Chapter 9:

My Family

By: Felicity Cohen-Johnson

I live in a loft in the Lower East Side of Manhattan in Alphabet City, aka Bohemia (and many other names which aren't appropriate for school), with my parents and Joanne Jefferson. Joanne is my Mother's best friend. She's a lawyer, and brings me to school everyday on her way to work. My Mother, Maureen Johnson, is a performer, and a major activist for anything and everything. My Father, Mark Cohen, is an aspiring filmmaker. Below us lives my Dad's best friend, Roger Davis and his girlfriend Mimi Marquez. Roger is a musician (he writes songs, and plays the guitar), and Mimi is a dancer at a local club. Down the street three blocks away lives Thomas Collins aka Collins, and his girlfriend Angel Dummot-Schunard. Collins is a Professor of Computer Age Philosophy, and is a huge AIDS activist (we all are really). Angel is a street musician, and is the glue that holds us together. Benjamin Coffin III, "Benny" used toe live with my parents, Roger, Roger's ex April (she died), and Collins before marrying Allison Grey. He's pretty cool, just so long as you don't owe him the rent. Sure, my family may be unconventional. We don't live in a nice little house with a white picket fence and a dog, but we're all we've got. We fight…a lot, but it's our job. I've gone from family to family practically my whole life before ending up with my biological parents, and I wouldn't trade them for the world!

Felicity- A+ paper. Very well written. Excellent job.

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