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Epilogue: Lurking Unseen…

A figure, unknown to the other occupants of the small room smiled, at their conversation.

"It was h-ho-horrible, Tifa! You were a cat…"

The figure tilted its head, a single eyebrow raised.

"Cloud was wearing a skirt!"

It crossed its legs over the dresser's side. Not the first time, I suppose…

"Dad had a breakdown at someplace with a bunch of red lights…"

I really don't want to know…

"A-a-and everyone was worshipping Lady Aerith…"

The figure tilted its head to the other side.

"B-but they all were fighting about it! It's like they were obsessed with Aerithism!"

Invisible eyes blinked.

Tifa gently stroked the girl's hair. "There, there, everything's fine now…"

"Then, Sephiroth came back and he—"

An explosion sounded outside the window. Both ladies turned their heads towards the noise. The door slammed open, a Chocobo-head carrying a sleepy boy. "Tifa, we have to go. Now."

The small family left the figure alone within the bedroom. It leapt from the dresser, landing gracefully on the floor. It glided to the window and smiled at the chaos outside. "Wonder what took Deep Ground so long…"

The figure's mako green eyes watched people running through the streets. Silver-hair fell into its face as it cast its eyes downward. A smirk spread across this lips. "Fighting… Over Aerithism… Interesting idea…"

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Listing of Characters with Previous Incarnations.

Heiress: Aerith

Azrael: Sephiroth

Cirrus: Cloud

Zax: Zack

Yoshoko: Yuffie

Dominic: Vincent

Wallace: Barret

Evere: Reeve

Sid: Cid

Teef: Tifa

Azrael's Father/Mother: Jenova

Jeanne: Bugenhagen/Lucrecia/Jessie/miscellaneous

Cirrus's mother: Marlene

Cirrus's father: Denzel

Sierra: Shera (should be "Sierra" too)

Dominic's father: Hojo

Hojie: Hojo

Farmisu: Gast

Holy Father: Heidegger/Pres. Shinra

Priest Verman: Pres. Shinra/Palmer

Cirrus's friend in slutty red overalls: Scarlet

Pair of assassins in Cosmo Canyon: Reno and Rude

Pair of blondes in the Forgotten City (tourist guides): Elena and her older sister

Blond and brunet Forgotten City priests: Rufus and Tseng

Wallace's friends: Biggs and Wedge

Men recruiting for WRO: Don Corneo, Scotch, and Kotch.

Pirate captain: Johnny

Kelvin pilot: Highwind pilot (who always pissed me off… what?)

Prostitute: Myrna

Monk beside Gongaga cemetery: Man in Gongaga cemetery.

I know there were other characters, which I didn't list… I don't remember who they were supposed to be… Yeah, I probably should have written it down.