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Chapter 2, I Love You For You

"Hermione Granger, you are absolutely flawless."

"Why, thank you Ronald Weasley."

"You're very welcome."

Ron and Hermione had both slept on the couch in the Gryffindor common room. It was sometime in the morning, Christmas Day. The fire in the fireplace had died down quite a bit, so Hermione had stood up and crossed the room to get the poker. Which was when Ron had noticed the way her skin glowed…the way her hair curled around her shoulders and her perfect face. So he'd called her flawless, which in his world, she was.

"Did you sleep well?" Ron asked, trying to make conversation.

"As well as I could with you snoring all night," Hermione said as she stepped over the Twister game left from the night before.

"Excuse me! I don't snore! I…breathe deeply. It's good for…the soul."

"Yes, but bad for others trying to get their beauty sleep." Hermione slid back next to him on the couch, and he wrapped his arms tightly around her as he kissed her bare shoulder. There was a single white bed sheet on the couch which Ron had rushed up stairs to get the night before (careful not to wake anyone up); Hermione climbed onto the couch and snuggled next to him underneath this sheet as she wrapped it tightly around her naked body.

Hermione smiled at him and he tucked a stray piece of her hair behind her ear.

"Ron, there's something I need to tell you…" she said, becoming serious.

"Right hand red? Good then let's go--"

"No, Ron, this is important." Hermione bit her lip and sat up on the couch, looking down at him. He sat up to face her, wondering if she regretted what had happened the night before.

"Just tell me. I can handle it. I understand if you just wanna be friends…I mean you could do so much better than me--"

"Ron! Just listen to me…I…cheated."

"What? Cheated?"

"Yes…I cheated."

"What—and just how did you manage that? We've only been together one night! Did you invite someone else to join while I was on my back? Did you slip me something? Did you get me drunk? Oh my God, Hermione! You got me drunk so you'd get laid! I never knew you were like that! How many were there?" Ron asked, getting more and more confused every second.


Strangely, this confused Ron even more.

"So…you invited your friends…and got me drunk…and you made me lose on purpose?" Ron wondered aloud.

"AGH! NO! RON!" Hermione took his face in her hands, forcing him to look directly into her eyes. "I—cheated—at—Twister! There—were—no—others—involved! You—lost—because—I—rigged—the—spinner! I—made—you—trip!" Hermione said very slowly, nodding with every syllable, and Ron couldn't help but nod with her. "Do—you—understand?"

"Yes…I think. You cheated…and I lost. There were no green midgets having their way with us…and there was no alcohol…of any kind being consumed…?"

"You are correct. I…made you trip and lose because I've never won anything before and I really wanted to win. But it's been plaguing my conscience…all night…and I felt obliged to tell you that I cheated!" Hermione bit her lip, expecting him to be angry.

"Oh…but if…that was bad enough to make your 'Bad Things I've Done' list, then how high up on that list is that thing you did with your tongue last night?" Ron asked, looking genuinely curious.

Hermione's jaw dropped open.

"Ronald Weasley! How can you say such a thing? I am appalled that you would--" But her sentence was cut short by Ron's mouth crashing over hers. She tried to continue talking, but Ron slid his hands underneath her jaw on both sides of her neck and slipped his tongue into her mouth, causing her to moan and become quiet. She started kissing him back, getting more and more tangled up in the sheet covering them. They became so caught up in the moment that they didn't notice a little redheaded girl and a very nude black-haired boy coming quietly down the stairs.

"OH MY GOD! RON! GET OFF HER RIGHT THIS INSTANT!" Ginny screeched, dragging the sheet she'd wrapped around herself along with her as she rushed over to the couch to her brother. Startled, Ron's elbow suddenly came down on the sheet and it slipped from around Hermione's chest, revealing her to all. Hermione screamed and pulled the sheet back up; Harry covered his eyes, embarrassed at what he'd just seen. Ginny began slapping her brother.

