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Chapter 19: A Failed Mission

Last time on Return of the Prince: "It does not matter who did it first, you had said bad things about my most trusted and loyal servant, and I could not tolerate anyone who say bad things about him! Shagrat, feel free to do whatever you like to him, but spare his life, as I need him for more important things."

"Thank you, my lord," replied Shagrat, smirking while looking evilly at Voldemort, who gave an audible swallow.

"L-lord S-Sauron, why not we discuss the matter now?" Voldemort asked nervously.

But Sauron was nowhere to be found, Voldemort and Wormtail were all alone in the room with Shagrat who was sneering evilly at the pair.

As Lord Sauron walked out of the room, screams could be heard from insde. He let out a snort as he walked to his watch tower not wanting to think about the happenings inside the locked room.

A few moments later, the door opened revealing a distraught dark lord and his sidekick.

"I see my Chief Orc has let you live," said Sauron amused.

"Yes, he did, apparently," mumbled Wormtail.

"Is that a sarcastic tone I heard? If it is, my dear Shagrat is more than happy to have your company."

This time, Wormtail chose a wise move. He shut his mouth up.

"I have read your proposal on combining efforts to conquer both worlds. Now, tell me, why should I have you as my equal?" Sauron continued. "My troupes are strong enough to flatten this world without your help. I do not see the reason I should agree to your proposal."

"My dear Sauron, you do not know how powerful I am. I am the most powerful Dark Lord in my world. No one can overtake me, as none can survive my curse," said Voldemort in a sing-song tone.

"Is that true? Then how come I heard rumors that a mere baby can defeat you?"

Voldemort's eyes shot up upon hearing that, his eyes as big as saucers were staring at Sauron. He had thought Sauron would never know about this, but he was obviously wrong. He had stepped on the wrong side with Sauron from the beginning. How will he ever regain Sauron's trust?


Time came and went, not too soon September first came. Due to Alfirin had to go ahead to the school, it was Remus and Sirius, who transformed into the dog, who took Harry to the Hogwarts Express train.

"Take care of yourself, Harry," said Remus.

Sirius gave a series of bark as if to say, can I come with you? Harry gave out a bark of laugh while Remus glared at the dog. Out of the corner of his eye, Harry saw a sea of red walked past the barrier, searching for something or rather, someone. Turning around, Harry saw Ron and Ginny had seen him and were approaching fast.

"Harry! Glad I found you," cried Ron. "How's your summer, mate?"

"Never better, how's yours?"

"I had to degnome the garden almost everyday," said Ron while making a disgusted face.

All too soon, the train had left the station. Harry, Ron and Ginny made their way to their usual compartment at the back of the train only to find it occupied by none other than Malfoy, who sneered upon seeing his nemesis.

"What are you doing in this compartment?" cried Ron. "This is our compartment!"

"Your compartment? Is there a name written somewhere in here? I don't see any names, do you?" said Malfoy addressing to his lackeys, Crabbe and Goyle.

Both boys shook their heads and Malfoy turned back to the trio standing at the door telling them to leave. But Ron would not leave without putting up a fight and Harry and Ginny had to pull him away into another empty compartment.

"Why don't you let me snatch back that compartment? It is ours!" cried Ron.

"Ron! What's wrong with you? Yes, we occupied that compartment all the time, but it is NOT OURS!" snapped Harry.

"It is as good as ours when we occupied that all the time, since our first year! It is in that compartment where we met and became best friends!"

Just as Harry was about to argued back, the door slipped opened revealing Hermione and Neville. Apparently, Hermione and Neville were looking for them and had heard the arguments on the corridor, for Hermione's face was as red as Ron's hair and Harry could even swear that smoke could be seen coming out of her ears; while Neville's face was very pale.

"Ronald Weasley, what are you thinking?" Hermione said angrily. "It is only a compartment. It's not like something important!"

Hermione spent the next fifteen minutes chiding Ron while Harry, Ginny and Neville sat near the window reading books, not daring to interfere. Soon the train was reaching the destination and the girls left to change.


"I don't believe the Ministry would send someone into the school."

"Did you catch a good look on her?"

"Yeah, she looks like a toad to me."

"I wonder what she is going to teach."

Everyone was whispering about the new Defense Against the Dark Arts, also known as DADA, Professor who was sent by the Ministry to fill in the position, Umbridge. Short and fat, Umbridge is often described as toad-like. She uses an affected high-pitched girlish voice and had a preference for wearing fluffy pink cardigans. Upon the first introduction, the whole student body, with the exception of the Slytherins, hated her.

"What and how she is going to teach, we will have to wait until Monday to know," said Hermione.


With every lesson of DADA came a detention for Harry, who until this point of time would not let anyone know about the torture that Umbridge had used on him. If he told anyone, he would be seen as a weakling, as Umbridge would like to see him as. Ron and Hermione saw the result of the detentions and often urged Harry to notify someone about it, but were waved off by Harry. Alfirin would often ask about the detentions, as she had suspected something was not right, but Harry would tell her that it was nothing but writing lines. All in all, the first term back to Hogwarts went rather uneventful for Harry until two days before Christmas break.

During Transfiguration, Harry was idly twisting his wand around his fingers when he suddenly sat upright in his seat, eyes wide as if he had entered another vision of his. However, it is not a vision he saw, but something evil he felt. The feeling was getting stronger which means the evil is getting closer to the school. Looking out of the window towards the forest, Harry could feel the trees were getting restless and were conversing about the strange evil that now resides within.

