Striker/Spriggan: Unknown Object

By: Ominae

Rating: T


All characters of Striker/Spriggan are under the copyright of Hiroshi Takashige and Ryoji Minagawa. Cameo appearances of other characters are under the copyright of Capcom. All other characters are under my jurisdiction.


As the Strikers continue to penetrate the inner works of a Trident compound in Kowloon, the Trident Corporation was forced to send in COSMOS, recently acquired from the US Military and integrated into Trident's mercenary forces as a special forces unit to eliminate the Strikers once and for all. Can Yu, Mark and the others stand up to this additional and dangerous threat? Will they be able to acquire the said prototype Trident suits? Stay tune to this chapter for the conclusion of Unknown Object.

Chapter 11: Armed Surprise

Somewhere on the Main Floor, Building, Trident Compound, Number 12 Hill, Kowloon, Hong Kong SAR, China

"Come on, girl!" Michael lead the penetration inside the compound with Yoshino in tow while he left the others to fend off the Trident commandos and the agents outside. "COSMOS' inside! Bro and the others are in trouble!"

"All right already!" Yoshino yelled, getting the message while using her GIAT FAMAS F1 to gun down two COSMOS soldiers, armed with Colt M4A1 assault rifles when they emerged out of an emergency stairway nearby. They have Asian looks! Don't have time to check though... She then tossed an M67 grenade on the stairs and quickly closing it before she dragged a nearby couch to block the door.

"Let me help you there." Michael slinged his Bushmaster M17S, assisting Yoshino in carrying the other end of the couch to barricade the stairway. Seconds later, they heard a deafening explosion, indicating that the grenade had exploded, followed by groans from inside. The grenade had apparently made some casualties.

"Nice trick, Yoshino." Michael grinned, using his gloved fingers to play with his ARCAM Private Army beret before fixing his black balaclava. "I had to admit that it was stroke of genius."

"Mom taught me that trick years ago." Yoshino grinned and shrugged. "That oughta slow those guys down."

Somewhere on the Second Floor, West Wing, Building, Trident Compound, Number 12 Hill, Kowloon, Hong Kong SAR, China

"Any luck around here?"

"Nah. Just some empty rooms and offices with some Trident commandos that we shot to death a while ago."

Roland and Miguel were busy sweeping the second floor of the building's second floor, having cleared the first one minutes ago. Hearing the sounds of choppers hovering overhead the building, the two Strikers failed to notice some loud footsteps coming from somewhere in the building. The two Strikers, though, kept their assault rifles at the ready.

"Better get ready, Miguel."

"I know, Roland."

Eyeing the closed doors of the second floors, the two of them moved cautiously on the floor until a loud kick came from one of the doors that had the words FIRE ESCAPE on it. From the smashed doors, several COSMOS soldiers emerged out and fired their weapons at them.

"Holy...!" Roland let loose with his IMBEL M964, firing several 7.62 NATO bullets at the new intruders. Miguel also unleashed his Ruger AC-556 rifle before the duo moved backward in order to find a good escape route.

Eliminate the intruders at once!

Mentally obeying their orders, the COSMOS troopers continued to fire their weapons at the two Strikers even though most of their shots were being deflected harmlessly off their bodies thanks to the Armored Muscle Suits.

Somewhere in the First Floor, East Wing, Building, Trident Compound, Number 12 Hill, Kowloon, Hong Kong SAR, China

"Are we nearby, Mark?"

"Yea, Ominae. I checked the map from one of the computers in the empty offices. R&D office should be up ahead after a few minutes."

Yu and Mark, also alerted by the presence of Trident's choppers, stayed on their toes in another part of the building's east wing by checking another empty office, which housed Trident researcher during office hours.

"Nothing here, but a bunch of research notes about the said suits Trident was going to do." Taking the papers, Yu placed it inside one of his vest's inner pockets.

"The prof might need that." Mark let his Howa Type 89-F sweep the entire room. "Heard he's trying to do some countermeasures against those suits."

"Good luck for him." chuckled Yu, wondering what kind of thing will Professor Mayzel will try to do next.

Mark felt something was wrong. Are they here? He then alerted Yu to come quickly.

"Yea?" Yu had his Heckler and Koch G3A4 ready.

"I think we're about to get some additional visitors." murmured Mark, looking around for signs of intruders.

