Epilogue Part 2

(Edward's POV)

With one glance of my angelic wife to be I felt a hundred emotions at once. I wanted to blush, faint, cry out with happiness, burst in tears of joy but mainly I just wanted to marry her. Her footsteps were small and short but there wasn't a hint of apprehension in them like I had feared. I can feel Carlisle's hand on my shoulder and yet it was like he not even there because all I can see is my angel approving steadily towards me. I'd seen her in the sunlight before but it was nothing like this. She was more beautiful then anything I'd ever seen. Bella seemed to glow as her skin shimmered like billions of tiny diamonds spinning brightly caught more sunlight then ever before. Time seemed to slow and each step she took seemed take far to long. I wanted to run to her and hold her tightly in my arms kissing ever inch of her. After what felt like an eternity she was standing before me smiling.

"Breathe" she whispered as she left go of Sonny's arm to take my hand.

It was amazing ever since she began to recover from what happened to her a new confidence had appeared in Bella. Taking a deep breath I returned her brilliant smile with one of my own. Sonny took his place at Emmet's side and the ceremony began. Carlisle had naturally agreed to perform it for us considering getting a human Minster would be out of the question since the whole family looked like billions of diamonds. The ceremony went by in a blur until it came time to say our vows. When Bella began I forgot to breathe when her sweet voice filled the air.

"I never dreamed moving to Forks would change my life, but then I met you …and fell unconditionally and irrevocably in love with you. It was dangerous and stupid and you told me so but we both were selfish creatures and couldn't fight our need to be together. And so began the story of our true love. Edward I promise that I'll spend the rest of forever loving you with everything in me. I love you desperately and unchangeably. For you I'd give anything." she said leading towards me slightly.

My mind groaned I wanted to kiss her so badly it hurt. Something about her the beauty in her words made everything around me grow fuzzy sounds and sights were all just blurs and buzzing. All I could focus on was my angel and the sound of her voice. Her eyes glimmered with a happiness I hadn't seen I a long time. For the first time I really saw it, she was healing. For months we all been worried that she would never really recover from what had happened but I could see it in her eyes for the first time there wasn't any trance of lingering pain in them just pure happiness.

"Edward your vows." whispered Bella squeezing my hand.

Shaking my head slightly I tried to regain my thought process from something more then how perfect Bella was. I spent hours thinking of just the right thing to say with the must poetic words I could conjure up but as I stood there holding my bride's hand those perfect words evaded me. All I could think about was her smile. It was sweet and broad reaching her eyes.

"Edward?" Bella whispered.

Her eyes switched from happiness to worry instantly.

"Bella I love you, I just can't remember I words I was going to say." I admitted.

Like the soft sound of wind chimes a giggle bubbled carelessly out from Bella.

"I love you Edward, anything you say will be beautiful even if you didn't get to spend hours writing it." she murmured the happiness shimmer back to life in her eyes.

'You've heard every word I've been thinking haven't you?' I asked through my thoughts.

She nodded and grinned merrily. I smiled back and decided to speak straight from my heart, even if what I had to say wasn't prefect at least it'd be heartfelt.

(Bella's POV)

"When I look at you there are no words to even begin to describe what I feel all I know is that I never want to have that feeling fade away. I'm not sure what I've done to deserve an angel like you but here you are in my life. I thought I was going to be alone forever and I was content with it until you cam into my life. At first I thought you'd come to destroy everything but it was only later I realized you come to change everything for the better. You made me see I need love but not just anyone's love yours and only yours. You're my angel, my true love, my soul mate. And I wouldn't have this any other way. I love you." At first his voice was nervous but as he spoke it became composed and filled with a love that before I'd only seen in his glorious topaz eyes.

His eyes still seemed to dazzle me when ever they got a chance. I was so lost in Edward's topaz pools of light I jumped slightly at the sound of Carlisle's voice.

"Now the exchanging of the rings to express the union of the two of you." directed Carlisle, he was beaming from ear to ear at us.

Emmet stepped forward and held the rings out two us. Unwillingly we broke our hold on each others hands to take a ring from Emmet. Grinning at me Edward took my left hand.

"Bella Marie Swan, I pledge myself to you forever. I am yours." He whispered sliding the simple platinum band on to my finger.

I matched his grin with one of my own as I took a moment to glance down at my ring finger. Then I took his left hand in mine and blinked back the tears that would never fall.

"Edward Anthony Masen Cullen, I pledge myself to you forever. I am yours." I whispered my voice was nearly failing me because I was so choked up by emotion.

My fingers were almost trembling as I slipped on the matching platinum ring to mine on to his finger. This was it just a few more words and our forever would begin.

"Do you Edward Anthony Masen Cullen take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife for all eternity?" asked Carlisle.

Suddenly, I was holding my breath as if I wasn't sure his answer. After everything when been through in my heart I knew his answer would be yes but I was still scared that maybe my heart had gotten it wrong. Edward looked at me lovely and spoke.

"I do." those two tiny little words sent chills down my spine and relief to wash over me.

"Do you Bella Marie Swan take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband for all eternity?" Carlisle asked.

Instantly, the words flew from my lips.

"I do!" I said bursting with joy.

Everyone was smiling at us as Carlisle pronounced us Mr. and Mrs. Cullen. Before we were even told to kiss we were. This kiss was unlike any kiss we shared before. It was filled with such passion that it was nearly in describable and yet it was still tender and sweet. Smiling as we kissed I felt my feet leave the down. After howling and whistling on the family part, mainly Emmet's doing, we finally parted from our first kiss as Mr. and Mrs. Cullen. Our forever had begun.

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