Title: So At Last

Disclaimer: I don't own OTH.

Summary: Okay, so this started out in my head, as a little fantasy of my own. Then one day I was asked to extend on it, and this is what happened. It is my first fic, ever, so go easy on me. And that is why all the chapters are rather short, I didnt expect this to become a fic. Please give it a chance and review! Lucas/Peyton.


Chapter One: Locked In

Setting: Every student we know and love from Tree Hill High, are at a party at Rachel's house. It takes place a few weeksafter the season finale of season three.

Peyton had the urgeto go to the bathroom, so she searched the party to find Rachel to ask here where it was. Peyton finallyfound hertalkingto Mouth. Peyton walked up to them,

"Hey Rachel, Mouth." Peyton nodded."Sorry tointerupt, but Rachel where is your bathroom?"

Rachel responded, "It's upstairs, second door on the left."

Peyton smiled, "Thank you," she said as she started to walk away.

Rachel began talking to Mouth again, then she realized she forgot to tell Peyton something. She screamed her name from where she stood, "PEYTON!"

Peyton heard her name and searched the room to see who called it out. Rachel realized that Peyton didnt know who was calling her name, so she walked away from Mouth and tapped Peyton on the shoulder.

"Peyton?" Rachel said as Peyton turned around.

"Oh, it was you calling my name. What's up?"

"I forgot to tell you something really important. Don't close the bathroom door all the way or you won't be able to get out. The door lock is broken," Rachel rolled her eyes,"I don't know, some guy is coming to fix it tomorrow."

Peyton just smiled, "Wow, Rachel, I'm suprised you told me and didn't let me get stuck in there."

Rachel smirked back, "Whatever, Icant have somebody stuck in my bathroom all night, Peyton. Bye, now."

Peyton rolled her eyes and began to walk away towards the strairs. On her way, she saw Brooke and Lucas sitting down on the couch, it looked like they were arguing. It was dark, so she couldnt tell so she just continued up the strais.

She found the bathroom and followed Rachel's directions and didn't close it all the way. She finished her business,washed her hands, and began to reapply her make-up.

She dropped her lipstick and reaches down to pick it up. As she is doing this Lucas walks in the bathroom not seeing Peyton because she is on the floor picking up her lipstick, and he shuts the door all the way.

Peyton heard the door shut and she gasps as she jumps up startling Lucas.

"Lucas, why!" She whined as she pushed past a confused Lucas to the door knob trying to open it.

"Peyton, what are you doing?"

She doesnt look at him or answer him and continues to try to open the door.

"Peyton?" He asks again.

She finally gives up and turns around and runs her fingers through her hair.

"Luke, we're locked in," she sighed.

He started laughing, "Very funny, Peyton. But I really have to-"

Peyton cut him off, "Im not kidding, Lucas! Try for yourself if you dont believe me."

He laughed again as he walked over to the door, before he tried to open it, he turned around and gave Peyton a smirk.

"You're probably just too weak, Peyt. Watch and learn"

He turned back to the door, and tried to open it.

It didnt open.

He tried again, and again, and again until finally he gave up.

He turned around to face Peyton who was sitting on the sink with her head in her hands.

Lucas gulped, "We're locked in."