Anna and the King


A Yul Brynner "The King and I" Fic


It was immoral. A betrayal of her husband, though he was dead. It was unfair to her son and to all of his children, but here she was nonetheless; locked in the King of Siam's arms, kissing him. What's more, she was in his private chambers, and his hands were working at the buttons on her dress.

She really shouldn't be doing this. Anna thought to herself, even as she slid her arms out of her dress and stood before him in her undergarments.

"You English and your silly customs." the King sighed laughingly.

It wasn't proper at all. Women weren't supposed to do this sort of thing, especially with married men. And the King was VERY married. Probably a hundred times over… Nevertheless, she was still in the King's private chambers, partly- no, now completely unclothed, running her hands over his smooth, hairless chest. The tanned skin was quite a contrast to her porcelain white hands. He was taking liberties with an emotional woman. Thinking on it though, she realized that was a cop-out. She was a perfectly sound-of-mind woman and strong willed and- he was lifting her effortlessly, laying her on the bed and stripping off his jacket and now his mouth was on her throat.

Very improper indeed. She grimaced slightly, it had been a while since she had been with a man. No doubt she be a little sore, but all in all she felt it was well worth it. Mouth open slightly, Anna let her hands roam over her lover's broad back and shoulders.

Though small in stature compared to the men of England, the King of Siam was muscular and quite impressively built.

It struck her later on, as she lay within the circle of his arms, that she had fallen quite hard and unexpectedly in love with a man who would most probably deny anything had ever happened between them. Anna thought about this for a while, but her train of misery was broken when he brought his hands together for a moment, removing a ring from his finger. He glanced at it, then at the flushed face of the woman he had just made love to.

Without a word, he slid the ring onto her ring finger.

"An-na." he said in a tone that very clearly stated that she was his.

Maybe she had been wrong. Maybe she did mean something to him…