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Summary - Harry Potter is a very famous fashion designer in America. He gets called back to England for his sister's wedding but has to bring a date. He reluctantly finds himself a hired escort. Facing his tormentors again after several years Harry somehow manages to fall in love with his escort.

The Wedding Date


Dear Mr Harry James Potter.

We cordially invite you to the


Of Cedric Andrew Diggory


Rose Anne Potter

On the 25th of June at the

Dursley Estates England.

Dear Harry, we expect you to come to this wedding and shall be sourly disappointed with you if you do not show up. We need you here five days before the wedding with your date to help with the preparations. Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon.

A twenty five year old man with the brightest emerald green eyes ran fingers through his thick but soft raven hair. He literally collapsed into the nearby sofa and tried to steady his breathing. There was no way he could back down from it so he had to turn up. Since he was in America he'd have to book his airline tickets pretty soon to have any chance of getting to England for the required time.

Harry was the man's name and he was a shy but passionate man with very fine qualities. He came from a very rich English family called the Potters. His parents Lily and James had died when he was a baby and he'd been sentenced to life with his Aunt and Uncle and his brother and sister Tommy and Rose. Hi Aunt and uncle got all his parents money though a large sum of it was left to him in savings account till he was of age. Harry was now incredibly rich and living in America. He'd used his inheritance money to buy his flat and to also start his own business as a clothing designer. Harry designed clothes for the stars of America and his clothes always brought out the best in his customers. He wasn't always up to date with the fashion because Harry knew what would bring out a persons eye shades, skin tones and body shapes best. He was the best of the best when it came to clothes and was the envy of every fashion designer.

Harry was handsome, kind hearted and most of all down to earth. He had very little by the way of pride and was rather shy. He had no arrogance and could get along with most people. He was on the pages of most magazines in America because of his clothes but also for his looks. He was nearly always the centre of attention and he loathed it but he loved his job too much to quit. He wasn't chased after especially for photo shoots but if someone from a magazine bumped into him he'd find his face on the cover of the next magazine whether he'd posed for the camera or hadn't. He did of course have some privacy. He'd named his business Jameson and he was William Jameson at work. No-one knew him as Harry Potter. He was thankful for that when the magazines got hold of pictures of him.

Sighing in resignation Harry knew he'd have to go to the wedding and that he'd have to bring a date. The only problem was that he was gay and extremely reserved about it. He'd not dated for well over five years and the people he worked around knew he was only ever going to be their friends and was never likely to consider dating them. Harry was strangely scared to date anyone, despite how handsome or how kind or how clever.

-Three weeks later-

"BEEP! I am either out or unable to answer the phone at the moment. Please leave your message and your name and number so I might get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you." Harry's soft British accented tones said on the speaker phone.

"Hello Harry. I'm just calling to say I got your messages and there is nothing to worry about. This is my job and my life Harry, you are in safe hands so calm down and everything will be fine. Now, I've received your tickets and I shall see you on the plane though I am running a little late at the moment. I shall see you soon and relax Harry, there's nothing to worry about."

Harry, who was in the bathroom struggling to get control of his breathing merely groaned.

"That's easy for you to say."

After an hour, in which time Harry had successfully hyperventilated twice and woken up on the bathroom floor he dragged himself into the shower and cleaned himself off. Grabbing the nearest towel he rubbed himself down and slipped on a pair of silk boxers along with comfortable smart trousers in a grey colour and some grey socks and black shoes. Running a hand through his hair Harry grabbed his hair dryer and dried and styled his hair in front of the mirror. Well, he at least tried to style his hair. Despite his hair being so thick and soft it absolutely refused to do anything. Harry had grown it out so that it hung around his shoulders at one point and still it remained untameable. Now though it was short and had a just shagged look to it, though it was as far from being shagged as the hairdryer was. Harry could never do anything with his hair and yet it still complimented him wonderfully.

As Harry reached for his shirt his well toned muscles rippled slightly. Harry didn't actively work out. In fact Harry merely jogged and ran when ever he found the time. Harry mostly had a very slender and compact form, despite standing reasonably tall at 5foot 10inches. Since he, whilst being a superb chef, skipped meals occasionally (or rather frequently) he was thin and his toning had left not an inch of fat on his whole body. He was slender but not skinny and looked very healthy. As the magazines said, he might not have the perfect body envious of most men but his body was perfect nonetheless and still envied by most. Harry didn't know how they got hold of those pictures of him coming out of the sea with that t-shirt clinging to him but he'd never flaunted his body or let anyone see him shirtless.

Pulling on an emerald green silk shirt over his slender toned arms Harry ran a tanned hand through his hair. Harry was reserved and he always wore a long sleeved top, except those occasions he'd gone to the beach with his friends when he'd worn a t-shirt and wrist bands. Despite everything though he still managed to get a gorgeous golden tan. He supposed it was from all that time in his summer home in Hawaii where he spent most of his time doing gardening. In his holiday home was the only time Harry ever really let himself relax. In Los Angeles and New York he had his billion dollar business and all that publicity to worry about. In England he had his...family to worry about. In Hawaii there was nothing to worry about. He was free for once to be Harry, just Harry.

Harry sighed as he finished dressing and threw the remaining items of clothing and other items he'd need into his suitcase. He was packed ready for the flight to England where he'd meet his family again after god knows how long. Shuddering with nerves and memories he looked outside to check the Taxi was there before putting his hand luggage bag over his shoulder and picking up his two suitcases full of clothes and everything he'd ever need. He'd already checked he had everything a million times so he knew he was ready physically and materially. His only real problem was the emotionally and mentally bit.

"Hi? Are you here for Mr Potter?"

"Yes sir."

"Hi, nice to meet you. I'm Harry." Harry gave the man a smile and pretended not to notice the man snuffing out a cigarette under his shoe. "I need to get to the air port."

"Of course. Here, let me get those for yeh!"

"Thank you." The taxi driver helped Harry put his suitcases into the boot and then held the door open for Harry. Harry gave the man a small smile and slid in. The taxi was just your basic yellow taxi and the only difference was that this taxi and Harry was glad to be in a normal car like this for once. He himself did not drive, he was too nervous to so he often ordered taxis or took busses to get to work though sometimes he decided the fifteen block walk would be fun. He often walked to save himself paying the money to get there, despite having money to spare and some more.