The two Strikers heard some footsteps coming from outside the room, making them burst out and unload their weapons at the COSMOS soldiers. One of them, in fact, was able to get close to his targets and drew out his dual M9 knives at the ready.

"Dammit!" Snarling at how close the COSMOS soldier was, Mark dropped his rifle and quickly drew out his Black Dragon Ninja Sword from its sheath strapped at his back. With the said weapon at hand, he guided the blade to the soldier's neck and chopped off the youth's neck. It made a meaty sound at the body collapsed on the ground as the head was disconnected from its neck.

Yu looked at Mark, nearly wanting to vomit. The latter, however, used the ninjato to later stab another COSMOS soldier that tried to use his dual M9s by stabbing him in his neck, fatally killing him before using the bladed weapon to cut a COSMOS soldier by the chest before grabbing the Colt M4A1 of the second soldier that he killed and emptied half the weapons' magazine at the brainwashed soldier before helping Yu get some kills. Mark then resheated his ninjato.

"You really are insane, you know!" yelled Yu, firing his Heckler and Koch G3A4 while fumbling his hand to grab an M67 grenade.

"What can we do about it?" argued Mark, using the Colt M4A1 like a club before he retrieved his Howa Type 89-F. "COSMOS troopers are heavily brainwashed with no chance of regaining sanity. If you ask me, the US Army did a good job in heavily brainwashing these teenagers. You should know that, Ominae. You were like them before."

Yu gritted his teeth; he couldn't deny his horrible past when he formerly was indoctrinated with COSMOS for 11 years before he accidentally regained his sanity in an accident during an operation in South America.

"Come on, we better move out!" Mark did some cover fire for Yu, who tossed out an M67 at the brainwashed teenaged child soldiers. Watching the explosive device rip out at the enemy ranks, he fired some more shots from his rifle before leaving with Mark to search for the room where the prototype Armored Machine Suits are holed up.

Corridor, West Wing, Building, Trident Compound, Number 12 Hill, Kowloon, Hong Kong SAR, China

"I wonder how Yu and Mark are doing right now?" Miguel dropped a file cabinet on the floor from a nearby office, using it as cover from the incoming bullets before getting prone on the ground.

"Who knows?" Roland used a couch as cover by making its front face the armed COSMOS troopers. Ducking next to it, he fired his IMBEL M964 at the enemy. Miguel joined in to offer support, making most of their opposition drop dead. Even though that automatic gunfire was blocking the enemy from advancing further, some of them were able to slip through by using the death of their comrades as cover.

"Shit! They're coming!" Roland hastily drew out his Vektor Z88 pistol and shot some of the child soldiers in the head before one of them, a Kenyan COSMOS soldier, leaped on him and was on top of him before he drew out his M9.

"Need some backup here!" The Swiss Striker was struggling to fire his Vektor Z88, now under the tight grip of the child soldier.

"Can't!" grunted Miguel, who was also struggling to fire his Glock 21 at another COSMOS soldier, a South Korean, who had him by his neck while he slowly got out his M9. "Must..."

"Hrah!" Regaining the upper hand, Roland twisted himself in such a way that he used the Kenyan's body as a shield, firing his Vektor Z88 at the charging COSMOS troopers while they shot the Kenyan COSMOS soldier to death as his body was being peppered by 9mm, buckshot and 5.56 NATO bullets before Roland fired back to empty his pistol's magazine at the opposition.

Miguel, likewise, did the same thing and disarmed the South Korean COSMOS soldier before using his body to protect himself from being shot. Instead, his shield was receiving the shots for him before Miguel kicked him away from his back and reached out to use an M67 grenade after he emptied his Glock 21's magazine.

"Go!" Roland fired his IMBEL M964, with Miguel tossing the M67 before he resumed firing his Ruger AC-556 at the incoming COSMOS forces.

The M67 then exploded, killing a huge score of COSMOS troopers, with others being injured. Miguel motioned to Roland to make a run for it, the latter agreeing to his idea.

As the two ran towards safe ground, surviving COSMOS soldiers marched on to search for the enemy while leaving their wounded comrades to suffer from their injuries.

Recreation Room, East Wing, Building, Trident Compound, Number 12 Hill, Kowloon, Hong Kong SAR, China

"We should be safe in here." said Yu, searching the recreation room to find no signs of hostile enemies.

