To Be With You

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Rina Niwa rushed downstairs with her school uniform on, ready for school. "Rina, have some breakfast before you go," Riku, her mom, called as her daughter ran to the living room to get her binder and a couple of her books.

"Can't mom, I'm meeting Hikora and Tsume at school!" Rina explained, looking around, "Uh… where's Dad?"

Riku was busy preparing the table with some bacon, eggs, and toast. "He's getting ready for a meeting, Rina. Run off to school, alright?" she told her. Rina sighed with a nod as she put on her bag and waved goodbye as she ran out the door.

Riku sighed as she stared at the food she made. The door closed on the way her daughter left. "But, Rina… you shouldn't work so hard. Today's your fourteenth birthday…," Riku thought.


Two girls were waiting at the courtyard. "Where could Rina be? If she doesn't hurry up soon, she'll never have a chance to tell him!" one girl with her hair in a ponytail whined.

"I know! I mean, she likes him, right?" the other girl asked, who had light brown hair. "Hey…! Hikora…! Tsume…!" they heard a voice calling them. They turned to see Rina running to them.

"What was taking you? I thought you were going to tell him today," Hikora demanded.

"Sorry… it's just I had to stay up working on that review paper… school's no fun…," Rina mumbled.

"Grades don't matter today, Rina! Are you going to tell Sekushi Hiwatari your feelings or not, hmm?" Tsume exclaimed.

Rina sighed. "Who ever said I was gonna tell him?" she questioned, with her hands on her waist.

"We thought you were gonna tell him, I mean… St. White Day isn't so far away. If you don't tell him, he might give his ribbon to someone else!" Hikora explained.

Rina looked away, blushing. "Look, just because he's been sort of my friend for years doesn't mean he'll feel the same way! He has a ton of fans too… they'd kill me if they even see me talking with Hiwatari," she reminded them. Both of her friends crossed their arms with a long, deep sigh. "What! I'm telling you the truth!" Rina shouted.

"Sure, sure! I'll see you in class," Hikora called with a bored voice as the two left.

"Wait! Hey!" Rina called, but they left so suddenly, and so… strangely. "What is up with them? Like I care about some ribbon…," Rina mumbled.

"Rina," a person spoke, who was behind her. Rina slowly turned around to see her crush, Sekushi. "Umm… hi, Hiwatari!" she greeted nervously, her pink eyes widened, and her face as red as a tomato.

"What's wrong?" Sekushi asked, staring at her face.

"Nothing! Nothing's wrong!" Rina reassured him as she shook her head quickly, her brown hair following, "Look, uh… I gotta go! See you in class!" And with that, Rina rushed to class leaving her dazed crush.

"Dad said since she's a girl, Dark can't be in her, but…," Sekushi mumbled.


Rina sighed as she stared into the window during class. It was bad enough she was talking to her crush today, but making a fool of herself too? She felt so stupid.

She turned around to face one of her friends, Tsume. Hikora was on the other side of the room. "Tsume… you and Hikora left me there, knowing Hiwatari was coming, right…?" Rina demanded.

"Yeah, well, how did it go?" Tsume asked, trying to be cheerful. "I'm never talking to him again," Rina stated.

"That bad?" Tsume asked, shaking her head, "You're just not good with guys. Face it…" Rina groaned, and turned back to her desk as she worked again on her papers.


The skies were blue as the school bell rang. "Finally! School's over, and there's a weekend ahead of me! At least this day can't get any worse!" Rina thought to herself as she was heading out of the school gates and into the neighborhoods.

"Rina!" she heard her name being called.

"Huh?" Rina asked as she turned to see Sekushi walking up to her. "Hi… Hiwa… Hiwatari!" Rina said with a gulp as her voice was strained, "Yes?"

"You wanna walk home together?" he asked, perfectly calm.

"Walking home? Together…?" Rina asked quietly, as she thought," He… can't be serious!" "Umm, sure!" she said with a nod, "Let's… get going!" She was walking with Sekushi Hiwatari, side by side, home. Rina kept looking down, or at the scenery, never at Sekushi.

