The Legend of Gohan

Book the First

Chapter 5

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The green figure lying in the bottom of the deep valley would seem, to a casual observer, to be dead. This however would be wrong for the minute, labored rise and fall of his chest indicated that he was in fact still alive and breathing. The valley itself bore signs of damage. The sides of the valley showed marks scorching and they bore deep gouges, as if huge tanks and war machines had shelled the valley. In actuality, the valley had seen a battle of beings harnessing the inner power of Ki and using it to release energy attacks. The obvious loser of the battle was the green figure.

Cheap shot. Piccolo thought to himself. That beings blast would have been nothing if he were at full strength, but the coward him when he was distracted and after he had gone through one of his punishing training sessions.

Piccolo let loose a growl, banishing any excuses for his current condition. Not at King Yemma's desk but not at fighting form either. In battle and in life only the strong survived.

Piccolo then felt a small stone strike his chest. When he lifted his head to look at the stone he was surprised to find that it was not a stone but a Senzu bean. He instinctively knew who sent it. Fighting of the excruciating pain, he lifted his hand and reached for the bean. Lifting it up and placing it in his mouth, he began to chew it. Each chew sending jolts of pain through his almost broken jaw. The injuries he had sustained were serious, but soon they became non-existent as the warrior felt every broken bone, gaping wound and ruptured internal organ forcefully mend and heal. The trauma suffered by his body remained though and the memory of pain remained permeating his thoughts and turning them to bitter vengeance.

Well see how they can handle a fully powered and very pissed of Demon Prince. Piccolo contemplated to himself and with that, he focused on his mind link and used it to get the details of his attackers from Kami. The link was fitful and a bit disorientating and it was then that Piccolo noticed that Kami was moving away from the LookOut at an incredibly fast speed and then he gleaned Kami's destination. A floating island to the south.

You should stay behind Old Man, this is a warriors battle he sent the thought and blocking any telepathic comeback he gathered his replenished Ki.

The white aura of power surrounded his form and he exploded it around him in an unwitnessed display of power that shattered the surrounding space leveling the valley into a plain.

That made me feel better.

He concentrated even more and using Bukujutsu, he shot straight up into the sky and then turning to the south, he blasted to the south. His attackers were waiting and he would show them the consequences of messing with him.


The sky above the floating island fortress, in the middle of the South Sea, was clear and tranquil. There was not a single cloud to mar its beauty. That was soon to change as dark black clouds began to gather. The dark clouds themselves were soon drowned out by an even deeper darkness that was in essence the true absence of light. It was an unnatural phenomenon that heralded the arrival of one of the Ancient Ones, The Immortal Dragon Shenron. A spilling out of one realm into another and a blending and merging of the two to allow the enormous power and form of the Dragon to be manifested in the Mortal Realm. Bots of green lightning shot down from the sky and struck The Seven Dragonballs gathered on the roof of the fortress. The balls had been glowing ever since they had been brought within each other's presence but as soon as the lightening struck they exploded with a blinding golden light. The Dragonballs blazed blindingly bright, with each one resonating power. A harsh wind picked up and then each Dragonball shot a pillar of light into the sky. The pillars blended to gather and formed a solid column of gold light, which then changed into a violent bolt of lightning that raged uncontrollably. Soon the lightning began to take spread snaking around the fortress and then it began to solidify until it resolved itself into the form of the Eternal Dragon Shenron.


On the Nimbus cloud moving at maximum speed, with its gold trail stretching for miles in its rear, towards the floating island Goku could not miss the signs.

"Oh no they've summoned the Dragon," he said aloud.


Kami could sense the undeniable presence that had manifested itself at the whim of a deranged lunatic.

He has summoned Shenron He thought to both himself and to Piccolo.


Though he had closed himself off to Kami, Piccolo could not help but pick up the thought.

One word came to his lips

"Shenron" with that he increased his speed, his white aura leaving a blazing trail in the sky.


Convergence. Power attracts Power. A fundamental law that governed beings who could lay waste to the land itself. Power was about to be unveiled. Ancient and new power. The pieces were moving to their fated positions and all would be decided. A fate 300 years in the making. Whether that power was used to defend or destroy, it did not distinguish. What existed was the power but what mattered was the cause that it was being wielded for.