"Ginny what on EARTH are you hitting me for?" Ron demanded.

"WHAT—WERE—YOU—TRYING—TO—DO—TO—HER?" Ginny yelled between slaps.

"I was TRYING to kiss her before you so graciously intervened!" Ron yelled back, trying to shield his face from Ginny's merciless blows.

"Well it LOOKED like you were trying to smother her with your big fat FACE and that sucking HOLE you call a mouth!" Ginny screamed, still beating him senseless.

"Ginny! It's okay…he's telling the truth…I'm alright!" Hermione said loudly, laughter threatening to burst fourth.

"Huh? You mean…you'd willingly kiss that?" Ginny asked, pointing to Ron's pink mouth.

"Er…isn't that somewhat obvious?" Hermione asked, gesturing to the fact that both she and Ron were very naked and very together on the same couch, covered by the same sheet. Ginny straightened up and smiled quite unexpectedly.

"Oi. I thought so. About time, too!"

"What? If you thought—then WHY did you hit me?" Ron asked, his voice growing more and more high-pitched as anger coursed through him.

"Because…it makes me happy?" Ginny answered innocently. Ron groaned. Then he noticed something which made him even more red in the face.

"Ginerva WEASLEY! What happened to your CLOTHES? Did you SHAG MY BEST MATE?" Ron said, standing up, careful to hold the sheet in place.

"Um…why…why would you think that?" Ginny asked, backing away, her smile fading. She tried to make her way to Harry, but Ron noticed.

"Oh! Only because you're both naked…and you both came from the same room…at the same time…together!" Ron exploded.

"Well…how would you know that when you were busy snogging the face off MY best friend? Hmm?" Ginny retorted, grabbing Harry's hand. Harry's eyebrows shot through the roof; he obviously wanted no part in the potential fight.

"Because I…KNOW THINGS!" Ron yelled back.

"Relax, Ronald…it's only fair, considering what we--" Hermione began, but she was interrupted by Ron.

"Don't tell me that what we did justifies what they did! If that's true, why don't we all just jump in the sack together then and have a whack at it?" Ron said, his tone teetering on insanity.

"If it helps mate, I was her first--"

"NO THAT DOESN'T HELP! I don't want to know about my sister's sex life! What's the matter with you people? You're all on crack, aren't you? Or some other…muggle drug! Well you're not going to get ME to try it, oh no! I'm out of here!" Ron screeched, starting off out the door. He didn't make it far before he realized he had nothing on but a sheet, one that Hermione also needed to shield her own nakedness from her friends. "Or…maybe you could…um…leave first, if you don't mind. Since you both seem to have…individual…sheets…" Ron begged humbly. Ginny nodded, glad for an escape, and rushed up to her room. Harry turned and left, blushing furiously.

"Well. That was very nice, Mr. Weasley. I never thought that making love to you would induce an…ass attack the next morning!" Hermione squealed. Ron looked at her with pain in his eyes.

"Hermione…she's my baby sister! And Harry--"

"Shh-h, Ron…she's not a little baby anymore. They're happy together, just like you and me," Hermione said, her fingers gently covering Ron's mouth, "and if you break them up, they'll resent you forever. Just let them be together, Ron. It's for the best." Hermione stood up then and wrapped her arms around Ron's neck. She pushed her lips against his own. At first he was unresponsive, but soon, he melted into the kiss as well, and for the second time, they were lost in each other. So lost, in fact, that once again they failed to notice others in the room.

"Ah, isn't it beautiful, Neville? Young love! So like rubber ducks in one's bath!" Luna whispered, holding Neville's hand.

"Uh…whatever you say, Luna. They just look like two…naked people to me."

"Yes, and that is why I love you, Neville!" she whispered again, pecking him quickly on the cheek.

"Because…I see naked people?"

Luna smiled and patted his hand, glancing back at the two lovers again.

"No, Neville. I love you because you are…you."

"Thanks, Luna."

"Anytime, Neville."

End Chapter

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