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Chapter One: Ebony Agony of a Broken Dream

All was dark on Lilly Lane. The only light came from the full moon—and a large house at the end of the street. 616 Lilly Lane had one lamp glowing on the third story (Ginny likes to read at night!1). It was toward this light that a lost little girl was walking…

Lost and lonely,

Searching for an answer

Parting the misty veils of confusion

To see the light of pain…

She stumbled in the slick rain, grabbing at the mailbox of another house for balance. "Sorry, mailbox," she whispered, "but I have to stand tall." She levered herself back up and resumed her painful struggle…

It burns my eyes

To see the truth

"Why? Why? WHY?"

I scream with no noise…

When she reached the house, the girl collapsed against the door. With an agonized groan, she gripped the doorknocker and…knocked…

But nobody hears my fear

Ebony agony of a broken dream

Cut off from society

A stranger with no name…

The door opened. Harry Potter (OMG HARRY!) stuck his head out. "Who is it?" he asked. The girl could not answer, for she had already fainted from exhaustion. Harry could tell that she was an orphan (How? He's Harry, duh!). He knew what it was like to be unwanted. He and Ginny had found out from the doctor last week that they would never have a child. This girl could be the answer to their prayers. He bent to pick up the limp body. As he cradled her in his arms, Harry whispered, "You shall be my daughter. And your name shall be…Kaytlynn…"

And in the shadow of my heart

A stabbing, burning torture

Always hurts my secret soul…

My Bleeding Crimson Despair…

9 years later

On another day, Harry would have gone flying or walked the dog. Instead, he was getting into his car, trying to prepare for the next year of teaching at Hogwarts (I toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooottally LOVE Hogwarts!). He threw his bags into the trunk of his black sports car (BTW, it has all white leather interior! Soooooooo sexy!1) and brushed back some raven strands of hair from his sparkling emerald eyes. Years of playing Quidditch on the side had made his body rock-hard toned (but not creepy-buff, like Arnold Schwarzenegger. EWW!). Years ago, he had considered switching his geeky glasses for contacts, but the media had discouraged any image changes.

Despite the glasses, his wife, Ginny, loved him dearly. He felt bad, taking their daughter to Hogwarts and leaving Ginny alone for the whole school year, but she said that she didn't mind. She was fussing over his tie, her apron crisp and white, her fiery locks sparkling in the morning sun. He kissed her freckled cheeks and murmured, "Goodbye, love. I'll see you next summer. Maybe we can get away for Christmas."

"Oh, Harry," she replied. "It doesn't matter to me. As long as you're happy."

His loving gaze was interrupted by the arrival of their daughter. Although his wife was beautiful, Harry knew that Kaytlynn was far more attractive. This was partly because she was a Metamorphmagus—although (of course) she was naturally gorgeous. They had decided that it would be best if she looked at least a little like her adopted parents, so Kaytlynn had chosen to assume a form that was closer to Harry's. Her ebony tresses flowed down to her waist in gentle ringlets, framing her delicate face perfectly. She had a beautiful mouth with full lips, and a slim, straight nose. She was wearing a short skirt that revealed her long, perfect legs, high-heeled sandals, and a black top that was low-cut enough to make her parents uncomfortable. Her emerald eyes sparkled with joy (Pay attention to her eyes through the story. It's so cool!). In short, she was prettier than a supermodel. Kaytlynn wore no makeup—she didn't need makeup.

"Are you ready to go?" Harry asked, ripping his eyes away from his exquisite daughter. She nodded, said a quick farewell to Ginny, and slid into the car.

They drove down to the end of the street, where Harry had to pause for a stop sign. The sight of the red stop sign next to the green street sign, combined with his mother's name (remember, they live on Lilly Lane!), made Harry's eyes fog with tears. Tears for what he had never known: a mother's love…

"Dad, are you all right?" Kaytlynn asked. She wrinkled her forehead in concern, her eyes changing to sad, sorrowful sapphire.

"I'm…I'm fine," Harry choked out. "I just wish that you could have known your grandmother."

Kaytlynn nodded sagely. "I see." She opened her mouth and sang in clear tones:

"Why do we lose the ones we love?

Only to see them as angels

Glowing with celestial light

The bright dawn of love."

Harry wiped a tear from the corner of his eye and whispered, "That was beautiful. Thank you, Kaytlynn."

"Anything for you, father," she murmured back. Over the past nine years, she had grown into a wonderfully caring fifteen-year-old. Harry almost wished…but no. He could never think that. (Hey guys, if the plot's getting too weird for you, just tell me in the reviews, k? Believe me, it gets WAY better!)

"So, you're taking your OWLs this year," Harry said, trying to change the subject. "Are you nervous?"

"Of course not!" Kaytlynn replied. It was true; Kaytlynn had nothing to worry about when it came to school. All of her professors loved her. Even Snape!

"Oh, Kaytlynn, you're the best daughter ever," Harry sighed.


A few hours later, Kaytlynn was on the Hogwarts Express. Her dad had left her alone to go talk to her friends. She was in a compartment with her fellow Gryffindors, Ian and Chuck.

Although Ian and Chuck were twin brothers (and Ron and Hermione's kids!), they were very different. Ian had curly red hair and a thin, snooty face, with blue eyes that peered out from behind glasses. He was very tall and always had to be right about everything. Meanwhile, Chuck was short and round-faced, with wide brown eyes and crazily frizzed brown hair. He wasn't very smart, but his heart was in the right place.

"So, what did you do during the summer?" Kaytlynn asked the boys.

"Well, I memorized the dictionary," Ian replied. He smiled smugly. "Page 164: Giraffe to Girlish."

"And you, Chuck?" Kaytlynn continued.

"Potato!" Chuck yelled. His grin was crazed, showing his two buck teeth.

Ian cleared his throat and translated, "What he means to say is 'I helped Ian'. And what did you do, Kaytlynn?"

"I had…dreams…" Her eyes became distant and silvery with remembrance. It was hard to recall the dreams, but they were on the very edge of her mind. Images were just in her reach: a butterfly falling to the ground, a pumpkin field drying up, a comet falling. She shook her head and said, "And I wrote some songs."

"Jello!" Chuck screamed.

"Sounds great," Ian translated. His eyes flickered over Kaytlynn's body when she turned to go through her bag in search of the songs. He had loved her ever since he had first met her. If only he knew how to tell her his feelings…

"Anyway, I'm writing them all in this notebook," Kaytlynn said, turning back to them. As she started to flip through, she said, "You know, I have a feeling about this year. Somehow, I have a feeling that things are going to be more exciting than ever."

It wouldn't be until later that Kaytlynn realized just how right she was…