Three weeks later the headlines and magazines were still focused on Harry and Draco. William Jameson's real identity had been exposed to the public as had his terrible past. Lots more pictures of Harry wearing just trousers or just swim trunks were revealed to the public too and at one point they'd even managed to get a picture of Harry in his underwear when Draco and he were getting changed on one of their regular trips to the beach. Harry was now known as the Boy-Who-Lived due to his horrendous past.

His family were suffering back in England and Blaise Zabini had been in contact with Harry to apologize and to make Harry get the press to leave him alone. Harry had told him that his apology wasn't accepted but that he'd do what he could about the reporters. Cedric Diggory had also filed for divorce, which as promised Harry and Draco helped him to get. Vernon and Petunia, as well as suffering humiliation and a bad reputation, were given hefty fines given to Harry in compensation since they couldn't be sent to prison because of their money. Rose, Tommy and Dudley were also suffering from their bad reputations given to them by the newspaper articles. Harry had no idea what they were doing now.

Laid on a towel at the beach wearing only his swim trunks Harry was watching the sky fondly. He thought about how wonderful his life had been recently. He'd given so many interviews he was scared to even open his door now. He'd never liked being the centre of attention and twice that day Harry had been asked to sign a picture of him on a magazine. He'd agreed though he'd blushed famously. The press seemed to like pictures of Harry when he was embarrassed or caught doing something he loved like practising his violin or playing in the orchestra he joined.

Harry grinned. No-one even minded the fact that Harry had hired Draco to be his escort to England and to his sister's wedding. No-one minded that he was gay and his lover had at one point been the equivalent of a whore. Draco was accepted because he'd helped Harry out drastically. Now Draco owned the modelling part of Harry's business and was in charge of all the models. Draco had even given a few shows himself since he had what was considered the perfect body. Draco loved being in charge though and having his own half of the business where he could tell people what to do was definitely something he loved. Of course in the bedroom Harry had managed to take control of Draco once or twice but never very often. They both had their favourites.

"What you thinking about that's making you grin like that?" Harry lifted his head to see Draco standing by his feet with his hands on his hips. Draco still worked out frequently and had muscles everywhere. Harry ran more often and was also in great shape. Since he was eating three meals a day Harry had put on some more weight and looked a lot stronger though his body was still compact and sleek.

"Just thinking about you." Draco smirked and raised an eyebrow. Completely ignoring the reporters snapping photos of them to his left Draco knelt down with his knees between Harry's.

"And what about me?" Harry could feel himself blushing but smiled anyway.

"You and your need to control everything." Draco's smirk became wider. He leant over and supported his weight on his arms that were on either side of Harry's head.

"Well, it's not like you mind is it?"

"Hmm." Harry hummed and Draco leaned down giving him a sound kiss. Harry put both his arms around Draco's neck and raised his legs slightly. Their bodies flat against each other they kissed heatedly not worrying about the clicking of cameras until Harry noticed their aroused states. Pulling out of the kiss Harry caught his breath as Draco kissed his neck.

"Draco? Draco the cameras."

"Well I'm not stopping just for them." Harry squirmed.

"Never said you had to but…but can we go….in the…bloody hell. The sea Draco. Let's go in the sea."

"Oh fine." Draco stood up quickly and pulled Harry up with him. At a run Draco pulled the shorter man after him and they ran straight into the sea. The cold water calmed them slightly but not completely and they quite happily ignored the cameras when they'd swum quite far out.

Forty minutes later Harry and Draco headed back in and as they walked towards their things Draco stopped and lifted Harry's hand. Looking directly at a camera Draco kissed Harry's wrist where Harry's scar was before Draco turned the hand over and kissed the very elegant ring on Harry's ring finger. Harry merely laughed and smiled brightly at the cameras offering them a small wave.

The headlines the next day: 'The Man Who Lived And Loved.'

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