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Summary: Sets after PoA. Harry disappeared on his birthday and was brought to a place where he did not believe exist. He was introduced to a group of extrodinary people who claimed was his family.

A/N: This is my first fan fiction that I had it done. It may be similiar to which I posted earlier, or rather it IS similiar to what I had posted earlier. It's just that this is a different version from the other and is Really my First fan fiction I'd written. Sorry for any spelling/grammar or any other mistakes.

Chapter 1 - Lost of a Kin

"Help! Grandfather, help!" screamed Hannah. "Ada and Nana are in trouble!"

Lord Elrond jumped when he heard a screamed, but decided not to bother it as he thought it must be someone had fallen into the traps of his son Elrohir. My my, what have i done to have a son like him? He thought, as he went back to the book he was reading. But the screaming continues for a few minutes, each time the words gets clearer. He then realised that the voice belongs to Hannnah. Lord Elrond quickly rushed out from the study room, towards the voice. Halfway down the corridor, he met Hannah, who was running as fast as her legs could take her to Lord Elrond. She couldn't stop in time and bumped into Lord Elrond.

"Grandfather! H-Help...Ada and...N-Nana are...in t-trouble!" shouted Hannah, panting.

"Calm down, Alfirin. Marni Marte?" asked Lord Elrond, with a worried look on his face.

"Ada and Nana, they...Dark Lord...Elithorn...trouble..."

"Alfirin, calm down. I can't make out what you are saying. Speak slowly and clearly, will you?

Hannah let out a sigh and pulled Lord Elrond towards James' room and as she trotted along the corridor, she told Lord Elrond about the Dark Lord was coming for Harry, who was suspected being the one who will destroy the Dark Lord. By then, Elladan and Elrohir were trotting beside them just in time to hear the news.

After hearing everything, Lord Elrond was shocked. He turned to Elladan asking him to go to James's house to help them and bring back Harry. Without needing to repeat twice, he nod and ran into the room which used to be James's bringing 4 elves with him, and pass through a door which brought him to the Earth. The door linked directly to James's study room. Gandalf had build it just in case if there was any emergency, they could use the link to go back to Middle Earth.

When Elladan arrived at James's house, both James and Lily were already dead. The whole house was in a mess, obviously both of them had been through a great deal of battle. Lord Elladan quickly searched the whole place trying to find Harry the baby. What they did not know was that before they reached, someone was here and took away Harry. After they searched through the whole house, what seemed like a million times, they couldn't find the baby. So they thought that Harry was dead and the body was taken away by the Dark Lord. Devastated, they went back to Middle Earth.

Lord Elrond, Elrohir, Hannah and Gandalf were waiting in James's room for Elladan. When the door linking to Earth opened, they were hoping to see James and Lily were with them together with the baby. But they only saw Elladan and 4 other elves who Elladan took with him. Elladan's expression says in all, and when Lord Elrond saw it, he knew what had happened.

"Adar, it was too late. It was too late, Adar. I couldn't find him," sobbed the sad Elladan.

"It is all right. We were too late. Elmaethor must have been disappointed with me, for not sending people to help him," said Lord Elrond, with tears dwelling in his eyes.

"No, I'm sure Elmaethor will not think that way, Elrond," comforted Gandalf, putting a hand on Lord Elrond's shoulder.

"NOOOO... ADA, NANA, ELITHRON!" screamed Hannah, kneeling to the ground, unable to support herself. Elrohir went over to hug Hannah, with tears in his eye too.

"Come on, you will go back to your room, Alfirin." Lord Elrohir had accompany Hannah the whole night, sitting by her bed.

The next morning, all the elves in Rivendell had known what had happened. All of them sang songs with grief, with words one could barely had the heart to repeat. Lord Elrond was very upset as he had lost his precious son. He stayed in James's room the whole day without stepping out at all. He also rejected any food that Elrohir brought to him.

News soon travelled to Lothlorien. Lord Celeborn and Lady Galadriel were travelling to Rivendell as fast as the horses could take them. Travelling with them was Lord Elrond's daughter Arwen. She was staying with Lord Celeborn and Lady Galadriel at Lothlorien. It took them five days to reach Rivendell. When they reached, they could feel the sadness coming out of the building. Hannah was the first who greeted them. Arwen hurried forward to hug her niece.

"Oh Alfirin, tolo si." Hannah flopped into the arms of Arwen and hug her. "I am very sorry to hear the bad news. Are you all right?"

Hannah hugged Arwen tightly, she tried to talk, but no words came from her mouth, so she just nod her head. They stood there hugging for what seems like a long time before they broke apart. Lord Celeborn and Lady Galadriel stood there silently watching. "Where is Elrond, may I ask?" Lord Celeborn finally said.

"He has retreated to mourn for his son," said Lady Galadriel, reading Hannah's mind.

"He is in Ada's room. Did not come out since he went in seven days ago," replied Hannah, still sobbing.

Lord Celeborn was about to walk towards James's room when Lady Galadriel stopped him. "Lau, maybe later. For now, leave him to be. Now, let us retreat to our room first."

Marni marte: What happened?

tolo si: come here

Lau: No