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Chapter Seven: ...A Kiss

Peyton sighed as she nodded, "You're wrong. I dont have feelings for you anymore."

Lucas just laughed, "Liar."

Peyton was shocked that he just called her out on that, "Lucas..."

Lucas nodded, "You're lying, we both know it."

Peyton sighed, "Then why did you just ask me that, if you know the answer?" Peyton asked.

Lucas raised his eyebrows, "So, I do already know the answer? Are you fessing up?"

Peyton rolled her eyes as Lucas laughed, "Well, actually, there is two reasons. Number one, I just want to hear you say it, that you still have feelings for me. And number two, to see if you're still lying to yourself about the way you feel."

Peyton scoffed, "Oh, please. How would you even know?"

Lucas took a deep breath, preparing for what he was about to say, "Because, Brooke told me."

Peyton's jaw dropped, "What!"

Lucas started to speak again, "Now, Peyton..."

Peyton cut him off and raised her voice, "No, dont even talk to me! Lucas, you have known this whole time how I feel about you and-"

Lucas sighed, "Peyton, please let me explain."

"NO! There is nothing for you to explain, you've known the entire time we've been stuck in this bathroom what I feel for you and you obviously dont feel the same way, because if you did and wanted to be with me, like you have led me to believe, then you would have said something, Lucas! Something like, 'Brooke told me about what you said, and I want to be with you too.' But no, nothing! You kissed me and made me feel horrible about it because you're still with Brooke and you love her and dont love me! You made me sit here and tell you that I loved you more than I loved Jake and you knew damn well that I did!"

Lucas started to shake his head, "Peyton, I didnt know that! You have to believe me. And I dont love Brooke! We talked about this."

Peyton scoffed, "BELIEVE you? Sure, Lucas, I believe you."

Lucas sighed, "Peyton, please just listen to me, okay? Yea, Brooke did tell me about when you went up to her and told her that you cared for me as more than a friend. But, Peyton, she started to cry as she was telling me! I couldnt exactly ask her all the details because she was obviously upset about it. She didnt tell me when you said this, or anything like that, and I just found out tonight, so I didnt know if you still felt like that anymore, and that's the truth."

Peyton stared blankly at him, embarassed because she was wrong, even though she thought she was so right. She couldnt help but wonder now, what he felt when Brooke told him about Peyton's feelings for him. "What did you feel?" Peyton asked, her question caught him offguard because thoughts were rushing through her head and he didnt understand where they were coming from.

"What?" Lucas asked, giving her a confused look.

Peyton bit her lip slightly and just barely titled her head as she asked again, "What did you feel, when Brooke told you?"

Lucas sighed, "Honestly?" he asked as he raised his eyebrows, Peyton nodded. "A whole lot of different emotions, really. I mean, at first, I felt confused and was in denial, I thought to myself 'What? Peyton, has... feelings for me...? No, there's no way' and then it was like wait, if she did, which she doesnt, what would that mean to me? Would I be happy about it? Am I happy about it? Do I still have feelings for her?" Peyton squinted her eyebrows, Lucas saw this and it dawned on him that he was really just thinking out loud, "What I mean is, it made me... think."

Peyton didnt really know what else to do so she laughed slightly, "Okay, well that was a no brainer. You hear someone has feelings for you, you usually do think about it." Lucas barely heard her and showed no change in emotion as he stared intensly at her, trying to remember why he ever let her go. Peyton raised her eyebrows, "Lucas?"

Lucas snapped out of his trance, "Yea?"

Peyton sighed a breath of relief, "Oh, nothing, you were just kind of star-"

Lucas was staring deeply into her eyes again as he cut her off, "You're beautiful."

Peyton blushed as she tried to hide her smile and hint of excitement at his words. She didnt know what else to say but, "What?"

Lucas said it again, "I said, you're beautiful."

Peyton looked down at the floor, "Uh, thanks...?"

Lucas laughed a little, "You're welcome."

Peyton got irritated, "You know, Luke, you cant just keep saying things like that to me!"

Lucas laughed, "But you are, Peyt."

Peyton remained silent, she didnt know what to do. He kept saying she was beautiful, making it very awkward for her.

"Can I kiss you?" Lucas asked as Peyton raised her eyebrows.

Before she could say anything, Lucas had grabbed her hips with both hands and had lifted her off her feet and onto the sink and while standing and keeping a strong grasp on her hips, he pressed his lips against hers rather roughtly, bringing to surface all of the built up tension for many months.