Chapter 1

(Bella's POV)

"Bella, I don't love you anymore" said Edward.

His words tore through me like a knife; I didn't want to believe him. Yet, his golden eyes looked so serious.

"You… you can't mean that" I muttered in between my sobbing sniffles.

"I'm sorry Bella, it's over between us" said Edward.

Edward turned and began to walk towards his car, leaving me alone in the cold pouring rain outside of my house. I watched as he drove away, not once looking back at me. It was killing me. My love had just broken my heart with no reason for it.

"This can't be happening" I said out loud as tears rushed down my cheeks.

My knees gave way and I crumpled to the ground and sobbed.

(Edward POV)

God, I'm a horrible monster. I just left her there crying, in the rain no less. But I had to left her go; she needed to be free to be with a human, to be with someone who deserved her. Not like me, not a vampire. It took every ounce of strength I had not go running back to her and tell her the truth that it was all a lie. I couldn't even look at her as I drove away because I was afraid, that if I saw Bella looking so hurt and crying, that I could never do what I had to.

The second I arrive at my home Alice came racing out the front door. She clearly had had a vision of what I had done.

"You Asshole!" she screamed.

"Alice, please just leave me alone" I sighed, I didn't want to hear her tell that I was wrong to do that to Bella, because I already knew that.

"No, not after what you did" she growled.

I pushed my way past her and went into the house.

"Edward, you broke her heart!" she screamed after me.

Alice just didn't understand I had to do this to protect Bella. I rushed up the stairs and into my room. Then I slam the door shut and went to my sound system. I grabbed the first CD I could find and put it in the CD player. Then I cranked the volume way up so I could drown out my thoughts and everyone else thoughts.

(Bella POV)

Even after his car was out of sight a sat there crying and hoping this was all just some terrible nightmare. It wasn't until I heard the phone ringing inside the house that I got up, and went in inside to answer it.

"Hello?" I said in-between sniffles.

"Bella? It's me Alice" answered Alice in her musical voice.

"Hi Alice" I sighed, I had been hoping it was Edward to calling to apologize, but I knew better, if Edward wanted to talk to me he would just show up in my room, not call.

"Are you ok? Oh, that was a stupid question, of course you're not ok" said Alice.

I couldn't say anything because I had begun to sob again.

"Bella?" said Alice.

Still I couldn't speak I was just too caught up in sobbing my eyes out.

"That's it, I'll be over in a few minutes, see you then" she said.

I hung up the phone. The room seemed to be spinning, and I felt light headed. I climbed up the stairs to my bedroom. I opened my door still hoping to see my gorgeous angel sitting on the end of my bed with a glorious grin on his perfect face, but to my dismay my angel wasn't there. I slowly pulled off my soaking clothes and replaced them with nice dry ones. Just as I finished changing there was a soft knock on my bedroom door.

"Yes?" I said. I had forgotten Alice said she was coming over.

"Bella, I hope you don't mind but I asked Jasper to come with me" said Alice as she opened my door.

"It's fine" I whimpered.

First thing Alice did when she came into my room was give me a big tight hug. The next thing she did was pull a box of tissues out of her bag. Jasper stood in the doorway looking as though he felt out of place.

"Come on in Jasper" I sniffled give him the only grin I could manage.

Jasper walked over to my side and put one of his cold hands on my shoulder. I felt a wave of calm wash over me. It made me stop crying but not stop feeling the pain of my broken heart. It was clear that Jasper didn't want to control all of my emotions, because he knew this was no time for that.

"I'm sorry" he whispered looking me straight in the eyes.

"Don't be. This is my fault" I said staring at the eye not meeting anyone's eyes.

Suddenly Alice voice filled the voice, "Your fault? No this is in no way your fault Bella. This is all Edward doing"

"Please don't say that" I said trying to keep from crying.

"Why? It's true" said Alice heatedly.

"If it is true then he doesn't love me and then maybe…" I could even finish when Jasper interrupted.

"Bella, he loved you and don't you ever think differently" said Jasper with a reassuring smile.

Again another wave of calm washed over me. I gave Jasper another pathetic smile and a sign of thanks.

"It's getting late Charlie will be home soon" I sighed.

"I can stay if you like" said Alice.

I shook my head no. I really just wanted to be alone for a little bit.

"Okay, but if you need me just call me and I'll be here in a flash" she smiled.

"I'll be ok" I was lying through my teeth. "I think I'll just go to bed, Jasper would you mind helping me with that?" I asked.

"Here lay down" he said.

I lied down on the bed and felt a wave of comfort and tiredness. With in moments I was asleep.

(Edward POV)

The music didn't help at all. I could still hear Alice yelling at my through her thoughts. I needed to get out and go run and try to clear my mind. I was about to leave when I heard Esme.

"Where are you going, Edward" she said from the bottom of the stairs.

"Out to go run of while" I answered not looking her in the eyes.

"Edward, you are going to need to talk about this sometime" Esme said, she was right but I didn't want to think about that.

"Later, I need to clear my mind" I sighed as I walked out the door.

Outside the house I could hear Esme's thoughts;

You still love her. What happened? Why?

I put my face in my hands, I needed to see her. Even before I had completely decided to go see her I was off running. I stood in front of Police Chief Swan's house in the very spot where I had broken Bella's heart. The house was quite and everyone in it was a sleep. It was a good time for me to slip into her room with no one noticing.

She was so beautiful, yet even in sleep I could tell she was hurt and sad. I stood in the shadows of her room. I watched her chest move up and down as she breathed. She tossed and turned a lot as if no matter how she laid she couldn't get comfortable.

"Edward…why?" she whispered in her sleep.

"I wish I could tell you my love" I whispered back.

After an hour of just watching her I finally managed to make myself leave her again. But before I left I walked over to the head of her bed, bent down and kissed her forehead.

"Good night, my love. I'm sorry" I whispered as I slipped out her window.

The rest of the night I ran, trying to reason with myself to stay away from Bella. I loved her but if I wanted her safe I couldn't be with her. Not after getting that letter.