Title: Into Dust 5/5

Author: scotsrock

Pairing: Don/Charlie

Fandom: NUMB3RS

Rating: NC-17

Word Count: 1.757

Disclaimer: Not mine. This is fiction.

Feedback: Awesome Author's Notes: Don heals Charlie. Based on Coldplay "Fix You". I would like to thank everyone that has been following this little fiction till now. This is my first long sequel-ish Charlie/Don FF and it's good do hear that everyone was enjoying it like I did myself. It has been almost writing itself. I wonder whether the writers of Numb3rs every considered such a plot? (except the slash. Although... hehe)

Charlie reached out for the handle but shortly before he was about to touch it he hesitated. He took a deep breath. Someday he had to do it. Sooner or later this day would come. He gulped once and finally opened the door to the garage.

It smelled of old wood and a hint of chalk. Charlie stepped inside and looked around silently, equations already forming in his mind. He picked up a small piece of white chalk and started turning it around between his thumb and index finger until his hand was all white. He looked up and stared at the blackboard. Empty. He put to writing, the chalk slightly trembling. Then his hand was moving, creating fine chalk lines on the board. It were just numbers, one, two, three, twenty-five, fifteen, forty-one and so on.

He kept on writing producing more and more of chalk dust that filled the air. He could not stop, the equations were getting longer, the numbers more complicated, less elegant, his speed of writing increased. He was so agitated recently. He could not stop thinking of the moment when Don had kissed him. Had kissed him in a way he had never experienced before. He never knew how much he meant to Don. They were brothers, of course they cared about each other, but Don had changed since...

Charlie shook his head slightly, tried to suppress bad memories.

Don. After that kiss they had held on to each other, Charlie in the arms of his big brother, he had run his hands up and down Charlie's spine, had caressed Charlie with his lips. Charlie had felt so save like never before. He smiled to himself remembering Don's nearness and warmth. He stopped and for a moment rested his head against the blackboard.

A sudden knock awoke him from his trance. He turned around.

"Pi again?", Don asked and approached his young brother.

"No.", Charlie said with a smile, trying to clean some chalk dust from his cheeks. "Just some equations."

A smile. For the first time in a long time he saw Charlie smile. A gentle, calm and innocent smile. Not wanting to show how deeply touched he was, Don rubbed his neck and came to a halt right next to Charlie. He lay an arm around his shoulders and gazed at the numbers and letters written down. Charlie, however, was watching Don curiously.

"You're writing again.", Don noticed and carefully ran a finger over the fine chalk lines.

"Not really. Just fooling around a bit.", Charlie admitted. "I needed to feel the chalk between my fingers again. The excitement about solving a tough equation. Wonderful. Makes me forget."

Don didn't react on Charlie's last sentence. He didn't want to remember either. Instead Don simply pulled Charlie nearer and placed a soft kiss on hiss forehead. A chuckle escaped his lips.

"You taste of chalk."

Charlie grinned, but his smile vanished from his face to be replaced by an open mouth when he saw Don licking his lips. He looked up to his brother, trying to catch his eyes but failed. For Don had pulled him closer to his chest, embracing him, holding him tightly wrapped in his strong arms. Charlie did not understand why Don was acting so strange. His touch, his smile, his eyes, even his kisses, they all carried a silent sadness.

But Charlie didn't speak his thoughts out loud. Maybe it hadn't to do with himself, maybe it was a problem of Don's and he just didn't want to bother Charlie with it. So he just snuggled even more into Don's embrace and enjoyed the moment.

Don breathed in sharply when he felt Charlie moved nearer, his crotch brushing slightly against Don's. He buried his face in Charlie's left shoulder, warming it with his breath. Eventually his lips kissed their way up the side of Charlie's neck, hushing Charlie's name into his ear. At the same time he was running his hands up and down Charlie's spine. His tongue flipped over his brother's collarbone, finally reaching the sweet lips which Don occupied at once. Their mouths clashed together creating new feelings, new emotions. The kiss developed into a wild dance of tongues which heated up both men.

"Don...Want you...", Charlie was able to say between shared kisses.

"Okay...", Don replied and smiled against Charlie's lips.

They parted not only to catch breath but to go into Charlie's room. The house was quiet, nobody but the two of them were at home. Passing the kitchen Don recalled Charlie's chest on his back, so warm, so familiar.

Charlie was holding Don's hand and leading the way up to his room. Don realized the hotness of his brother's hand, his steps were quick and Don had difficulties keeping up the speed.