"For now." Mark opened the refrigerator to see some regular Coke cans inside. "I'm taking this."

"Fine." grumbled Yu, sitting on top of the unused billiard table while Mark opened the can and wolfed down its contents until they heard some murmuring.

"Get some people to check this recreation room. We've got some reports that the accursed Spriggans were last seen here."

Mark, noticing the noise from outside, finished drinking the can and tossed it to the nearby trashcan before he positioned with Yu on both sides of the main door. The two drew out their bladed weapons, slinging their rifles since they did not want to be detected. In addition, Yu killed the lights near the door.

The door opened and 4 COSMOS troopers came in, the brainwashed teenagers searching their perimeter before one of them closed the door to prevent a surprise attack before he went for the light switch.

With swift motion, Yu used his Omihalcon combat knife to slice the neck of the first COSMOS soldier, a Russian, by the neck and made him drop his Mossberg 590 Compact shotgun before tossing the bladed weapon to the heart of the second COSMOS soldier, a Zimbabwean. The latter instantly dropped dead on the ground with his Heckler and Koch MP5SD6 on his right hand.

Mark, on the other hand, had an easier job with his Black Dragon ninjato and Fairbarn Sykes Commando Pattern 1 knife at hand. He used his knife as a throwing weapon to stab the neck of the third COSMOS soldier, a Canadian, before applying force on the blade of his Black Dragon ninjato on the fourth COSMOS soldier and drove it on his chest, impaling him and the wall behind him. Mark huffed and watched the Chinese trooper squirm while trying to get the blade off him before he died of blood loss without realizing that if he struggled more, his blade wound would become worse.

"Man!" Yu shook his head, looking at Mark. "You really are gruesome!"

"Wish I could say the same thing for these COSMOS creeps!" Mark forcefully took the blade from the wall, making the corpse impaled on it collapse. It dropped on its knees before falling face first on the floor.

"Damn brats!" Sheating his sword and knife, Mark grabbed his Howa Type 89-F. "Come on. They could be blocking the area near the research office."

Yu sighed. "Right." He grabbed his combat knife from the dead trooper's chest and kept it at the knife's strap on his back.

Peeking out of the door, Yu and Mark checked for any signs of COSMOS soldiers. When they knew that the coast was clear, the two sprinted down on the hallway towards the location of the research office, leaving the bodies of the dead COSMOS soldiers killed by their bladed weapons.

Research & Development Office, East Wing, Building, Trident Compound, Number 12 Hill, Kowloon, Hong Kong SAR, China

"We've hit the jackpot!" exclaimed Yu, noting a cordoned area in the research office where the prototype Armored Machine Suits are placed.

"Shit! Three of them are ready and the others are being prepared." Mark commented, noting some Armored Machine Suits with a strange machine that churned out the 3rd prototype suit. Though they placed them in a makeshift hangar. Trident sure does have lax security around here. Thought these places were suppose to be hard to hit.

"Guess we better destroy them!" grinned Yu, cracking his knuckles before hearing loud footsteps from behind.

"Dammit!" Mark got his Howa Type 89-F ready. "Not now!"

"Hey guys! Miss us?"

To Yu and Mark's surprise, Michael and Yoshino were outside the room with Roland and Miguel behind them.

"How'd you guys get here?" asked Mark, a bit confused.

"We ran into them by accident when we saw COSMOS troopers rappelling down from their choppers." answered Yoshino, pointing to Roland and Miguel with her right thumb.

Suddenly, loud gunshots were heard from the wide hallway behind them.

"Cover us!" yelled Mark, running over to a closed computer before finding a blank zip drive and inserted it into the Iomega Zip drive. Yu rushed to grab the three prototype Armored Machine Suits and stuffed them in a duffel bag while Roland and the others were keeping COSMOS reinforcements busy.

"Yu!" shouted Mark. "Hand me the bag."

"Okay." Handing Mark the duffel bag, Yu rushed out to assist his comrades in stalling COSMOS soldiers from reaching the R&D office. Miguel, on the other hand, went inside the office and began to plant a series of plastic explosives all over the room.

"How much longer?" shouted Yoshino, reloading her GIAT FAMAS F1. Yu, Michael began to reload their Heckler and Koch G3A4 and Bushmaster M17S rifles while Roland and Miguel used suppressive fire with their IMBEL M964 and Ruger AC-556 rifles.

