"Okay, Ange, I like him!" Dr. Brennan said, with an irritated voice. Angela would never give up on her fantasies about her and Booth. Frankly, Brennan was sick of Angela constantly reminding her that Booth was a big, hot, strong guy who was in what—oh yeah "FBI standard issue body armor." Basically, Brennan's knight in shining armor.

Now Brennan didn't want a knight in shining armor. Well, maybe she did, but she didn't need one. She was trained in three forms of martial arts for God's sake! She could hold her own. But, Booth was always there to protect her; it was almost in an annoyingly protective sense, but she had to admit it did come in handy sometimes. Like the time when he ran out of the hospital, very sore just to save her. She would've died if it weren't for him, and she reminded herself of that every single day.

Her hands were tied together, and so were her feet, with a gag that smelt like feet was around her mouth. Bones was scared; she couldn't remember the last time being scared since—since her parents died. She put up a good fight, but she was subdued, she just hoped that someone was looking for her. Then she heard footsteps, and then a shot, and then she was Booth run towards her. She had never been more thankful in her life as she threw her arms around his neck.

"Sweetie," Angela said, bringing back Brennan to reality, "how do you know that you like Booth?" Brennan tried to think of a discreet way of saying it, but she was sick of hiding and told Angela everything.

"Well, whenever I see him, my stomach does this flip flop thing, whenever I hear his voice, I want to smile, and whenever I see him, I want to…jump on him." Brennan couldn't believe that she just said that, she was having thoughts like this about her partner, and she kept mentally kicking herself because of these thoughts.

"Oh, I knew it, I just knew it. I knew you too were meant for each other." Brennan shot the 'death look' at Angela, and Angela quickly said, "but there's no time for that now, I still need some detail as to your er—feelings. How long have you been aware of these feelings of yours?"

"Well, I think I was always slightly jealous of Tessa. But, when I was kidnapped, I kept thinking that Booth was looking for me, he was protecting me, and that he would find me. Just the thought of him was able to make me smile to myself, even when I probably hadn't had a lower time in my life. I also kept thinking about how I wanted to continue being his partner, and how many good times we were supposed to have, and then I realized that I couldn't picture my life without him, and that I well had feelings for him." Brennan started to squirm in her seat, she was very uncomfortable saying this, but she had to get it out, before she felt like she was going to explode, but now she felt a little better.

Angela couldn't help but smile. She would just have to use her matchmaking skills for this pair, but what she needed now was a plan. She had an idea that was rather childish, but she thought it would work, at least pave a road to a relationship, and then maybe they could get into more detail. Seeley Booth also told her a little something earlier that would make this a little easier.

"I don't know what to do…"Brennan said, dragging Angela out of her thoughts.

"What was that sweetie?" Angela asked.

"I don't know what to do! I don't know how to let him know I feel, how do I tell him without actually telling him, how do I let him know I'm interested, how do I actually know that he likes me back! ARGH!"

Angela was a bit taken aback from the groan, but she let it go without comment, Brennan was already mad enough.

"Well, sweetie…"but she was cut off, once again my Brennan.

"We are also partners, we work together, what if we mess things up, that is if we ever do get together, and then we can't work together anymore. I love working with him, he brings me out into the real world, I also don't think I could bear not bring his friend." Brennan finished off, and let out a big sigh.

"Okay. I have an idea, it's a little childish, but I think it just might work."

"Well, what is it?" Brennan asked.

"It's a little thing called the…question game."

"The question game." Brennan merely stated.

"Yeah, you just go back and forth and ask each other questions. Each question you ask gets deeper and deeper, I'm sure he'll realize his feeling for you too, if he already doesn't know yet." Angela said.

"Really?" Brennan asked.

"Really," Angela said. "And, what better time to start this game than tomorrow's picnic."

"Oh yeah, tomorrow's picnic…" Brennan said. Angela wanted to get Zach, Brennan, Hodgins, Goodman, Booth, and of course herself together over the weekend to strengthen the friendship amongst them. They all said they would go, just to make Angela happy.

"Great!" Think of some good questions to ask, and I'll call you tomorrow morning to go over them okay? Before the picnic, but I gotta run, okay sweetie?"

"Okay, yeah I think I better get going to, I'll see you tomorrow Ange. Thanks a lot."

"No problem," Angela said as she left the office, with a smile on her face, the only thing left she had to do tonight was call Booth.

Booth was cleaning up his dishes as his phone rang, he picked it up.

"Booth here," he said as he answered the phone.

"Hey, it's Angela. I just wanted you to know that I had a nice chat with Bones today."

"Yeah?" he asked, trying to sound casual, but he hoped the conversation was about him.

"Yes, I did. And you just happened to pop up, well not really pop up per say you were actually pretty much the whole conversation."

"Really?" Booth said, he could barely suppress a smile.

"Yes, and she has feelings for you too! Congrats Booth!" Booth couldn't believe his ears. Bones like him, him of all people. Oh my God, he thought.

"Whoa," was all Booth could say, he was actually speechless, that hadn't happened since, well forever.

"Big whoa! Anyway tomorrow you too are going to play the question game. You know what that is, of course I had to explain it to Brennan, but you're last question of the day is going to ask her to go to dinner. Okay?" Angela demanded.

"Okay, yeah, dinner I think I can do that." Oh my God, he was nervous, about asking her to dinner, he hated that she did this to him.

"I know you can do it! Now you better, I buttered her up and said that you would realize your feeling for her and so on, so you HAVE to act."

"I will, but I gotta go Ange, I'm beat. But thanks, a lot."

"No problem, honey!" Angela said and hung up the phone.

Booth put the phone down. Bones like me, he thought to himself, I finally have a chance with her. Booth laughed at his child ness, but he couldn't stop smiling as he lay on his bed thinking of Bones, and only Bones. I can't wait till' the picnic tomorrow! He thought.

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