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Teen Titans BB/Rae not my characters…Save Teen Titans!

Chapter 1: When All is Said And Done

Beastboy POV
There she was again. Just standing there, hunting me with her very existence. I never thought this would happen to me. Come on! me liking Rae? Yea...right! UGh! I hate her! Why would cyborg even Say that? But then again there is something between us that I can't really explain. WhenI look at herI feel so peaceful and calm. How does she do it?

Then there are times whereI know it would be better forI to stay away. But what makes her think she can push me around, what makes her think she is more dominate then me. I am the alpha male here...ok maybe not, but I'm not some poor lonely puppy who can be beat and left alone at any minute. NO! I'm more then that. I'm an animal (no pun intended) I depend on no one.

There she is, making her evening serving of herbal tea. It's like that's the only source of food she needs to live. She stands leaning against the counter waiting for her tea to boil so she could be on her way. She turns around and observes her surroundings. Her violent eyes meet my deep forest green ones, she looks away first. 'is she blushing?' I can't help but smirk at her inconvenience. I get up from my seat and walk over to the kitchen where Raven has turned back to making her tea.

"Go away Beastboy." she said with that same monotone voice. I tilt my head to the side and just grin innocently at her.
"Because I said so." is her curt remark.
"Well then, if that's your reason, I guess I'll have to just seat here
and watch you make your hermbal tea."
"It's herbal tea and no you will not if you value your life."
"Cranky this morning, are we." I say knowing that annoys her.
"Beastboy! I'm going to count to 5 if you are not gone by then I WILL hurt you."
"Hmm should I stay or should I go?" I ask myself out loud.

Normal POV
Just then Cyborg walks in and decides to save Raven from listening to
"YO! BB I got the new "The Walk of The Living Dead Brain Eaters
5!"."Cyborg said showing Beastboy and Raven the greatest movie of all time. In the two males opinion.
"DUDE! Movie night!" Beastboy said already forgetting about Raven and landing on the couch with both feet on the coffee table.
"Oh...Yippee!" Raven said sarcastically while rolling her eyes.

All she wanted was her tea and for Beastboy to leave her alone but now she has to deal with cyborg too! Not to mention she would be force to watch THE WALK OF THE LIVING DEAD BRAIN EATERS 5! 'OH dear Azarath! Save me now!' Raven thought as she tried her best to slip out of the room before they would notice she wasn't there. Just as she popped up in the hall way she crushed right into Starfire.
"Oh please forgive me friend Raven I was not looking at where I was
going. I am Sorry!" Starfire said lifting Raven back on her feet and trying to dust Raven off.
"It's ok Starfire, Really, so you can stop touching me now." she said shooing Star's hand away.
"Alright, May I ask where you are going friend Raven? If I am not mistaking I am sure I heard Beastboy say it was the night of watching movies. "Do you not wish to come and watch the scary movie with us?" she asked innocently. 'Damn she is too smart for her own good!' Raven thought.
"I Forgot...something in my room I will be there shortly, ok Starfire?"she walked towards the hall that lead to there rooms.
"Yes, that is fine friend Raven, But do hurry, you would not want to
miss the night of movies!" Star yelled after Raven. 'That's exactly
what I want to miss.' she thought miserably.

Once in her room she change into her more casual clothes. She wore a AFI tank top with black yoga pants and socks. She knew she couldn't hide in her room for ever so she grabbed a book from her book shelf and walked back to the living room. 'It was worth a try, it's not like I haven't done this 340 times already.' she thought sadly.

She entered the room and looked around before sitting. Cyborg was sitting on the lazy boy chair, Robin and Starfire sat on the couch with star's head lying on Robin's shoulder. All that was left was the love
seat where Beastboy sat on the floor in front of it. 'Damn it all to
hell' she thought as she groaned and mumbled. She walked over to the
empty seat and slumped down onto the seat.

"I'll get the popcorn." Beastboy said as he got up from the floor.

"I can get it. You guys can start the movie." Raven got up from her seat and headed toward the kitchen. Beastboy just stood there and glared at her back as he sat down on the seat Raven had just occupied. Cyborg stood up.

"Now folks, what your about to see…will blow your MIND! There will be guts exploding! Bones breaking! Brain sucking! And so so much more!"

Cyborg said as a single tear rolled down his face. Then I out of now where Beastboy had shoved him out the way and began his introduction.

"Not only is it one of the best movies ever made…it is the 5th best movie ever made in THE WALK OF THE LIVING DEAD BRAIN EATERS! Series! So Star make sure you have a pillow to cover your eyes…or robin, either one works, I guess. Now we will begin the movie!" Beastboy said excitedly as he fell back in his seat.

"Finally. This is such a waste of time." Raven mumbled under her breath.

Raven sat down on the love seat with her legs crossed, pulled a blanket over her body and began to read her book. Beastboy's patients began to fade and his temper started to rise. It's not her comment that mad him upset, it was the fact that she rather read then spend time with her friends, even if she doesn't like the movie or want to watch it, at least she could pretend to for everyone else. We always have to watch out for her and her emotions, so she could feel comfortable and so she can get use to not having to hold back anymore. Her Evil demon father is dead! So why is she still acting like a bitch!

So he snatched the book from her hands. Ravens head shot up, and stared at Beastboy with wide eyes. Then Slowly shock turned to anger. 'How dare he!' she thought.

"What the fuck was that for!" She yelled as she jumped to her feet.

"We are watching a movie. It's not read a book and ignore everyone else time. It's eat popcorn and watch a the best movie ever with friends time. And I for one am tired of your attitude." Beastboy said slowly and calmly. Again Ravens eyes widen from shock.

"Can we talk about this later and watch the movie now!" cyborg whined.

"My attitude? Your tired of my attitude? HA! That is so funny because I was thinking the same thing about you earlier. I don't want to watch the movie and I don't want to eat popcorn. I just want to read my book…no one else seems to have a problem with that so I suggest you give me my book back and let everyone else who want to watch the movie…watch the movie." She said as she reach her hand out to receive her book.

"No." Beastboy stood there with his arms crossed and glared at Raven.

"Beastboy give Raven her book back, if she doesn't want to watch the movie, she doesn't have to." Robin said as he jumped into his leader role.

"Yes friend Beastboy, I do not mind if friend Raven reads for her enjoyment while we entertain ourselves with the guts and the brain sucking." Starfire said backing up Robin.

"I just want to watch the movie…can someone pass me the popcorn?" Cyborg asked quietly.

"No, I won't give it to her." Beastboy said as he kept his eyes on Raven. Raven was piss now. She didn't even do anything, so why is he acting like an asshole!

"Fine. I'll just get it myself." Her black energy whipped out and snatched the book from his hand. His eyes widen and he opened his mouth to say something but instead his arms dropped in defeat and he shook his head.

"Fuck it. I'm not even going to waste my breath." Beastboy said as he tossed the remote to Cyborg and left the room. Raven stared at his retreating back and slumped down onto the love seat.

'Nice Rea, real nice.' She thought.

"Don't worry about it Rea, he'll get over it…Now on with the movie!" Cyborg said happily.

"Who said I was worrying." She mumbled under her breath.

OK That was the first chapter...I really want to know what you guys think...I've already started chapter two but beforeI go on with itI would like to see how chapter 1 did. Thanks again!