False Pretenses by Strawberry'd


There is a side of Tamaki that he does not show to anyone but Haruhi. It is his soft side, his tender side. He is capable of being gentle, contrary to popular belief.

She knows many think that Tamaki is just the brainless leader of the former Host Club, but she knows better. She knows that sometimes that side of him shows and he hastily covers it up by doing something foolish.

Haruhi smiles out the window as her eyes close. The breeze feels especially cool this morning. She likes it. She likes everything about this morning: the peacefulness, the birds chirping, and especially the soft breathing of her partner.

Her partner who slowly creeps out of bed and silently shuffles to where Haruhi is standing by the window. His arms circle her slim waist and he leans into her. Her scent overwhelms him, and he makes a happy murmur. "Good morning, Princess."

"Good morning, tono," she teases. For a long moment, the pair stands here, the slowly rising sun silhouetting their forms. Then Tamaki takes her hand and drags her back to bed.

My first Ouran fic here. 8D Like how ffn put this category in. Hmm.. you can probably expect more TamaHaru from me in the future, although now I'm concentrating on some other fandoms. To those who don't know me, hi and thanks for reading! Yes, I am quite aware of how short this is, but that's just the way I write. XD