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Three-year-old Maureen Johnson was sulking in the back of her parents' new, black, shiny car as it slowly made its way down the wide streets of Scarsdale. Her pudgy arms were crossed tight over her chest and she huffed and huffed, hoping either her Mommy or Daddy would notice her, but Mr. Johnson kept on driving and Mrs. Johnson continued looking straight ahead. Maureen frowned. She hated this day since her parents weren't paying any attention to her. She hated the stockings she was wearing to go with her navy-blue dress with the white collar and the red ribbons, since they itched. She hated the soft violin music that they were listening to since it made her feel sleepy. She hated not being able to watch her favorite TV show since she was there in the car going somewhere. Her Daddy hadn't paid much attention to her since that morning, and neither had her Mommy. She'd just been put in a dress after breakfast (she hated the navy-blue dress too because she'd wanted to wear the yellow one her Grandpa had bought for her instead, but her Mommy hadn't allowed her to) and had been led to the car. Tears sprung to her eyes as a tantrum welled up inside of her.

Maureen kicked the back of her Mommy's seat angrily.

"Maureen, that's not the proper way for a young lady to behave," Mrs. Johnson's voice sounded from the front, but she didn't turn around. Maureen kicked it again. This time, Mrs. Johnson used what Maureen recognized as the warning tone, which she only heard whenever she was doing something wrong. "I'm not telling you again, young lady."

"But Mommyyy," Maureen whined. "Where are we goin'? My legs are itchy from the stock-kinks. I hate them."

As if to prove her point, Maureen reached down and clawed at her legs, which she knew she wasn't supposed to do, but she didn't care.

"Honey, you have to wear them. This is an important day." Mr. Johnson spoke up.

"But where are we goin'? I want to stay home and watch tell-vision…" Maureen pleaded, hoping her Daddy would turn around and bring her home. She always had better luck with him than with her Mommy.

"We're going to Mr. and Mrs. Davis' house." Mrs. Johnson supplied. Maureen wrinkled her nose.

"Why do I have to wear the stock-kinks? Goin' to their house isn't 'portant. I go there a jillion times and I only have to wear my socks and shoes," she said. "Mommy? Why do I have to wear stock-kinks, Mommy? Mommy?"

Her Mommy was Mrs. Davis' friend so they were always there. Maureen always liked going to the Davis house because Mrs. Davis always made cookies. Her favorites, peanut butter chocolate chip, were always in a little jar that had her name on it in their kitchen. Mrs. Davis was very nice and pretty. Mr. Davis wasn't like her Daddy, who smiled and laughed a lot, but there was one time that he had let Maureen sit behind the steering wheel of his pretty silver car while it sat in the garage. So, Maureen liked him too.

The car slowed to a stop.

"Why're we stopping, Daddy? Are you takin' me home?" Maureen inched up from her seat, excited at the thought. She could always see Mr. and Mrs. Davis tomorrow when she came home from school.

"Honey…today's important because Mrs. Davis…she went to be with the angels," Mr. Johnson said carefully. He turned around and looked at his daughter.

"You mean…for a party?" Everyone loved parties. Her Mommy and Daddy were always going to one or there was always one in their house.

"No, honey…for forever. You remember Mommy teaching you…teaching you about Heaven…and all that stuff? Well…Mrs. Davis has gone to Heaven…"

Maureen noticed that her Mommy had started crying beside her Daddy. Mr. Johnson offered his wife his handkerchief.

"So…I'm not goin' to see her anymore?" Maureen asked, remembering what her Mommy had said about Heaven. Her Daddy gave her a sad smile.

"No, baby."

"I can'ts visits her there?" she asked, because she couldn't imagine not seeing Mrs. Davis ever. She was like her second Mommy. "Won't she get lonely? Why'd the angels take her?"

"They took her while she gave birth to their baby. They have a baby now and we're all going to see…"

"Baby?" Maureen was interested. Did Pablo have babies? Pablo was Mr. Davis' dog, but he was a boy. Did he have puppies? "Pablo has puppies?"

Mr. Johnson shook his head patiently.

"No, sweetie. Mrs. Davis had a baby. The angels took her while she gave birth to the baby. We're going to see the baby today, as well as Mr. Davis, who's sad."