"A few more minutes!" yelled Mark. "Data's almost in the zip drive."

After a few more minutes, Mark ejected the zip disk and placed it in the inner pocket of his Marom Dolphin IDF Reconnaissance Vest and slipped on the duffel bag.

"All right! Let's hit it!"

Moving out towards their extraction point, Yu and Michael covered Mark's escape while Yoshino, Roland and Miguel ran along with Mark to clear a path for them from the R&D office.

Roof, Building, Trident Compound, Number 12 Hill, Kowloon, Hong Kong SAR, China

Barging into the rooftop, the Strikers plus Yoshino secured the area before they saw Jean and the others already in the roof.

"Jean!" Yu shouted, a bit startled. "What happened to Akatsuki and the others?"

"They were called to retreat." answered Tudor. "They suddenly retreated towards some choppers. Guess Trident knew they were already loosing."

"And the others?" asked Michael.

"Don't worry, lad." assured Gerald. "They already evacuated a while ago. In fact, they were kinda stubborn when they initially refused to do so."

"Never mind that." said Mark, putting their attention back towards him. "Trident has let loose their COSMOS dogs! They'll be in the roofs any second from now."

"Here they come!" Gerald pointed to the sound of choppers coming in. When they were in view, they turned out to be ARCAM Sikorsky S-70-27 choppers preparing to land.

They're coming any second. Mark stared at the rooftop door leading into the East Wing.

When the first of the two ARCAM Sikorsky S-70-27 landed, Jean opened its door and was the first to hop inside. Yoshino was ready to step in when a platoon of COSMOS soldiers emerged out of the rooftop door.

"Shit! More of them!" snarled Yu, emptying the remaining bullets from his Heckler and Koch G3A4. Michael joined in with Yu and fired his Bushmaster M17S. Meanwhile, Mark had told Tudor, Michelle and Patrick to evacuate immediately. Miguel and Roland covered their escape by providing suppressive fire on the COSMOS forces. Wesley also stayed behind and used his ADI F88 rifle to assist the first two.

"Gimme that!" gritted Mark under his mask, grabbing a Saab Bofors AT4 CS from the cabin of the second S-70-27. Motioning everyone to get out of the way while making the weapon ready, he targeted the rooftop's door.

"Fire!" Making sure that his kneeling position would not affect anyone by the backblast, he fired the AT4 CS' HEDP (High Explosive Dual Purpose) rocket at the structure, destroying the rooftop door and roof. It collapsed on the East Wing Fire Escape stairs, sealing off some COSMOS soldiers who are still trapped in the area.

"That took care of them!" Wesley said, reloading his ADI F88, killing some COSMOS soldiers with Yu, Miguel and Roland. "But whose gonna take care of the other side?"

"Got that!" Running to second chopper, Michael took another AT4 CS and targeted the West Wing's rooftop stairway structure, demolishing the rooftop door and roof. Like what Mark's actions did, Michael's had effectively sealed off the West Wing Fire Escape stairs, sealing off another group of COSMOS soldiers.

Cabin, ARCAM Sikorsky S-70-27

"That takes care of the lot." grinned Yu, boarding the remaining choppers with Mark and the other Strikers after killing off the corned COSMOS soldiers. "But what of the explosives that I saw Miguel plant back inside the R&D office?"

(Play Daybreak aka Ending-Staff Roll - This is from Street Fighter Alpha/Zero 3, played after most players defeat or loose to M. Bison. Catchy tune!)

"No problem." chuckled the Filipino Striker, producing a remote from his Achidatex & Export-Erez A-10 vest and pressed its red button. Seconds later, another loud explosion was heard when Yu, Mark, Miguel and Roland saw a ball of fire erupt from the Trident compound. Mark assumed that Wesley, Gerlald and Michael were on the other chopper.

"Mission accomplished, folks!" Mark gave high fives to Yu, Miguel and Roland, their task finally done.

"So what happens to the suits?" Yu stared at the duffel bag that Mark took with him to the chopper.

"Prof's gonna analyze them, see what we can do about them." Mark patted it before unslinging it and handing it to Miguel, who placed it on an empty chair inside the cabin.

