The Legend of Gohan:

Book the First:

The Beginning


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3 Months Before Gohan's Birth

999 years and 6 months after the Death the Super Saiyan

Millennia Since the Ascendants Walked

0 B.G (Before Gohan)

In the remote region of the 439 East Mountain Area, in a clear glade in its vast forest, a young man wearing an orange fighting gi is seen performing pushups. Pushups though a seemingly simple task would generally not warrant any interest but the ones being performed by this young man were unique in that he was doing them with one finger and under his breath a count could be heard.


And with that the young man pushed off the ground with his finger and promptly went up into the air and flipped his body to land in the upright position.

"That was a good warm up" he said with a broad smile and he then slowly began to levitate.

While defying gravity is something that most people think is impossible, to a select few on the small blue planet called Earth it was not only possible but it was (pardon the cliché) only the tip of the iceberg in their range of skills.

While on the surface it seemed like flying it was actually an ancient technique known by a few and its true name was Bukujutsu, the Air Dance.

The technique went beyond normal martial arts and touched on the fundamentals of life and the energy upon which life is created, and upon which it thrives and upon which it ultimately returns too.

The young man who was slowly lifting higher into the air was at that moment releasing his energy as part of the Bukujutsu and at the same time he was perfecting his skills in energy manipulation and detection. Upon reaching a suitable altitude the young man stopped his ascent and took note of his surroundings. The sun was high in the clear blue sky and there were no disturbances to mar the beauty of his home, the beauty of his planet.

There's no place like it. He thought to himself.

After admiring the view so to speak the young man then took a fighting stance that was an indication of his intent to train. He drew his left into a fist and then brought it close to his chest with the knuckles pointing down and he moved his right hand forward, bent slightly and with the fingers straight and together. This was the initial stance in the Kame-Sen'nin style of martial arts. Just as soon as he took up the stance he launched into a full length kata, progressing further and further in the style until he had come to the end and then starting all over again.

The young man was so dedicated to the training that he did not notice the gradual movement of the sun from East to West and so it was close to dusk when he a shout from below him.


The man looked down to see, what to him, was the most beautiful sight in the world, his wife.

A young woman of Japanese origin with porcelain white skin and long black hair, a small button nose, thin but full pink lips and two beautiful big black eyes was staring up at the floating man, who slowly began to descend to ground. Coming closer she could make out the wild spikes that were his hair, the strong chin, sharp mouth and nose and finally the obsidian orbs that spoke of unimagined depth and warmth and caused her to drown every time she looked into the eyes of her only love. Even as he moved close the young woman felt the warmth emanating from his body and she knew he was doing it keep her warm and she reveled in it. This was her husband the man she would spend the rest of her life with.

"Goku" she said in a soft and melodious voice. "It's getting late you should come in before it gets too cold". She finished.

As Goku approached his wife he was caught by her fragrance, the natural air of warmth and purity she radiated reached out to him and touched his soul. He heard her words and his answering smile seemed to ask her for just a bit more time to train or that's what he hoped it said. He saw the recognition of his plea, the subsequent contemplation and the final acceptance all in her eyes, for him they were so easy to read.

They then moved to a tree where she sat and he launched himself back into the air to continue his training. Son Chi-Chi smiled, she was a Princess who had found her Prince and so she allowed him the little things… time enough would come to change some habits. When the Sun had set and night had arrived Goku once again dropped down and landed softly next to her. Helping her up and flaring his aura for her to see better, they began their walk back to their cozy home. As they were walking back Chi-Chi felt a warm fuzzy appendage wrap around her and she leaned closer to the owner of the appendage snuggling into the warmth of his energy.

As they reached the house they heard a car bell sound and they both turned to the source and it was none other than The OX King, Chi-Chi's father.

As the giant man stepped pulled up to the house he could not help but notice the aura engulfing the two figures and his bearded face broke into a broad smile as saw his little girls swollen womb. He could not help it, he was about to become a grandfather to a special child who would one day inherit his legacy and as he looked on to the two people he knew that a new chapter would begin in their story once their child was born, but in the long tales, the history and the annals of the Kingdom, it would mean the realization of an ancient prophecy and the birth of tales that would live to the end of eternity.