That's right! I'm back, and Code Lyoko is just as bad as ever! If you would like my older story, please see my profile and view "A Typical Day".

Yes, that's right, after months of vegging out, I finally feel the need to start the sequel to "A Typical Day," a masterpiece and one of a kind.

Chapter 1: Another Typical Day

"YOU'ER LOOSING LIEF PONTS!111" screamed Jeremy for the 6th time in a minute. Jeremy was casually sitting on the super-computer chair, eating some ice cream he just happened to have stored in the cellar. "We know that, but we're kind of busy!" screamed Yumi, throwing her fanblades off the cliff (accidentally), trying to hit some tinies.

The gang was back to it's usual habit of constantly saving the world from destruction while living their extremely dramatic, yet tasteless, lives as boarding school students. They still beat Sissy with metal nightsticks, they still ate chili tacos on Saturday evening for dinner, they still were complete idiots. They were alerted to a Xana attack when a giant beam of energy blasted through the window of their classroom, killing about two students. Jeremy gathered everyone up, and they all headed towards the factory in the disease-infested sewer. They had gotten to the factory quickly and quietly, making sure Xana had not seen them with the all-seeing eye above the factory, aka Mount Doom.

The 4 people who actually TRIED to do stuff were materialized in an all-new area, the graveyard area, and used their super-fast vehicles to head to the smoking-cigarrette tower. They passed under dark skies and over black soil, aware of the thousands of graves around them. It was a perfect horror film. Suddenly, Aelita screamed in horror. They WEREN'T being chased:o:o:o!111 Then, 3 tinies appeared in front of them. "Oh no, 3 tinies! What will we ever do! We should just give up and let Xana destroy the world..." sulked Ulrich, as usual. Odd started with "LOLRAMA XTRE-" but was cut off as the tinies directed their fire towards him! He was dead in a matter of seconds. Figures.

Aelita kept up a usual constant scream as Yumi kept throwing her fans off the cliff and Ulrich sulked in the corner. The tinies headed in for the kill of Yumi, and met an easy victory. Ulrich was soon to follow in the path of destruction, so he figured he would start fighting.

ABRUPTLY, a large explosion met the tinies! Ulrich transformed into SUPER SECRET EXPLOSION MODE, and killed the tinies instantly. Some box monsters appeared on the horizon, with 6 spider Xanas, aswell. Ulrich quickly flew over to the boxes and spiders and exploded once more, killing everyone in a two-mile radius! The only setback: Aelita was running toward Ulrich hoping to be shielded from the attacks of the monsters, and was disentigrated in the blast!

"RETURN 2 DA PAST NOW1111" said Jeremy, who had entered the "Allyourbasearebelongtous" cheat in the game console, disabling the tower. With nothing else to be done, Jeremy hit the "ENTER" key, which had expanded to 7x it's normal size. The others, who were now around Jeremy, breathed a sigh of relief as they were engulfed in the light of the disenigration beam.

And that ends the intro chapter of the sequel. Expect more soon. lol. PLZ.