A Thousand Rabbits

Summary: Hotaru wants to get a sexy picture of Ruka for 'financial purposes' and gets more than she bargained for. Two-Shot.

Note: It's been seriously EDITED, so please read it again. And as promised, this story is finished! The next and last chapter is up! (: Age of characters is 18 for girls and 19 for the guys.

Part One

In the Alice Academy, only few students stood out the most. Hotaru Imai aka the Ice Queen was one of them. Everyone moved away from her as she took a seat in one of the many chairs in the cafeteria. Only an idiot wouldn't notice the very dark aura that was currently being emitted by the aforementioned person. Enter Mikan.

"Hooootaaaruuuu-chaa-Owwwwwww!" Everyone cringed as they saw the Ice Queen shoot her best friend without a second thought.

"Would you stop damaging her brain?" Sumire said as plopped down one of the seats behind Hotaru. "She's had enough damage done already."

Hotaru shrugged. "She's annoying."

"Yeah, but you're way too harsh today. You usually let her hug you or something." Sumire's eyebrows waggled. "What's the problem Ice Queen?"

They've been friends for years now, and Sumire was one of the few people who could actually go near her, and leave unscathed.

"I'm bored." Hotaru said with a tone that suggested it.

"Bored? You're bored?" Sumire smirked. "That's what's making you a cranky bitch so early in the morning?"

Hotaru rolled her eyes. "What do you want?"

"It's not exactly mine to want, but you see," Sumire's voiced dropped to a whisper. "I have a few girls who are willing to cash out big bucks in order to get someone in their underwear."

When Hotaru didn't answer, Sumire's smirk widened. "It's for a thousand rabbits, by the way."

That did it.

"And who is this poor, unsuspecting moron?" Hotaru said, trying to keep herself at bay. She was getting excited. Finally, an interesting job appeared at last.

"I don't know about being a moron, or much less poor but he's someone you know very well or even like."

Sumire was teasing her, but she already had a good idea on who was she talking about.

"If it's Hyuuga, then no thank you." Hotaru said as she prepared to stand up.

Sumire grabbed her arm.

"Close, but it's not him. And since when did you ever have feelings for our dear Natsume?" Everyone knew Natsume was off limits even before Mikan staked her claim on him. What Hotaru didn't know was her feelings for a certain someone, is known to everyone too, except probably the two who were really involved. "It's his best friend."

Hotaru's interest perked up once again. She might not be able to do it to Hyuuga, but Ruka Nogi is something she can certainly handle.

Or so she always thought.

The Ice Queen was not the only one surrounded by the dark aura today. Ruka, who always seemed so sweet, charming, so nice, turned out to be reaching his limit too. After seemingly endless weeks or training, he finally got his day off and no one was going to stop him from getting to bed.

"Ruka-pyooon, I really, really need to tell you something!" Not even Mikan was going to stop him as he ignored the ridiculously cheery voice that used to make him swoon. The fact that Mikan didn't have any effect on him anymore proved that his feelings were finally dwindling down, or even gone. Finally, his heart accepted that he just can't compete with his best friend, nor did he want to. He sighed as he walked faster to where his pure bliss will be.

He desperately needed to sleep.

As soon as he reached his room, Ruka lied down on his bed. Damn. He was dead tired. It was a rough day for both Natsume and him since they were in constant physical and mental training but unfortunately for Ruka, he had just started this month and even just after a few weeks of training, he was beat.

He also found a new respect for Natsume who was able to withstand this kind of intense training even when he was just a kid. He couldn't believe he was already undergoing such training, and for a war that was still so far away back then. The same cannot be said for now, though. He shook his head. Thinking about such things wouldn't help anyone, especially his best friend. Besides, there are more pressing matters right now like figuring out how to walk again for example.

Ruka groaned as he stood up, feeling his sore muscles flexed unwillingly. He had to go to a masseuse later this week. But before that, a shower is in order and so, he took a shower, not even realizing in the slightest that he had an unwelcome visitor.

"What do you think?"

Ruka's reflexes worked fast as his fist almost contacted with Hotaru's face. All the training paid off after all.

"Damn, Hotaru. Don't do that, I almost hit you." Ruka said annoyed, before blinking confusedly. "What are you doing here anyway?"

Hotaru brought up her camera in one hand.

Ruka's eyes narrowed. "Not today, Imai."

"Sorry Ruka, but business is business." Had Hotaru been a normal person, she would have noticed that Ruka is now someone you should not mess with. She was anything but, though.

"I'm tired. I can't deal with this right now. Do whatever you want with me tomorrow." Ruka inclined his head towards the door. "So please, and I mean this in the nicest way possible, get out."

"I didn't recall giving you a choice in the matter, Ruka." Hotaru's voice was colder than usual. Probably it had to do with someone finally having the guts to defy her. "I have to do this, or else…" They both know the continuation of that sentence, and Hotaru was sure she got him.

But what Hotaru's expected response was very far from what she received, Ruka just laughed; some sort of an evil twisted laugh.

"Or else what Imai? You'll tell Mikan about my feelings?" Ruka said, an evil glint in his eyes as he started stepping forward making the naturally indifferent cold woman to step back. "But guess what?" A pause. "I." A step forward. "Don't" another step. "CARE!" and now, Hotaru was successfully backed against a wall she wasn't aware of.

Hotaru was not someone you could shock or intimidate easily, but Ruka seemed to be doing both effortlessly. Wearing only a towel seemed to have a lot to do with it too though as Hotaru looked warily at Ruka's darkened eyes. She should have never underestimated him.

But regrettably, karma seems to have finally taken its toll on Hotaru and so it got worse.

"Well this is new. The ice queen is actually speechless for once." He said more to himself than her. "And since you're being so unlike you, I'm going to do you a favor one last time."

Finally he backed away from her, much to Hotaru's relief or so she thought as she heard a rustling of clothing and she saw something drop.

Unable to control her eyes, she looked at Ruka's formerly clothed body and her jaw dropped.

"Take a picture, Imai. You should know of all people, it would last longer." Ruka said as a sly smirk graced his face.

To be continued…