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Summary: "I hate you Howl. You made Sophie leave" Screamed Markl. He was right. It's Howls fault Calcifer doesn't speak to Howl anymore, That Markl is so upset and most importantly it's his fault Sophie left. HowlxSophie.

It was a lonely night in the castle. Every night now was a lonely one. It was only Howl and Calcifer. Howl was out late as he usually was. The castle was empty. No one left to talk to.

Howl walked in the door from his secret hide out garden. Tired he sat down in a chair in front of the fire demon. Instantly Howl fell asleep.

Calcifer looked at the wizard with pity clearly in his eyes. Poor Wizard. He's been through a lot in these past three years. These three years have almost killed him. If it weren't for his garden Howl would have given up on everything. The man had lost everything. Nights were lonely and sad and days were worse to him because everyone was out and about. Smiling and laughing. It made Howl sick.

Calcifer looked over the wizards figure. His raven black hair disheveled. Hid clothes no longer were extravagant and elegant but they were plain and dirty. Howl had stopped dressing nicely. He stopped himself from being beautiful. It Killed Calcifer to know why this all happened. After all. He was the only other person there.


"Howl I can't believe it!" Screamed Sophie. Her voice awoke Calcifer

"Sophie I love you!" Howl cried back

"How can I believe you Howl! HOW!" The woman screamed as she ran down the stairs. Calcifer watched intently

"Please don't leave you mean the world to me" Howl chased after her.

He grabbed hold of her arm just before she had opened the door. She turned around. Tears streaking her face and Howl looked just as bad. Both were crying. For their sorrow. For their pain. For each other. Also because they both knew what would happen next.

"Howl let me go. I'm leaving" Sophie said in a whisper. Her voice shaking

Howl let go. "Please Sophie. Don't leave" He whispered back

"I have too" She said. And that was it. Sophie was gone. Howl looked at the closed door for what seemed eternity. Sighing he looked at the fire wearily.

"I lost her" Was all the wizard said. His voice unstable so it was best he said nothing else.

Calcifer was of course angry with the man who caused Sophie to leave. The fire refused to talk to Howl.

"I'll be in my room" Was all he said and that was it.


That's how it was for a year. Howl would come and go but only to his garden. If he wasn't there he was in his room. Calcifer refused to talk to him for a year. Markl had no idea what happened.

Of coure that was until he was out in Market Chipping one day.


"I'm going out" Cried the 11 year old boy

"Be careful" Calcifer said "Stay safe."

"Oh Cal you know I am" Markl replied to him. The young boy looked around. "If you see Howl tell him I went out" And with that Markl was out.

The boy didn't know why Sophie had left. All he knew is that's he was gone. Howl seldom was home and if he was he was in his room. This confused Markl. He rarely saw his Master. Howl left spells for him to learn and that was it. Markl never though much of it. Howl always had strange issues in Markel's eyes.

Markl began to run in the market. He loved going out.


Markl had run into a lady.

"Oh I'm so sorry. Here let me help you" He said offering a hand to the lady. She looked up.

"Sophie?" Markel said as Sophie got up on her own. There were two women behind her.

"I don't know you" She said ignoring him.

"But Sophie I know it's you. Your hair's silver."

"Thank you kind boy" She said looking at him. Pain in her eyes.

"Come on Sophie. Are you sure you don't know him" Said one of the woman behind her.

"No I'm sure I don't. Why don't you and Jessica go on up a head? I'll catch up" Sophie said.

Jessica and the other lady left.

"Oh Sophie I knew it was you. I miss you so much. So does Cal. And Howls been a mess since you left" Rambled the child.

Sophie visibly tensed when he said Howl's name and Markl saw.

"Oh no, Oh no. It's Howl isn't it? Why you left. It's Him. He did something didn't he?" Markel said once seeing her reaction.

"I have to go" And with that she was gone once again.

Markel ran back to the castle. It was rare to find Howl but there he was. He looked as though he had just got in and was taking off his coat. Once hearing the door open Howl turned around. Markel was panting and there was Fury in his eyes.

"You! It was you that made Sophie leave. How could you Howl! I HATE you! You made Sophie leave us. ME. You made Sophie leave me. How could you! She's gone. It's your fault. I hate you!" Screamed the young wizard at the top of his lungs. He ran upstairs and locked him self in his room.

That morning Markel was gone. He had run away.

He had left Howl too. It was like twisting the knife in him. Putting salt all over and open wound. Howl got worse and the fact that Calcifer refused to talk to him as even worse.


It seemed so long ago when Markel left. It's been what. Two years. He must be 13 now. In those two years Calcifer started to talk to Howl again.

He was all the wizard had left. One day though. One day Sophie will come back. That's what they all hoped for. And when Sophie comes back Markel will too. And they will be a family again.

Calcifer looked at Howl who was now talking in his sleep.

"Sophie. I'm sorry. I love you. You're my everything. I can't live without you"

He must be thinking of her again. He always did. Probably always will. He was his one true love and Howl will never let go.

Inside Calcifer knew that Sophie still loved Howl and that she forgave him and that she missed him as much as he missed her. But she wouldn't come back now. It seemed too late. But it would never be too late to come back. Howl will always be waiting.


"Jessica I'm going to go to bed"

"Okay Sophie" She said up the stairs to her.

Sophie went into her room. Plain and empty. She wanted nothing there. Complete opposite of the room she dreamed of. One which was cluttered and intriguing. Howl's room. Sophie shook her head

'Mustn't think of him again'

But you will. You know it. You love him

I know I love him but I can only hope he loves no other now.

The silver haired girl went to bed filled with dreams and memories of the man she loved and still loves.

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