Friendly Strangers II: Blackmailed Romance

Chapter 1: That Strange Girl

After the run in with Vlad Plasmius, the Tennysons were heading far away from Vlad's mountain resort and heading toward a small town. While still traveling on the road, Ember along with Young Blood were observing the trailer.

"Yep" said Ember as she viewed them from below, "that's them alright."

"So what does this Plasmius guy want with that device?" asked Young Blood to both Ember and his ghost parrot.

"I don't know" said Young Blood's parrot, "but Ember knows more about this than I do."

"It's suppose to be some sort of device known as the Omnitrix" added Ember, "or that is what Vlad's new ally had told him."

"And just who is this ally we are speaking of?" asked Young Blood.

"Don't know much about him" replied Ember, "but Plasmius has been keeping the name of his new friend a secret from me and the rest of his inner circle. Even Skulcker wasn't told who this fellow really is."

"So I have heard this kid is drawn out when there's trouble" said Young Blood to Ember and his parrot.

"Then I suggest we cause some trouble" replied Young Blood's parrot.

As they continued to float above the trailer where the Tennysons were, Grandpa Max was driving quite fast so that he can escape the new enemy he and his grandchildren had just created for them.

"Grandpa" said Gwen, "you don't have to drive so fast it's not like when the sun goes down the vampires would come out."

"I know" said Grandpa Max who was at the wheel, "I just feel like we're being followed. I can't prove it, but somehow I am getting that feeling and that this Plasmius might be more persistent than Vilgax ever was with us."

"Well, wherever we go to I hope it's nothing boring" said Ben.

As the Tennysons finally arrived at their destination the three stepped out of the trailer they were greeted by the mayor of the small city.

"Well come strangers" said the mayor.

"So where are we?" asked Grandpa Max.

"Why you're at Amitiville, Amity Park's twin smaller city, well we just use the name Amity with Ville to attract tourists" said the mayor.

"You have trouble with any ghosts?" asked Grandpa Max.

"Not really" replied the mayor, "but if we do get any trouble we know to call the Fentons should that day come."

"So got any place where we can stay?" asked Grandpa Max.

"You can stay at our local inn" replied the mayor as he showed them toward the inn, "we do have to warn you though. We have never proven anything that this place is haunted or not, but some creepy girl just shows up here and there."

"Creepy, what do you mean by that?" asked Gwen to the mayor.

"Well" replied the mayor, "whenever the authorities spot her and ask her where her parents are or try to place her in a foster family or something like that, she just disappears."

"Maybe you have a ghost problem then" said Grandpa Max as he laughed a little.

"As I told you before" said the mayor, "if we did we would have called the Fentons or other ghost hunters, but we don't."

Suddenly a police officer came to the mayor. As the mayor turned around Grandpa Max along with his grandchildren knew something was wrong.

"What's wrong?" asked Grandpa Max.

"Well" replied the mayor, "you're not going to believe whose robbing the local bank."

Meanwhile at the scene with the bank, a squad of police cars were outside drawing their weapons then the door of the bank burst open revealing Young Blood and Ember were standing there with a bag of money in their hands.

"I guess it wouldn't hurt that Plasmius would be a little more richer than he already is" said Ember as she held up the cash.

"You coppers will never take me alive" said Young Blood as he was trying to act out his part as a bank robber.

"But you're a ghost" said his parrot.

"I know" said Young Blood, "I just want to make it look realistic."

As the police officers began to move in, Ember used her guitar and sent a shockwave sending the police officers flying and down to the ground along with breaking the glass on the police cars.

"Those Tennysons should be coming here soon" said Ember then she notices Grandpa Max and Gwen on the scene, "the other one should arrive pretty soon."

As Grandpa Max and Gwen had arrived on the scene, Ben was behind an alleyway. Although Ben thought he had his privacy as he a certain ghost girl who was invisible was watching Ben changing himself into Diamondhead and watched Ben as the strange diamond alien go into battle against Ember and Young Blood.

"Right on time" said Ember as she noticed Ben in the form of Diamondhead.

"This is who I am up against?" asked Ben, "Should be simple enough to take both of you down."

"If it's so easy for you why don't you come and get us then?" asked Young Blood.

"With pleasure" replied Ben.

Ben as Diamondhead then fired mini diamonds at Ember, but she then turned intangible and dodged the attacks as did with Young Blood. Young Blood then used his wooden leg and launched a cannon against Ben which sent him crashing against some police cars.

"What the heck are you?" asked a police officer who was using the police car for cover.

"I'm here to save your behind" replied Ben.

Ben had enough of this and fired several diamonds at Ember's guitar destroying part of the guitar.

"My guitar!" cried Ember as she examined the damage of it.

"I still got plenty of action left" said Young Blood.

"That's what you think" said Ben as he fired some diamonds at Young Blood's wooden leg.

"Okay" said Young Blood to Ember, "let's get out of here."

"Oh maybe we just need some help" said Ember as she went intangible and signaled Young Blood to do the same and disappeared from the scene.

As Ben noticed that the two ghosts were gone, Ben then hurried back to the alleyway where he had changed himself into Diamondhead. He changed back just in the nick of time before anyone could see himself change back or so he thought.

"Hi" said a voice behind Ben.

Suddenly sweat ran down Ben's forehead and all over his body as he feared that someone had seen him change into Diamondhead. As he slowly began to have the courage to turn around, he noticed a strange girl who was standing right behind him.

"Okay, what you say was your imagination" said Ben to the strange girl.

"I'm Danielle" said the strange girl, "and of course I know a lot about strange things."

"What do you mean by that?" asked Ben, "And how did you manage to see me change into Diamondhead?"

"That's what that creature's name really is?" asked Danielle.

"Not really" replied Ben, "even I don't even know what species Diamondhead really is or its name."

"I can keep your powers a secret" said Danielle, "if—"

"If what?" asked Ben.

"You don't just only protect mine" replied Danielle, "you become my—"

"Oh no" replied Ben as he was covering his ears, "don't say boyfriend."

As Ben was quite confused at what to do next, Grandpa Max along with Gwen had arrived at the alleyway and notice Ben was with a strange girl.

"Well" said Gwen as she took advantage of the situation, "looks like Ben finally found a girlfriend."

"What!" cried Ben.

"I think we should all relax after this ordeal" replied Grandpa Max then he leans over Ben's shoulder and notices the strange girl.

"Say, what's your name?" asked Grandpa Max to the strange girl.

"I'm Danielle" replied the strange girl.

"Well, I'm glad you and Ben are friends" said Grandpa Max, "maybe we'll see you quite often."