"Rina… I heard your dad's friends with my dad…," the boy with blue eyes and blue hair mentioned.

"They are? That must be why we must've hanged out a lot as children!" Rina said. Sekushi nodded. Rina couldn't help but take a peek at her crush as she slowly turned her head. He was staring straight at her! Rina turned her head back as she blushed. "Oh… darn! Why did he have to stare? Why!" she moaned in thought as she panicked. "Uh… Hiwatari… I was wondering… maybe tomorrow, we could, umm… hang out?" Rina asked, nervously, "I know we're friends, but, umm… can't we…?"

Sekushi glanced at her. "Rina… I can only be your friend. I can't have any relationships right now," he stated.

"Look! Is that my house? It must be! Well, I can get there from here, so, bye Hiwatari!" Rina told him, quickly as she ran there. She bit her lip as she ran. "I'm so stupid! I shouldn't have said anything! He's never going to talk to me again! I'm so, so stupid!" Rina thought, crying, as she found her way home, opening the gate as she ran inside.


Rina stepped inside quietly, hoping her parents wouldn't notice. "Mom's probably home… Dad might be here too. I better keep quiet," she thought as she headed for the stairs. Rina wiped away her tears quickly.

To her surprise, her Dad was coming downstairs. "Rina? You're home already?" her dad, Daisuke, asked.

"Dad! Yeah, I'm home, I mean… this is the right house, right?" Rina asked, laughing nervously, "So, is mom gonna make me a cake tonight?"

"Of course. Like always," her dad said as he got off the stairs, looking at her daughter as he noticed her face was sour, "Are you… alright, Rina?"

"Never better, dad. I'm going to my room …,"Rina mumbled, looking down as she went upstairs.


The day turned to near evening as the afternoon was ending. Rina sat in her room, studying. "Hiwatari…," she thought as she looked out the window, "I'm so… so… stupid! I knew we could only be friends! Why did I have to tell him! Why!" Rina put her head on the desk as suddenly she felt like she was burning up. She quickly got up, and backed away, ending pushing the chair over. "What's going on…? Why do I feel… so strange?" Rina thought as she bit her lip, clutching herself, "Why do I feel so…? Ah…!"


"Maybe Rina's not feeling well…," Riku said as she and Daisuke were watching the news.

"Yeah, maybe," Daisuke mumbled as he looked down.

"Rina… her eyes… her face… I know what she's feeling, I think. That was right before I… turned into…," he thought, until they suddenly heard a scream. Riku stood up as Daisuke did the same.

"Rina! Rina!" the two called as they rushed up stairs to see what was wrong.


When Rina opened her eyes, she saw nothing. It was like… she was somewhere that she had never been before. "Where am I…?" she asked herself.

"Hey… let me take over…," a voice said.

"Huh? Who are you…? Where are you?" Rina asked, unsure.

"I'm right here," the voice continued.

"I… don't believe you. I can't even see you!" Rina shouted.

"That's because… I'm you…," the voice told her.

Rina blinked. "Wh… what?" she asked.


When Daisuke and Riku got to Rina's room, she was gone. "Rina!" Riku shouted, looking around, "Rina!"

"Where could she be…? Could she have…? No. It's impossible; Rina's a girl…," Daisuke thought as he heard a familiar voice.

"Hey, Daisuke. Miss me? Looks like that daughter of yours is something else, huh?" someone from behind them said. The two turned around.

Riku gulped, backing away. "It can't be!" she said, trying to stay calm.

"Dark…?" Daisuke asked, taking a step forward.

"Sorry, but I trashed your closet. I mean, I'm not gonna steal anything with girl clothes, now am I?" Dark smirked, wearing Daisuke's clothes.


Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh? You're probably wondering, "How the hell can that possibly happen! She's a girl for crying out loud!" Dark-kun? Here! And what about Krad-kun? What'll happen when the news learns of Dark-kun coming back after twenty years? A big mess, that's what! Will he be here too! Well, that and many more things will be explained in the second chapter, so please review!