There is something strange and wonderfully forbidden about Toph that draws Aang to her, like a moth to the flame. She's different from everything he's ever known—she is not kind or motherly, like Katara. She is not sarcastic or humorous, like Sokka. She is not alone or stubborn, like Zuko, and she is not scary or dangerous, like Azula.

Rather, she is like all of them, and then some, but it's difficult to explain. In a way, she's balanced, even more than himself, because when she's kind she's also sarcastic and when she's alone she's sort of scary, and she's always dangerous all the time, and very, very stubborn.

He's not in love, he knows. For one he's too young, and for another she gets on his nerves, but there is something about Toph that keeps him around, that keeps his hand on hers, and that keeps a smile that she can't see stuck on his face. He can't explain it, but it's there and it's growing, like a caterpillarfish turning into a butterfishfly. You don't actually see it happening—you know what it is at the beginning and you know what it's going to be in the end, but right now it's hidden deep within a cocoon, growing and budding, and come spring you'll get to see something beautiful and wonderful come out of it.

This is how Aang feels about Toph, like they're stuck inside a cocoon and soon (very soon) they'll be able to sprout wings and fly, but right now they're in between, and it's frustrating but wonderful at the same time.

What he really knows is that she reminds him of spring, and for that it's worth the wait.


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