To Be With You

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last chapter: A week after the Twin Mirrors of Sorrow was stolen by Krad, Rina's guilt over the incident turns into excitement when she is reunited with her two elementary school friends who just returned from their two week vacation – Takeyo and Rieko Saehara – and she learns that Takeyo likes her and Rieko likes Sekushi. Sekushi asks Rina if he could talk to her privately, and he reveals that he is in possession of the Twin Mirrors of Sorrow. However, he refuses to return the Hikari creation to her and declares that they are enemies, expressing his anger towards the Niwa Clan stealing what rightfully belongs to the Hikari Clan, as well as his frustration that his duty is weakened by Rina's influence over him. Sekushi decides that for the sake of his clan, he would give up his body to Krad, despite Rina's attempts to dissuade him. Rina can only watch as Sekushi's last words to her are of his love for her before Krad completely takes over.

DNAngel © Yukiru Sugisaki


Rina stared at Krad with eyes desperately searching for the one person most important to her. But he was gone. Sekushi was gone. Usually, when Sekushi would transform into Krad, Rina could still feel Sekushi within Krad somewhere and somehow. But she could barely even feel his presence within Krad. Or perhaps that was just what her heart wanted to believe.

Sekushi…? Sekushi…? "Krad... What did you do…? Where is he…? Where is he?" Rina demanded hoarsely in a fit of panic, "Where is Sekushi?"

She breathed heavily in anguish as tears came rushing in. Rina fell to her knees, startled and confused as she stared at her empty, trembling hands. Sekushi's presence was dwindling, disappearing slowly but surely and she could feel every moment of it. And every moment was breaking her.

"Sekushi… can't you hear me?" she cried in a quivering whisper as she fought back her tears, "Where are you…? Please… answer me… Sekushi…"

Krad still wore a smile on his face. He approached her before she knew it he was kneeling beside her only inches away and held his index finger to her lips. "Behave… will you? Your insufferable groveling is most unbecoming, and to think you're the threat to my very existence… Pathetic. If you dare to even scream and jeopardize my presence, you will never find out where your precious Sekushi is."

Rina began sniffling and could not find the words to speak. Krad trailed his hand down and cupped Rina's chin as he gave her a long stare before managing to lift her up as he stood up. Rina staggered away from Krad, but he took a hold of her arm.

"That goes for Dark as well, as we all know he is always one to oppose me. Should you revert to Dark – whether it is of your own intention or that of the Phantom Thief's – Sekushi will be mine and you will never see him again."

Dark glared. "That bastard!" he yelled, "Rina, here's the plan. I want you to–"

Rina closed her eyes. "– Dark...," she whispered, "... No."

"What? You idiot, don't throw your feelings out there! Krad's just messing with you! I'm the only one who can put his senses straight, even if it means punching the daylights outta him!"

"What did I say? I said no! Sekushi's life is in danger! I-I can't risk it!"

"And didn't that guy clearly tell you that you two are enemies? Face it Rina – you're still hung over the guy, and now you're just confused! That wannabe Commander did this to himself willingly, remember? So, give it a rest!"

"From now on, you should care about only yourself... because I can no longer help you. We are enemies now. We can't be friends. I let Krad take the Twin Mirrors of Sorrow. To help my clan, I'd be willing to give up my body in order to have Krad's power. If Krad hurts you, if Krad even kills you, I won't do anything anymore because we are enemies, Rina. Krad has made me realize... that I can't protect you and capture Dark at the same time. I've tried to do so many times, but my heart has weakened... because of you, Rina."

"I love you, Rina... But it's too late..."

"... It's far too late."

Rina clenched her fists. That... That may be so, but... "Sekushi... is both my childhood friend... and my first love," she insisted, "He always tried to protect me, even whenever Krad took control of him... I-I won't abandon him, not ever!"

Dark gritted his teeth and stayed silent.

Krad let go of Rina's arm and took a step back from her. He sighed as he placed his free hand against his face. Rina began wiping her tears away, but her eyes widened as Krad reverted back into a familiar face. She gasped with awe. It was a face she longed to see and a person she dearly loved.

"Se... kushi...? Sekushi? Sekushi!" Rina exclaimed as she hugged him tightly.

Dark blinked. "Rina, that's not..."

"Sekushi, I'm so glad you're all right!" Rina told him, "I'm–"

Sekushi quietly chuckled. Rina flinched as she raised her head to see Sekushi's face. Everything was the same: same blue layered hair, same winter skinned face, same... No. The eyes were different. They were wrong somehow. It wasn't the attentive yet soft eyes Rina was used to. They weren't the eyes she knew. These eyes were hardened and cold, so detached and unfamiliar to her. They weren't his eyes.

"Y-You're... not Sekushi...," Rina whispered slowly.

"Correct... Rina Niwa. What, you didn't know? Creatures like Dark and me... We have enough control to use our host as we desire," Krad revealed, "We can even use their bodies as a mask to protect our true agendas…"

"Dark, what... is this?" Rina asked.

Dark lowered his gaze. "This is..." For now, all the Phantom Thief could be was a spectator, watching from the sidelines, and being forced to watch. To see my host getting harmed... I've seen Daisuke get hurt plenty, but... Even though I got pissed at him for trying to play hero when he knew better, I... I never realized that this was how he felt every single time watching me fight... ever single time Rina watched me fight... Damn it all. He sighed. "This is a trap… Rina."

