Here's a completely random yet, lemony one-shot. Came up with it when I had a real life experience. I leave my radio on all night long and one night I had a dream that people were singing my favorite song at school. I woke up to hear the last bits of that song on the radio and realized what I'd heard on the radio was heard in my dream. Then I heard this song last week on another station….

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Warning: yaoiness, scenes in a bar, dirty dancing, other crap. If you think you can't handle it I suggest leaving.

Pairings: YamixYugi, SetoxJou

(hi) Yami to Yugi

/hi/ Yugi to Yami

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Yami collapsed on Yugi's bed and touched his hand to his forehead. He had spent the whole day helping Yugi's grandfather carry boxes into the shop all day. He felt like his arms would fall out of their sockets and his legs were rubber.

"Lift with your legs he says…." Yami grumbled angrily as Yugi walked into the room with a bottle of lotion and a smile on his face.

"You want me to rub your back love?" he asked. He sat down on the edge of the bed. His smile faded as he saw the look of agony on Yami's face. Yugi sighed. "I really appreciate you helping jichan today Yami…." He said.

Yami rubbed his eyelids with his thumbs and let out a long breath. He finally opened his eyes and smiled up at his hikari.

"Sure thing Aibou. But uh, I don't think I have the energy to stay up for a back rub…" He paused when he saw the look of disappointment in Yugi's eyes. "Maybe in the morning." Yugi's eyes lit up and he set the lotion bottle down on the floor. Yugi took any and every opportunity to pamper Yami. They had not gone intimate yet, but both felt they would soon. Yami felt that even his innocent Yugi was hinting a little more lately.

Yugi leaned onto their bed and pulled Yami into a deep kiss. Yami groaned loudly and pulled at Yugi so the boy toppled over him and landed on his side along the other side of the bed. Yugi squealed with delight. Yugi crushed their mouths together again and pressed his body against Yami's. Yami smirked into the kiss.

(Aibou, if I'm not up for a backrub, what makes you think I have the energy for anything else?)

Yugi mentally pouted and whimpered through the link. He pulled back from the kiss a little, his bright amethyst eyes dancing. /It was worth a try/ he said. Yami smiled and attacked Yugi's stomach with tickles.

(Thought you could trick the pharaoh did you?) he asked.

Yugi screamed and laughed as his chest too was tickled mercilessly by Yami's nimble fingers.

/Yami! Please! Stop/ he managed through the link.

Yami did stop by kissing Yugi on the cheek and moving his once torturing fingers up to touch Yugi's face gently. He lay on his side and slightly leaned over Yugi to look at his eyes. Yugi smiled as he laid on his back looking up at Yami.

"Don't get me wrong Yugi….even if I'm not ready, I still love you to no end," Yami said as he slowly ran his fingers over Yugi's pink cheeks. "Alright?"

Yugi nodded. "Maybe I should wait until we're both ready," he said as he touched the back of Yami's hand.

(A/N: Awwww, I'm melting as I picture this)

Yami sweatdropped. "I've been telling you that for a while my little devil," he said mischievously as he nuzzled his nose to Yugi's. Yugi giggled and yawned.

"A little music to soothe you my aibou?" he asked as he reached for the radio next to the clock. Yugi looked up at Yami through half-closed eyelids and nodded.

Yami pulled back the covers and draped them over him and Yugi. He turned the radio on with a click, and stretched further under the covers. He wrapped a protective arm around Yugi, who lazily buried his face in Yami's chest and sighed contently as the song "Don't want to miss a thing" filled the air. Yami tightened his grip around Yugi's shoulders and rested his head in Yugi's hair, taking in its sweet, intoxicating scent.

"Goodnight Yami. I love you."

Yami smiled at the sound of his angel's voice. "Goodnight Aibou. I love you too." With that, both boys fell asleep in each others arms, leaving the radio on…..

Yami's eyes shot open at the sound of someone speaking to him. He jerked up into a sitting position only to find he already was for he was sitting in a chair. The force of his movement forced him forward and he banged his chin on the table in front of him.

"Sir, are you alright?"

Yami groaned and sat up rubbing his chin. He opened his eyes to see a busboy looking over him with a concerned look on his face. He had long hair and pinkish cheeks. Yami frowned slightly at the boy's looks.

"Uh, yeah. I-I guess," Yami stammered.

The boy, who appeared to be in his early 20s smiled. "Well I was just wondering if you wanted more wine," he said, his smile still on his face. Yami felt his eye twitch.

"Uh, iie. Arigato," he stammered. The boy nodded and took the wine glass that was on the table.

Yami glanced around the surrounding area warily. There was a stage, no, a catwalk on the far side of the room. Many tables surrounded it. A bar table was in the back. The lights were dimmed quite low and the smell of cigarette smoke filled the air. Still, Yami couldn't help feeling there was something else awkward about this place….

"There you are!"

Yami turned towards the direction of the familiar voice of Jounouchi. It was now that he realized there were two more seats at his table. Jounouchi took his place at one of the chairs. Another figure took the other one. Seto Kaiba. Yami's eyes widened.

"What are you two doing here? Where were you?" Yami asked all at once.

The two other men paused for what seemed like forever. Jounouchi drummed his fingers on the table. Seto cleared his throat and glanced at Jou with his icy blue eyes. Jou clenched his teeth and exhaled deeply.

"Wh-what do you mean?" he stammered. "We, we went to the bathroom, just like we said!"

Yami raised an eyebrow. "At the same time?" he asked.

"I went to make sure he didn't break anything on the way," an unwavering Kaiba said with his arms crossed over his chest. Jounouchi nodded. Yami saw a large mark just under Jou's neck just below his hairline but decided against saying anything.

Jou looked uneasy as he saw Yami's eyes shift from him to Seto many times. He quickly changed the subject.

"So…" he said slowly. "You ready for the show?" Both Jou and Seto smirked.

Yami was confused yet again. "What show?"

Seto rolled his eyes. "You know. Don't be a stupid ass! Yugi's dancing here tonight!"

Yami looked around with his eyes then looked at Seto.

"And where is here?" he asked. Though he wasn't sure if he even wanted to know…..

Jou tilted his head and looked at Yami as if he had arrived from Mars. "Uh, the Pink Elephant and are you okay?"

Yami's eyes turned the size of saucers. "The gay bar downtown?"

"Duh," Jou and Seto said in unison.

Yami was about to speak up when the lights dimmed. Seto and Jou smirked at leaned back in their seats. What was going on?


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