"So what are you guys going to do later on?" asked Roland. All of the Strikers, stretching and relaxing in the cabin's seats, were wondering about it until Mark offered an answer.

"As for me," Mark took off his GAFES beret and black balaclava after he placed his Howa Type-89 F rifle on safety mode. "maybe I'll go and check Friendster. See what's new."

"You have Friendster?" chuckled Yu, unloading his Heckler and Koch G3A4 and placing it on safety mode. "Hey, do your pal a favor and add me on your list, will ya?"

"Same here." Roland checked his IMBEL M964 rifle to make sure that it was on safe.

"Me too, pal." Miguel rested his Ruger AC-556 rifle on the cabin floor after activating the weapon's safety mode.

"Yeah." Mark nodded, leaning his head on the metallic plate of the cabin since he sat on one of the chopper's rear seats. Looks like another job's done and the world's safe again for now.

"Can't wait to hear what the old man has got to say about the suits." Yu cracked his knuckles, relieved that their mission was complete.

"Hope we can get anything useful from the data and suits that we procured from site." murmured Miguel, deciding to take a nap since their journey back to ARCAM Hong Kong would take 1-2 hours to do so.

Roland and Yu were the only ones who swapped stories from their Striker duties to life in school while Miguel and Mark dozed off, sleepy from their mission.

In the darkness of the Hong Kong sky, the two ARCAM Sikorsky S-70-27 flew towards the night lights of Kowloon, away from the smoke billowing from the Trident compound.

(End Daybreak aka Ending-Staff Roll)

Research & Development Office, ARCAM Hong Kong, One Pacific Place, Admiralty, Hong Kong SAR, China

"Thanks for bringing in the prototype Trident Armored Machine Suits." thanked Professor Mayzel.

"So how'd the talk went?" asked Mark, sitting in a chair near him. He was decked in civilian clothes, without his Armored Muscle Suit.

"Quite interesting." Mayzel fixed his glasses. "The students were nice and very open during my presentation. Nice to be away from ARCAM work for a while."

"Getting back to the suits old man," Mark grinned. "what'd you find out?"

"Lots of things." Mayzel dumped a folder on the Striker's hands. "A report that I haven't submitted to the board of directors. This is a duplicate."

"What does this contain?" Mark leafed the folder, doing speed reading on the data inside.

"The suit is similar to the Armored Muscle Suit." explained Mayzel, going through the details. "Except that it doesn't bulk that much when it's activated. Perfect for undercover operations."

Nice. Mark nodded while listening to Mayzel's explanation.

"In addition, I did some tests on it and I found out that the suit can also do a..." Mayzel scratched his hair. "What did Yu call it when he channeled some energy into the Armored Muscle Suit?"

Mark answered, "You mean the psychic blow?"

"Thank you." The professor snapped his fingers. "Well, the prototype Machine Suit has amplified it to an extent that it's more powerful than our suits. Also, it has increased power and agility. Probably augmented in order to be on par with us."

"That seems to be it." Mark closed the folder given to him. "Oh and I have a request."

"Name it." said the professor, interested to hear what he has to say.

"Can you forward a request to the head honchos to let me snag one of them suits?"

Mayzel sighed; he had a feeling that Mark would ask him about it.

"Fine." huffed Mayzel. "I'll do it, but the other suits will be saved for further analysis before we destroy them."

Mark chuckled, nodding his head. "Fine with me, prof. That's fine with me."



Friendster - Website known for its social uses, such as linking with old friends and making new ones. Note that I do have Friendster since back in my high school days a few years ago. Wanna link up with me? Let me know in advance.

Glock 21 - A .45 caliber pistol with a 13-round magazine capacity.

High Explosive Dual Purpose - Known as HEDP. Warhead used in AT4 for bunkers and buildings. Can be used to detonate warhead on impact or after delayed detonation.

Vektor Z88 - A South African-made copy of the Beretta 92F. Has same features and magazine capacity too.

PS - That's that. I should be doing an RE story regarding Jack Krauser and his encounter with the Spriggans when he served with COSMOS and another Spriggan story detailing the last moments of Henry Graham should be up soon, followed by a YUA story.

Right now, I'm concentrating efforts in finished my GSEED story. I'll then take a few days off to relax from fanfic writing before I decide if I should add some one shot stories or what. That'd be all for now, mates.