"Oh…" Maureen nodded, but she was confused. So…the angels took her, but the baby was here? "Boy or a girl?" She hoped it was a girl, so she could have someone to play with. Boys were yucky and boring. The only boy she liked was Tommy Collins, who lived a block away from them. He was four and he knew a whole lot of things. Sometimes, when they played dress-up, they would trade places and Tommy would be the girl and Maureen would be the boy, which was okay for her. He knew Mrs. Davis too and they were always at her house for cookies. Tommy had his own cookie jar with his name on it in their kitchen, but his favorites were gingersnaps, which Maureen thought was yucky and weird.

"It's a boy, honey…he doesn't have a Mommy now…just a Daddy." Mr. Johnson tried his best to explain the situation to his daughter.

"Roger." Maureen turned to her Mommy, who was wiping her eyes with her Daddy's hanky. "His name's Roger Gabriel Davis."

Roger. Maureen rolled the name around in her mouth. Roger was Mrs. Davis' baby's name.

"It'll just be a little while, honey, you just have to behave a little while then we're going to go home. Okay? Can you do that for Daddy? Maureen, princess, huh?" Mr. Johnson asked. "We're just going to go say bye-bye to Mrs. Davis, and hi to Mr. Davis and baby Roger."

Maureen nodded. The itch in her legs was gone, and so was her mood to watch television. She felt weird. She was never ever going to see Mrs. Davis again?

"'Kay, Daddy," she replied. She leaned back in her seat and sat quietly as the car started to move again up to the time it slowed down and Maureen saw the big white Davis house with the blue roof right outside her window. There were lots of cars around, and also lots of people. Everyone was wearing black, like her Mommy and Daddy were, which Maureen didn't understand. Wasn't being with the angels supposed to be a happy thing? She should've really worn her yellow dress; Mrs. Davis would've liked that.

Maureen held her Daddy's hand as they went inside the house. It was full of people, but it was very quiet and people were talking in whispers. It was like a party, only it wasn't happy.

"Jake…I'm sorry…"

Mr. Davis was there by the window and Mrs. Johnson was talking to him. He looked so sad. Maureen felt sorry for him.

"I couldn't name him Jacob Jr., because she'd wanted Roger…I couldn't do it. I gave him the name she'd wanted plus her own name…" Mr. Davis was saying quietly.

"It's all right, Jake…" Mr. Johnson patted Mr. Davis' shoulder. Maureen spotted Tommy Collins with his Mommy and Daddy standing not far from where she was, in a white shirt and a red tie, which made him not look like a kid. Without a second thought, Maureen unlatched herself from her Daddy and went to where Tommy was, who'd seen her even before she saw him.

"Tommy," she said without even bothering to say 'hi'. "Where's Heaven?"

"Huh?" Tommy looked at her in a weird way. Maureen rolled her eye. For such a smart kid, Tommy could be such a boy sometimes and not understand her at all.

"My Daddy told me Mrs. Davis go'd to Heaven and she isn't coming back. But she hasta come back 'coz Mr. Davis is sad and she can't leave her baby alone without a Mommy. You gots to help me, Tommy."

"My Mommy told me that we'll all go to Heaven someday if we're good. I don'ts think we can go now, Mo…" Tommy scratched his head. "And I don't think the angels will let us in either. They didn't invites us, y'know."

Maureen's face fell. She had to see Mrs. Davis. She wanted to cry.

"She didn'ts say bye-bye to me," her lower lip stuck out. "I didn'ts say bye-bye to her. I coulda made her a card so she coulds read something while she was goin' to Heaven."

She remembered going to England once with her Mommy and Daddy and how boring it got on the plane. She could've made Mrs. Davis something so she wouldn't be bored.

"She didn't say bye-bye to me either," Tommy looked at her sadly then his face lit up. "But we can see her baby…don'ts cry, Mo…."

Tommy used his sleeve to wipe Maureen's tears from her face then took her small pudgy hand in his warm one. He led her from the crowd of grown-ups to the stairs, where they used to run up and down with Pablo. When they got to the second-floor, there weren't any grown-ups, which was fine for them because they could finally move and breathe. It didn't smell of any stinky perfume or anything.

"How we gonna know where the baby is?" Maureen asked, wiping her tears away with the back of her hand. Tommy was leading her through the hallway. He stopped in front of an open door and Maureen peeked in.

"There he is!" Tommy announced happily. They were looking at a bright room, lit by sunlight. It was blue, white and yellow all over and had lots of toys and baby things in it. A crib by the window and a nursemaid was holding a bundle of blankets in her arms. She smiled at the two children as they peeped in.

