Warning : cliché-ness, I think, though I'm not entirely sure; shounen-ai, I'm still unsure if I should include some lemons; mild doses of fantasy, fairy-tale-like world (come on, there's kingdoms and princes and kings on this one); mild violence and slightly coarse language (Naru-chan is a bandit here, after all)… and… well that's all that I could think of for now. But hey, this is rated M for a reason :)

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Notes : Inspiration came from a sudden thought while doing slogans for our Independence Day –sweatdrop- no, really. I could still blame the movies Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and The House of Flying Daggers though :) Another fanfiction, and I hope you all enjoy this one!

"NOW, comrades, we're going to kidnap that bastard king, Uchiha Itachi!"

The overzealous and hate-filled declaration met nothing but rowdy approval and encouraging claps. The rebels' leader, Uzumaki Naruto, stands determinedly on top of a table, swinging his un-drank-from bottle of booze.

"…Oi, Naruto…" One of their leader's top men, Nara Shikamaru walked up to the blond and talked in a secretive whisper. "…I think it's better if somebody else kidnaps the king. Because if we failed, at least, you wouldn't be captured, and our group is still alive."

"Wow, that's a great idea, Shikamaru!" Naruto gleefully states, clapping his friend at the back. The lazy genius manages a suffering-saint sigh.

"Remember, Kiba m'boy, the king is on the seventeenth carriage. He's very pretty, with black hair and black eyes…"

"Got it, boss!"

According to plan, a well-armed group of rebels would attack (Kiba is their leader) and target the seventeenth carriage. Their primary objective is to capture the king, and from then on, transfer him towards their headquarters, far, far away from here.

Everything's perfect: way too perfect. They managed to steal a few jewels from the other nearby caravans, and they managed to kidnap the king, after a grueling encounter with the King's Guards. With more than just a few well-placed wounds and bruises, they headed back, happy to report to Naruto about their success.

Back at their camp though, Naruto (along with Shikamaru) doesn't seem too pleased.

"…Why are you wearing rags? For a King, you sure are dressed grubbily…" Naruto comments on their captive's appearance. Sure, he has a pretty (if not dirty) face. He has black eyes and black hair. But…

"Are you fucking stupid?" The volume isn't very loud, but the authority and anger is enough to make the other rebels cringe in fear. "Of course I'm not the fucking King. I'm his friggin' servant." The snotty attitude is enough to fool them that he's really of royal blood, because he sounds so condescending.

And Naruto decided that killing Kiba (for this horrible, horrible mistake) would be the best place to start.

To Be Continued

Well, how was it? I'm a bit excited for this one, so… I hope you liked this as well! Sorry for the vague descriptions and the shortness, but since this is the prologue… :P I'll be posting a new story (titled: A Love To Kill) very soon. I just... couldn't find it in my computer right now -sweatdrop-

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