn't she look like a princess?" Sookie squealed excitedly.

"Yeah, she looks beautiful." Tristan said coming up from behind them and wrapping his arms around her waist.

"Mom made the dress." Rory blushed. "Not to mention the girl inside it." Lorelai quipped.

"Hello, Gross." Rory exclaimed with a disgusted look on her face.

"Tristan, This is Sookie my moms friend and Lane my best friend. Sookie and Lane this is Tristan, My boyfriend." Rory said changing the subject.

"Oh he's cute, You have such good taste in guys." Sookie smiled. Lane just nodded approvingly.

"I'm getting kind of nervous." Rory admitted. "Oh, you're gonna be great." Lane assured her.

"Thanks. We've gotta go get ready." Rory said giving everyone a hug and walked off holding Tristans hand tightly.

"So Lore, What do you think of him?" Sookie asked. "I like him, Rory gets this goofy smile when she talks to him and she told me he gives her butterflies. Something I'm not sure she ever got with Dean."

"Plus he's cute." Lane added and they all laughed.

"YOU TWO ARE LATE! I said to be on time, But could you to grasp that concept, No!" Paris shrieked as she paced back and forth.

"Paris, calm down." Rory tried to sooth. Just then Tristans cell phone began to ring and he excused himself.

"We are going to fail." Paris muttered. "We're not going to fail." Rory assured her.

"Do you think Harvard accepts people who fail Shakespeare? They don't. I don't have the numbers on it or anything, but I feel pretty secure in saying, you fail Shakespeare, you don't get into Harvard."

"Your going to get into Harvard. I promise." Rory sighed. "Yeah, Like your promises mean much. WHERE'S TRISTAN?"

"I don't know, His phone rang and he left." Rory explained. "You're his new girlfriend, You should know where he is!" Paris exclaimed.

"I'm his girlfriend not his keeper." Rory snapped.

"I knew he was going to do this, but no one wanted to listen to me. It was all, let's make Tristan Romeo, he's hot."

"Paris, Will you chill out! I'm here, I'm dressed, I know my lines. It's all good." Tristan said returning dressed in his Romeo costume.

"It's all good my ass." Paris muttered before stalking off. "Where were you? I thought Paris was going to decapitate me on your behalf."

"Sorry Ror, It was Duncan. Apparently him and Bowman got into some trouble. I think I should be thanking you." He told her leaning down to kiss her tenderly.

"Why, What do I possible have to do with Duncan and Bowman, What does it involve?" Rory asked confused. "Well It is Involving Duncan and Bowman, and Bowman's dad's safe."

"Oh no." Rory stated. "I mean, Bowman had a key. It was supposed to be no big deal. And the crazy silent alarm kicked in." Tristan explained.

"They broke into Bowman's dad's safe?" Rory questioned. Tristan nodded "Stupid" Rory remarked causing Tristan to nod again.

"If it weren't for you, I would have been with them. They asked me to go with them and help." Tristan explained.

"Well then I guess you are forever in my debt." Rory smirked. "I guess I am, But I gotta tell you it isn't such a bad place to be."

Tristan leaned down and pulled Rory into him kissing her deeply. "Save it for the stage, We're on!" Paris told them.

"Good Luck, Babe." Tristan said kissing her again quickly. "Break a Leg, Trissy." Rory teased before walking on to the darkened stage.

The scene went on without a hitch. Everything went smoothly. Tristan remembered every single one of his lines and Paris though she tried couldn't find something to complain about.

"You were amazing! I've never seen someone play dead so well!" Lorelai said running up and hugging Rory.

After pulling away Lorelai walked over and hugged Tristan, Which caught him off guard but he returned it never the less. "You were great too, Of course for kissing a dead girl that kiss did seem to linger a bit longer than normal." She teased.

Tristan laughed he wished his parents were like this, Hell he wished his parents cared enough to show up, much less tease him about his performance.

"You wanna come with us to Luke's then have a movie night? If your parents don't mind?" Lorelai offered.

"I have a feeling my parents could probably care less, I'd love to." He smiled gratefully.

"Alrighty then, You guys change and what not and I'll meet you there." Lorelai said giving a wave goodbye and disappearing into the crowd with Sookie following,

Tristan and Rory parked his car at her house then decided they were going to walk over to Luke's.

"Your mom's really cool with me staying here tonight?" Tristan asked as the walked down the street hand in hand.

"Yes, For the eight hundredth time, She wouldn't have offered if she minded." Rory said in mock annoyance and leaned into him further.

"And your ok with me staying here tonight?" Tristan questioned. "Me? Actually no, The thought of you being there when I wake up is sickening." Rory teased.

"You wound me, Mary." Tristan said dramatically. "I thought you were going to quit the Mary thing?"

"Nah, Your always going to be my Mary." Tristan assured her. Rory just laughed "Just as long as I'm your something."

"You two are sickening really, Did you already give it up to him Rory? Is that why your all lovey dovey with him?" Dean said from behind them.

"Excuse me?" Rory said turning around still wrapped in Tristan's arms protectively.

"Well, You were never that fond of public displays of affection with me what makes Tristan so different? Either you've already had sex with him or you really are as shallow as the rest of your family and are looking at his trust fund." Dean ranted.

"I think you better leave." Tristan growled. "This is my town, not yours you really don't have much say in where I go or whom I speak to."

"Just leave me alone, Dean. We're done." Rory dismissed and began turning around when Dean grabbed her wrist and pulled her out of Tristans grasp.

"We're done when I say we're done, You won't leave me for him." He told her bitterly.

Tristan tapped him on the shoulder and as Dean looked up he punched him square in the face. Dean attempted to punch back but Tristan dodged every punch he throw. Finally Dean gave up.

"Fine, Go off and be with him. I won't be here when he gets bored with you." Dean said as he began to walk away.

Rory didn't say anything she just walked over and hugged Tristan. Tristan had never been the type of guy to defend a girls honor but there was just something about Rory Gilmore. First he got into a fight with Bag Boy at the Dance and now here he was once again punching the guy out.

"You Ok, Ror?" Tristan asked looking down at the girl wrapped in his arms. "Yeah, It's just I don't understand how he could think those things."

"He's a idiot Ror. He's hurt and not thinking logically. Just ignore him." He assured her. "Now lets get you to Luke's, before you go through coffee withdrawal."

Rory smiled "Let's go." They walked to Luke's hand in hand. Tristan was already falling for her, He had been since the day she knocked over Paris's project on her first day of Chilton. He was getting his chance to be with his Mary and he wasn't going to screw it up.

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