Chapter Six: Bleeding Hearts Bleed

Forest of thorns you'll brave

Bring me back a black rose

And then you will learn

Why bleeding hearts bleed…

She stood on a battlefield, clutching Draco's corpse to her chest, sobbing hysterically…a meteor fell on the horizon…a snake slithered up to her…

She dropped Draco and picked up the snake…It crawled up her arm and down her body…disappearing under her skirt…

Kaytlynn woke up gasping for air. Her stomach felt hot…strange…funny…This year had been really weird so far. She needed to get out, go do something. Kaytlynn got out of bed, her porcelin skin glimmering against her ebony lacy neglige. She walked out of the Gryffindor dormitories and went to the astronomy tower.

Once she was as high as she could go, Kaytlynn turned into her Animagus form—a flying panther. Although she had no wings, Kaytlynn hovered above the Forbidden Forest, her sleek raven coat almost as beautiful as her turbulently topaz eyes.

Why does Daddy have to love me so? Why must Draco and me have such a doomed romance? Why am I having such strange dreams? I know I'm special, but must I be this special? Do I have a special destiny? She thought.

When she landed again and turned back into a human, the hot feeling in her stomach started again. Then something strange happened! Kaytlynn's flat belly grew round, almost as if she was…

"Pregnant?" she whispered.

The Next Morning

"Guys, I think I'm pregnant," Kaytlynn told Ian and Chuck during breakfast.

Ian looked highly uncomfortable. "Er…who is…"

"The father? I can never tell. I would hate to get him in trouble." Kaytlynn felt really, really sad. Her anguish knew no bounds. She had only slept with Draco one time! How could this have happened! Kaytlynn was afraid that the entire school would hate her and think she was a ho, but everyone understood, even Snape.

But Harry was sure he knew who the father was. But Harry wasn't too mad, cause he was sleeping with Draco too and now he realized how sexy and irresistable Draco was.

Draco was not happy. He did not want to be a father because when he was little Lucius beat him with that sexy cane. Draco was tormented by the idea that he too would become a child-beating Malfoy, so he started slitting his wrists, which he hadn't done in a month. Even though everyone understood what she was going through, Kaytlynn slit her wrists too because she was so tortured by being a teenage mother. Her songs got darker and darker.

This leech inside me

Feeding on my torment

Cut my belly open

And rip me apart

Hogsmeade a month later

Snow was falling gently on the town of Hogsmeade, sprinkling softly on the heads of Kaytlynn and her friends. Eve was with them, too, because she was a loser and didn't have any friends in Slytherin. They were eating ice cream cones and chatting happily when all of a sudden, a dark figure snatched Kaytlynn and ran away! She was powerless to fight back because she was afraid she would have an abortion if she did anything.

"We must form an expedition to reclaim her!" Ian said.

"Potato!" Chuck agreed.

Eve started to walk away. "You guys have fun with that."

"We should ask her father and Professor Malfoy to accompany us," Ian continued, ignoring her. "After all, they're both pretty close to Kaytlynn."

So the four males gathered together, ready to find their love and rescue her…

Author's Note: Oh no! What will happen to Kaytlynn! Whose captured her! Why! You'll have to wait! Read the next chapter, it's coming up soon! BTW DumbledorzGurlie, there's something special in the next chapter for you! Luv ya, bffe!