"Hello," she greeted. "Are you friends of baby Roger?"

"I haven't met him yet…" Maureen said. "But I know his Mommy. She used to gives us cookies."

"Really? What are your names?" The nursemaid sat down in a rocking chair and urged them to come in.

"Thomas W. Collins, Jr." Tommy supplied confidently as he led the way into the room.

"I'm Mauween Johnson." Maureen stated with equal assurance. "Is that Wogew?" She pouted when she realized she couldn't say his name right.

"Yes," the nursemaid nodded. "This is Roger. Roger, say hi to your visitors,"

Maureen and Tommy leaned forward to see. The baby was sleeping. He was wrapped in a blue fleece blanket with little sheep on it. Maureen could see fine yellow baby hairs on his head.

"He don't have any teeth," she said. "And he's small."

"That's 'coz he hasn't drinked any milk yet. You need milk to grow big and tall, right? Like me," Tommy said. "Who'll be his Mommy now?"

"Well…I can try, but I can't take the place of his real Mommy. His Daddy's the only one he has now," the nursemaid said.

"No. I can be his friend. He can have his Daddy, and me and Tommy, 'coz Tommy and me knows his Mommy. We can tell him his stories and stuffs. Ands we can share our Mommies." Maureen said. She couldn't imagine growing up without a Mommy. Poor baby Roger.

"That's okay with me. As long as I don'ts have to change diapies and stuffs." Tommy shrugged. "Can I hold him?"

Before the nursemaid could answer, Roger opened his eyes which sparkled green, stared at Tommy and Maureen for a few seconds then burst out crying. Maureen clapped her hand sover her ears. Roger could scream louder than she could.

"Maybe you two should head downstairs now. He usually cries for a very long time," the nursemaid said, jiggling him a little.

"Okay…" Maureen started to go because she didn't like it when babies cried, but Tommy made her stay.

"We don'ts got nothin' to do downstairs. Can't we stay? We'll help with Wager," he offered politely. The nursemaid smiled.

"Of course you can. You can keep us company," she said. Maureen decided she liked this woman. She was nice and she smiled a lot. She liked Roger too, though he cried very loudly.

"Me and Tommy can take care of him. We'll take care of him pretty good," she stated. "His Mommy taked care of us good."

"I'm sure you will." The nursemaid started rocking Roger and singing to him. "Sweetly slumber 'neath the orchard shadows, near thee murm'ring soft the brooklet flows…"

Maureen sat on the floor and watched. Tommy sat down beside her. Roger didn't stop.

"I knows another song. He might like it. My Daddy sings it to me every night." Tommy said.

"We'll give it a try, shall we? Poor baby…he's always upset," the nursemaid said. "Go on, Thomas."

"Do I knows the song?" Maureen asked Tommy, not liking that it was only Tommy who could help. "I can sing too." Tommy shrugged.

"It's the 'buddy' song," he said. "If you don'ts know it you can just open your mouth and pretends to sing."

"Yes, Maureen, you can," the nursemaid urged her. "Go on, maybe Roger would like your song better than mine."

Maureen hitched up her shoulders proudly. She could do that: pretend to sing. She was an actress. Beside her, Tommy opened his mouth and started singing. Maureen mimicked him and 'sang' as well. She didn't know the song Tommy was singing, but she didn't say it out loud. It sounded nice anyway.

"If a buddy meet a buddy, comin' through the rice, if a buddy kiss a buddy need a buddy cry. Every sassie has her Daddy and they say have I, yet all the dads they smile on me, when comin' through the rice…"

Maureen didn't understand what the song was about, but grinned at the effect of it. Slowly, Roger's crying grew softer and eventually he fell asleep. The nursemaid smiled at them.

"Hey!" Tommy beamed. "He fell asleep!"

"Good job, you two. I'll bet you will take care of baby Roger pretty well. Would you like some cookies?"

Both Tommy and Maureen had to smile now. "Yes please."

"All right. You watch Roger while I get you some. I'll be right back." The nursemaid placed Roger back in the crib gently and went out of the room, her shoes making sharp clicks on the floorboards. Tommy and Maureen inched towards the crib and peered inside, their hands holding on to the railings. Roger was sleeping peacefully, his little baby mouth all up in a pout of some sort and his tiny hands curled up into fists. Maureen decided right away that Roger was special and that she and Tommy were going to be there to teach him everything they knew to make up for him not ever meeting his Mommy.

"Night-night, Wogew," she said softly.


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