Rina struggled to move, but Krad had his hands wrapped around her. A trap, Rina repeated. It was a trap she would have fallen into, whether she would have admitted it or not. For Sekushi, she would probably do anything for him.

"Did you really think I would interrogate you in this… droll place? Clearly you don't know me that well at all," Krad hissed degradingly, "I mean, I could, but there would be so many witnesses… and so many people to kill..." Rina flinched, but Krad continued, amused by her fear. "As much as I would enjoy torturing you with that wonderful scenario, it'd be too much of a hassle for me at the moment. I tire of the distractions that allowed your discreet escapes until now, Rina Niwa. It's time you and I finally continue our little chat. Remember? I tried having a simple conversation with you, but you had be so stubborn, defying me and allowing Dark to interfere… And how could I forget when you splashed that little potion in my eyes? We will continue our little chat, and I will get even with you. I need somewhere desolate where no one could hear your screams of help or defiance... Not even Sekushi will help you because he's mine now."

"Sekushi... isn't some toy!"

"You're right. He's my toy and now so are you."

Rina winced, feeling a sharp pain at her side. Dark glared. "Rina, if that asshole holds you any tighter, your wounds are gonna open!" he reminded her, "Hey, you better break free now! Rina!"

No matter how Rina struggled, she couldn't break free. She had to do something. Normally at a crisis like this, she would revert into Dark or find some sort of distraction, but the former meant endangering Sekushi, and there was little Rina could use for the latter. Rina was a decent dodger, but she couldn't move without some sort of distraction. She may have used the Fallen Angel's Love Potion before to escape Krad during her first encounter with him, but there was nothing she could use...

The Twin Mirrors of Sorrow! Rina remembered. It's still in Sekushi's pocket! Maybe it can do something to distract Krad or something... This Hikari creation must be really important for Krad to take... I really don't want to take it away from Sekushi; he was really upset about it, about how my clan was stealing the creations of his clan. Once I save Sekushi, I will return the Twin Mirrors of Sorrow to him. I promise. Rina began moving her fingers a little. Mm... I need reach it... but... Her fingers could only move a centimeter at any direction. Krad's hold on her was too tight. Almost close... Come on... Please... for Sekushi... Reach it!

To Rina's surprise, Krad relented, released his grip, and stepped away from her. "Rina Niwa, you will meet me at midnight at the museum. Behave for now and tell no one of this. For the remainder of this day, I am Sekushi Hiwatari. If you tell me what I want to know at our little rendezvous, I will consider returning 'my everything' to this body for however long he can keep it... and if he wishes to keep it. If you cannot fulfill all of these simple tasks, Sekushi is all mine. Do you understand?"

Rina stared at Krad, and with her faith unwavering replied, "I understand."

Krad stepped outside of the school doors and leaned against a nearby tree as he felt the wind brush against his hair. It had been a while since he had experienced the world without staring through the eyes of his host. He raised his hand a little and stared at Sekushi's palm – his palm now – as he sighed. "Well? Is there anything you want to say... Sekushi? I know you're there. She may not be able to feel you, but I can still feel your presence, no matter how much you try to bury yourself away. I could be nice, you know. I could lend you this body for a fragment of a second... just so you can reject that poor girl already so she'll stop chasing me. As much as your precious Niwa girl is quite interesting to me, she's becoming a nuisance to my plans."

There was no answer, just as Krad expected.

"Hmph…," Krad murmured with a chuckle and a shrug, "… Suit yourself."

"Rina, you are not meeting up with Krad!'

"Yes, I am, Dark!"

Dark glared furiously at her. "He's dangerous, and you'll only get yourself hurt! Just like now! Listen to me for once, will you?" he demanded.

Rina stopped walking and leaned against the wall in the staircase. She shook her head. "I have always listened to you, Dark, so listen to me for once! Please!"

"Give me one good reason," Dark slowly spoke with a voice so frustrated and bitter, so torn and distraught, "Give me one good reason why I should sit on the sidelines and watch you endanger your life, Rina."

"I love Sekushi. I love him so much that I would do anything for him. I've made up my mind, Dark, and this is the unchangeable result: I love Sekushi so much… that I would risk my life for the sake of his. If, given the chance… I would give up my life if it meant Sekushi would be all right. Sekushi means the world to me, Dark. He always has… and he always will."


"You've felt this way about someone too, right? So, surely you must understand!"

Dark closed his eyes. Memories filled him of girls he had met, from Riku and Risa Harada to all the girls he had encountered in the past. And then came Rina's face. Dark opened his eyes.

Rina stared at Dark from within her. They were a yard apart with Dark's back facing her. Never had Dark disagreed with her with so much anger and frustration. Never had he have to question her actions and ethics. She knew he was worried. She knew he was hurt. And it pained her to see him in such distress, no matter how hard he tried to hide it from her.

"Dark…," Rina whispered regretfully.

She had never meant to hurt him like this. She walked over to him and reached her hand out towards him. At the very last second, Rina betrayed herself. She withdrew her hand and turned around as the image of the two began to shatter into pieces.

"I'm sorry, but I have to do this…," Rina whispered.

As she walked away, she could hear Dark faintly reply, "Yeah… I know."

preview: Krad is not the only person Rina has to worry about with the Saehara twins' growing suspicion. Dark struggles with Rina's dangerous decision, and Rina must face the consequence of choices when she decides to confront Krad.