Elsewhere in the castle, a certain she-elf felt the strange evil as well. Dismissing the class early, she went towards the forest to investigate further. Upon reaching the edge of the forest, she could felt a familiar tinge of uneasiness where she should not have felt anywhere. Suddenly a voice called out behind her made her jumped for she did not expect anyone coming out of the castle at the moment of time. Turning around, she saw the person was none other than her brother.

"Harry, what are you doing out here? You should been in class now," cided Alfirin.

"Something is not right in the forest. There is evil in there. I can feel it," replied Harry worriedly. "If you intend to go investigate, then I'm with you."

"No Harry, this is not safe. I cannot let you go in with me. Go back to your class."

The two of them continued to argue further as none of them willing to step down. The longer they argued, the closer the evil was coming towards them. All too soon, they could felt the ground was vibrating slightly. Harry knew that instant what evil resides within the forest. Turning horror eyes towards Alfirin as if to make sure he was correct, he saw Alfirin gave a slight nod.

"There is not enough time. We have to end it before they come out of the forest. Stay close to me, Elithron."

"Definitely, I wouldn't think of going anywhere else."

With that, the two of them entered the forest in search of their old foes. They need not go too far for they saw them immediately as soon as they stepped into the forest. Pulling out their swords from the inside of their cloak, they went into a fight mode and began slashing the evils they loathed, leaving none alive.

No sooner than they started, the fight ended, littering the ground with body parts that used to be their foes'. Harry started summoning all body parts towards him and piled them in front of him waiting to be rid off. Harry had wanted to burn the pile right there and then, but Alfirin objected. Arguing that people would smell it as it was too near to the clearing, Alfirin decided to banish off the pile and did so before Harry could say anything about it.

"What are those Yrchs doing in the Forbidden Forest? They are not supposed to come to this world. I-I mean, they don't even exist in this world, isn't it?" Harry asked.

"Yes, they are not supposed to appear in this world. However, I am afraid things may be starting to change. Elithron, we cannot make sure things like that will never happen again."

A sudden movement within the trees alerted them that there are some things out there with them. Approaching with caution towards the trees, they were shocked that it was Albus Dumbledore who appeared. As soon as he saw them, Albus Dumbledore's eyes started to twinkle madly indicating he knew something was going on, and neither Alfirin nor Harry like it very much.

"What are you doing here?" Harry blurted out.

"Watch your tone, Mr Potter," snapped Alfirin. Turning to Dumbledore, "I do not want to be rude or something, but what are you doing in the forest at this time?"

"Well, should you not be in class as well, Alfirin?" Dumbledore mused. "If you must know, I realise something is disturbing the forest and I came to investigate. However when I reached the edge of the forest, I heard clanking of swords. Is everything all right?"

"Yes, everything is settled. The evil is gone. What did you saw?" Harry asked suspiciously.

Alfirin was about to comment about Harry's tone when Dumbledore interrupted.

"Not if you do not want me to see. Anyway, I already know of your heritage as well as Alfirin's. There is no need to hide from me."

Both Harry and Alfirin were at loss for words. Dumbledore knew they were elves and were siblings. Why didn't Dumbledore say anything to me years ago? Why was I sent to the Dursleys when he knew I had a sister? Emotions flashed across Harry's face while questions were zooming thought his head. Dumbledore watched with fascination as Harry's face turned from confusion, to realisation to anger within seconds.

"You! You knew the truth right from the start! You knew I had another kin besides Aunt Petunia. Why don't you tell me, let alone send me to them?" Harry yelled angrily.

"Harry, I do not deny that I know about your other relatives. However, the fact that Hannah is alive rather surprised me. I thought that she had perished with you parents. Besides, I do not know of a way to contact your other relatives only the other way round," explained Dumbledore quietly.

"You could have tried! You could have done something other than send me to the Dursleys! You could have… You could have… You could have…"

Without another word, Harry ran off towards the castle as fast as he could, bumping into Ron and Hermione on the way back, leaving a rather confused professor and a rather bemused Headmaster behind.

Looking at each other puzzled, Ron and Hermione glanced towards the direction Harry came from and back to the retreating back of their best friend; they ran after him without another word.

"Harry! Harry, wait up!" Hermione cried as she and Ron chased after Harry.

Harry, on the other hand, either pretended to ignore them, or he really did not hear their calls, kept on running. It was only until he reached the seventh-floor corridor and entered a room which came out of nowhere did he stop. Panting, he leaned against the wall beside the door slowing sliding himself to the floor.


Back in Mordor, a certain Dark Lord was having a fit. He was so angry that he was pratically glowing with anger. His plan had just destroyed. No, it was not his plan, but the so-called his equal's plan. Not able to contain his anger any longer, he gave a spine-chilling growl that could be heard in all corners of Mordor. Wormtail had yet again hid behind Voldemort's legs, while Voldemort was trying not to be intimidated by Sauron.

"Tell me, Voldemort. What happened?" Sauron asked in a voice barely above a whisper. "Tell me, why does my Orcs not return to me alive, instead in a heap of ashes?"

"Lord Sauron, I do not know what exactly happened. I do not know why someone over there would discover the Orcs," replied Voldemort.

"You told me your plans would work. You promised me, yet now you disappoint me. Tell me now, how would you like to pay for your failure?"

"I beg your pardon? Oh no, no one asks Lord Voldemort to pay for his failures," snorted Voldemort. "No one. None at all."

"Is that so? Have you forgotten about Shagrat? Or do you need his presence here again?"

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