Finally behind the door of Charlie's room they fell onto the bed and rolled around on it, kissing and touching, licking and nibbling. Don couldn't get enough of Charlie's soft and tender lips, his tongue playing with them, teasingly tasting the insider of the young man's mouth, extending the kisses to their maximum. His fingers fumbled with Charlie's shirt, sliding under it and massaging his brother's skin, feeling it and enjoying the moans and whimpers that escaped Charlie's lips when Don found a sensitive spot.

Charlie wanted to finally feel Don's body on his, naked skin, pure flesh on flesh, so he almost ripped open Don's shirt, buttons flying everywhere. He placed kisses all over Don's neck, his hands moving fast along Don's chest, from time to time stopping at a nipple and slowly rubbing it.

Don got a hold of Charlie's shirt and pulled it up over the younger man's head, causing his curls to whirl around and looking a bit messy thought still very cute and hot.

And then Don halted. He stopped caressing Charlie's skin, stopped kissing him, stopped touching him. He backed away completely and sat up, kneeling on the bed now, some inches away from Charlie.

"Don? What is it?"

Charlie propped himself up on his elbows. Don's terrified look confused and scared him.


"I can't.", Don said finally, his eyes fixed on a point somewhere on Charlie's chest. "I can't."

Charlie looked down and realized now what Don meant. Scars, not completely healed bruises were spread all over his chest and stomach. Charlie automatically reached for his shirt and covered himself.

"I'm sorry.", he whispered and looked away. All of a sudden he felt ashamed of himself, it embarrassed him to show Don his demolished and broken body. "I should have thought of it before that you didn't–"

Charlie stopped when he heard Don's silent sobs. Don was crying.

"Don? Don!", Charlie said and approached his brother, a hand resting on Don's right shoulder. "Please tell me, what is wrong?"

"I tried, Charlie... You have to believe me...I tried so hard...I would have murdered to get to you faster...", Don stuttered, hiding his tears by letting his head fall to his chest.

Charlie forced him to look at him by pushing his head with his hands up.

"I know. I believe you.", he told Don and kissed him on the cheek, the salty taste of Don's tears spreading on his lips.

"I'm sorry, Charlie...", Don whimpered and fell strongly into Charlie's open arms. "I'm sorry..."

Charlie hushed him, comforted him and held him tightly. He understood now what had been bothering Don the last few days.

"Don...", Charlie murmured into his ear. "I love you."

He paused to see Don's reaction. Don's shaking had stopped to be replaced by smooth and regular breathing.

"While I was...there, I only thought of you. I knew you would come. I believed in you. Still do."

Not visible for Charlie Don smiled.

This time their love making was not disturbed by any interruptions. They quickly fell into fierce and passionate kisses again, Don caressing every inch of Charlie's body with lips, tongue and sometimes even teeth. The room filled with moans and heavy breathing both men continued undressing each other. Their bodies rubbed against each other, the lust and need increased, the plea for release was strongly present.

Don prepared Charlie properly, his salvia covered fingers found Charlie's spot eventually, the young man begged and pleaded for Don's nearness. Don could not take his eyes of Charlie, the beauty of his little brother overwhelmed him. He did not see the scars any longer, the bruises, the injuries. He only saw Charlie, he looked right into his soul and saw Charlie's love for Don there.

Their bodies moved in complete unison when Don was at last buried in Charlie. His touches, his strokes were tender and soft, his hand sometimes only hovered over Charlie's skin enjoying then the shiver he had caused. Charlie pulled Don towards him, wanted to be as close as he could get to Don, wanted to melt with him. He was the one who brought their lips together, again and again, he ached for the warmth of Don's mouth. His hands lay on Don's back and didn't leave their place. The heat rose in both men, producing sweaty arms, chests and legs. Charlie's hair was glued to his neck and forehead but with Don's fingers entangled in them it was much more comfortable and pleasant.

Charlie came first shouting out Don's name. Don followed seconds later filling Charlie with his release. Glued to each other they lay immovable on the bed, tired, exhausted, however, satisfied and content. When Don pulled slowly and carefully out of Charlie, the young man whimpered at the loss of Don's closeness and warmth of his body. After Don had lain down beside Charlie he covered them both with the blanket and then wrung an arm around Charlie's waist, pressing their bodies together.

"It was the first time you said it.", Don stated, breaking the silence.

"I know.", Charlie answered into Don's chest.

"I thought I had lost you forever. I saw you in these trance like states and I felt so...helpless.", Don continued. "You know I got suspended for two weeks?"

"What? You told me they gave you holiday!", Charlie asked surprised and looked up. "Why? What did you do?"

"I beat up the leader. I don't regret it however."

Don's eyes locked with Charlie's.

"I'm in love with you, Charlie."

Charlie blushed slightly.

"It's the first time you said it.", he said silently.

"I know."

"But I knew it the day you came.", Charlie answered and fell asleep covered in the protecting embrace of Don.