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Reita Takeo

"No!" the teen-age boy screamed.

"As the High-Commander I order you to stay here Tommy!" Dick frowned at the teen that stared at him with fierce looking eyes.

"And I as the information officer I say No!" said Tommy as he tried not to blink at the narcissistic man standing in front of him. He narrowed his eyes and gave Dick one last stare before grabbing his schoolbag and stormed down the stairs. He felt angered and annoyed at the man who is supposed to be his father. He felt remarkably ignored by those around him and it seemed that even if he screamed he still wouldn't be heard. He stomped pass Mrs. Dubcek who called after him but ended up choking with the smoke of her cigarette and saliva.

He walked down the street with a huff ignoring the eyes he was getting from people who knew nothing about him. As he got to the streetlights he stopped waiting for the little red hand switch to the yellow man walking. The cars passed him with a whoosh flipping his hair to the right over his face. The strap of his bag lay over his left shoulder sliding just slightly. He played with his tongue inside his mouth making it turn in different directions. His frustration passing already as he realized that Dick might punish him when he returned home that afternoon. But he knew that he was already late for school and he was going to spend detention with his old monitor English teacher. And just when he thought his day could go any worse someone picked him up from behind twirling him on the air with strong arms to support him. He blinked twice, surprised more than scared and yet there was a feel of security between those arms and just before he could react that someone kissed his cheek. His shock left him as he twisted and kicked. The arms let go their grip on him making him loose his balance and stumbled on one foot on the sidewalk loosing his bag on the process. When he got his balance back he quickly turned around to face his attacker.

In front of him stood a young man about his earthly age, he had spiked bleached hair that fell to his face. Frowning he asked "Just what are you doing!"

But the teen had a stoic look about him but it also had arrogance and there was an air about him that screamed power and superiority.

"Oh, I confused you with someone else" He said in a impassive voice.

The little red hand turned yellow to the little man signified to walk, the tall figure teen started crossing the street.

And that was it, he came, he picked him up, he carried him, he hugged him and then kissed him and then said he confused him with someone and didn't even apologize about it. "Jerk!" he yelled across the mass of cars that crossed back and forth between the street.

2 b continued...

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