Garlic Jr was overjoyed finally his path to domination of the Universe would begin, and no one would stop him. He was awed and in fear of the Dragon but he knew it would not do anything to him. It was a servant, a tool to be used by anyone with the knowledge to reach for it. He was a bit worried when the Dragon did not regard him or acknowledge his presence, instead it focused on the boy. It seemed to be regarding the boy with intense concentration and Garlic Jr could not even imagine what it was thinking nor could he glean any information from its face. He quickly turned to face the boy, hoping to see him frightened out of his mind, but that was not so. The small boy looked on transfixed by the Dragon's gaze, without a hint of fear in his eyes. The contrast in size between the two beings was ludicrous, yet here they were eyes locked and seemingly taking each other's measure. He was confused about what exactly was happening and all he could do was look back and forth between the two.

The Dragon bowed its head to the boy, and he nodded his in return.

There is no doubting it this boy is special. Garlic Jr thought to himself.

"YOU HAVE AWAKENED THE DRAGON, AND SO YOU WILL BE GRANTED ONE WISH. WHAT IS OUR DESIRE? The Dragon boomed knocking Garlic Jr out of his contemplative state and bringing his focus back to his selfish desires.

"Please grant me Immortality," he said in his slimy sibilant voice

"VERY WELL, AS YOU WISH" the Dragon announced and with that, its ruby red eyes began to glow, and the glow deepened and finally the Dragon expanded its eyes to release its full power.

An intense blue column of light soon engulfed the small figure and his features began to distort as if some force was stretching it for an unknown reason. Yet in that column, the macabre figure was smiling. The column still blazed reaching up to the very Heavens and the figures proportions soon returned to normal.

Everyone had better listen to me now, from this day forwards I will rule the universe.


Unbeknownst to the figure something else was happening. In essence, everyone is immortal because his or her Soul lived on in Other World and so in wishing to become immortal in the mortal realm Garlic Jr was essentially giving up his soul and that was what the column of light was for. To transport his soul to King Yemma for total dissolution and without a Soul the body would not yearn to return to dust for the Soul's reward. The Immortality granted by the Dragon was in truth a discarding of the Soul that allowed the body to live on for all that remained was just a body and the Ki of the being would be tapped in the body, always reforming it in an endless cycle.


Evil spirits come out of the Darkness and show yourselves, you are free to walk the Earth once again. A new Dark Age has finally begun! Vengeance will be mine, all will fear my wrath, let this world be drenched in blood! Garlic Jr. mentally screamed. In answer to his command, the Legions of the Evil Spirits awoke and they began to march. Dread creatures of unimaginable evil in their thousands, with winged terrors controlling the sky, they had returned after a 300-year absence.

"Now that I'm immortal I will rule the Universe forever!" He shouted, "All creatures must obey me or perish. With the Power I know posses my reign of terror will be everlasting!"

A maniacal laugh punctuated his last outburst.

"YOUR WISH HAS BEEN GRANTED, AND NOW I BID YOU FAREWELL" The Dragons voice boomed above the laughter and over the roaring winds. It began to glow in a bright gold light and soon the Dragons Jade hide was indistinguishable and it seemed to withdraw into itself. Finally, the golden light was drawn into the Dragonballs themselves, which were in the air, and when the light died down the Dragonballs rose higher. Reaching the peak of their ascent, they began to rotate as if in a giant roulette wheel and suddenly stopping they shot out in opposite directions at an extremely fast speed.


The black sky made it easy for Goku to see golden orb quickly approaching him and with his current velocity, being hit by the ball would have meant a one-way trip into the next dimension. Utilizing his years of martial arts training he was able to dodge the orb. His advanced eyesight had allowed him to see what Dragonball it was. The Four Star Dragonball.


His brows furrowed and the look that came upon his face made him seem something other than human. His lashing tail accentuated this perception, portraying a being on the verge of unbelievable violence. A born warrior. Anyone who got in his way would rue the day they were born. He had fought hard to save the world but now he had to save his son. His power had been increasing slowly and as he approached his destination, he curled his tail protectively around his waist and he unslung his Power Pole. This time it was personal.

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