Title: Into Dust 1/5

Author: scotsrock

Pairing: Don/Charlie

Fandom: NUMB3RS

Rating: PG-13 (Pre-Slash)
Word Count: 485

Disclaimer: Not mine. This is fiction.

Feedback: Awesome! Author's Notes: Charlie was taken captive by some gang. Don found him. Story inspired by Mazzy Starr's "Into Dust"

Don only waited for the moment the door would explode with a huge BANG. He stormed in first, his eyes shining with anger and fury, yet his hands were calm, not trembling, the gun did no move, Don's hand was tightly wrapped around the grip of it. There, he saw them. The beasts, the monsters, the... No, there was no word in the tongue of humans that would have been able to describe these people.

"Where is he? Where the fucking hell is he!"

One of the already kneeling man just nodded his head in a direction. A door, a small window with bars in it. Charlie.

"Get away from the door, Charlie!", Don screamed and shot, once, twice, thrice at the lock. The door almost went open by itself. Don, however, gave it a strong kick, putting all his rage into this action.

Dirty walls, no window, no light, darkness, the only light came from the lit hall nearby, shining through the open door. An old mattress lying on the floor, yet no Charlie. Don whirled around, more walls, more dead ends, his desperation increased with every second passing by. Then the corner came into view, the one next to the door. Charlie.

"Charlie! Oh dear God, Charlie!"

Don dropped the gun, took of the glasses and knelt beside his brother. He bled in the face, a serious wound over his left eye springing into Don's view, he was crouching, pressing his small body stronger and stronger against the wall. He was awake, yet his eyes weren't moving. It was a single, terrifying stare. Don recognized the shiver on Charlie's skin. Injuries all over his body, a cut here, a bruise there. Don swallowed hard as he lay a hand on Charlie's shoulder. Only now he looked at Don. His eyes so big, so scared, his innocence damaged for the rest of his life.

Tears were streaming down his cheeks, yet his numb facial expression stayed as he whispered:

"You came."

He threw himself into Don's arms, only now releasing his feelings, his body shaking with heavy crying. Don held him, he wouldn't leave him, he would never let go of Charlie.

Don's arms were wrapped around Charlie's waist and shoulders, giving him support, when they slowly walked out of the huge building. An ambulance man at once brought a blanket and threw it over Charlie's shoulders, whose body still was vibrating with weakness, shock and fear. His face was water-strained, his eyes have turned from big to small, almost closed, an emptiness filling them that Don had never seen before.

David, Colby and the rest of Don's team were guiding the arrested gang members and the leader to the cars. That was the first time Don actually looked at them. They laughed. Right into Don's face, as if they had succeeded in the end.

In that very moment Don's heart turned to stone.