Veela Snakes & Troubled Lions.

"Can I go looking Father? Please?" The young veela pleaded.

"No Draco you can't! You are not going searching for your mate yet! First you must report to the prefects' carriage and receive your orders as well as meeting the new prefects and Head Boy and Girl!"

"But Dad! I can smell them! The smell is driving me stone fucking crazy! I need to find them" Draco put on his best pleading look. But before it had a chance to work, Draco was hit by the most powerful scent. He spun around and looked to see who had just walked passed him. His head was spinning like a runaway carousel and his vision became blurred. He tried to fight the darkness, but suddenly the darkness took over him, everything went black.

Needless to say, Draco was not a happy veela when he woke up, in his own bed, in Malfoy Manor. He jumped out of bed and summoned a house-elf.

"Shelagh go get my father and send him up here immediately please.!" As the house-elf disapparated, no doubt to his father's private rooms, Draco went over to his full-length mirror. Ever since his 16th birthday he had looked different. His complexion was paler, his hair was darker and his face was more oval shaped. He was better looking that ever! He grinned at his reflection. He could not wait to see Pansy 'the Prostitute' Parkinson's face when she realised that he had come into his inheritance!

"You sent for me?" Draco turned around, momentarily surprised. Then he shouted at his father,

"Yeah! What the Holy Fuck am I doing back here? I should be at Hogwarts searching right now!"

"Calm down my Dragon. I sent Severus a message and he has told Dumbledore that you had a slight shock when you got the scent of you mate and were taken home for the day. You are to go back this morning. Dumbledore has organised a portkey for 10am so get dressed!" Draco simply stared at his father for a few seconds before taking a deep breath and walking over to his sofa and sitting down.

"I'm sorry!" He said "This is just so frustrating! I know where my mate is, but I don't know who they are or anything!"

"Hey Dragon, you think you have it bad? At least when you find your mate you can be with them! I've been with my mate for 26 years and we still cant bond because of a stupid old bastard who has never known what true love is!"

"I know! But at least you can see Sev and talk to him and be with him, and basically do whatever you want with him to a certain extent! I still don't know if my mate is a Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Gryffindor or Hufflepuff!"

"You will soon enough, now get dressed! We have to leave soon"

"Why cant we apparate instead, I hate portkeys!"

"Because Dumbledore does not know that you can apparate and he would never believe that I took you on side along apparition, considering the fact that the Dark Lord has supposedly made that impossible for Death Eaters! Also I don't want you apparating next to your mate and giving them the shock of their lives! Anyway, Im going to be staying at Hogwarts so I can keep an eye on you, and be with Severus at the same time! So hurry up and get dressed!"

Lord Malfoy left his heirs room and closed the door behind him. Draco sat on the sofa for a few more seconds mulling over what his father had said. True his father had not yet bonded with Severus after 26 years, but he still felt the need to be close to his mate. That was one of the most romantic things about Veela love! Draco walked into the bathroom whistling. Whoever his mate was, they were one lucky Bitch of a bastard! He let the warm water pound his forehead then got out of the shower and dressed for the day. He grabbed his wand and a packet of sugar quills he had left on his table, shoved them into the pocket of his robes and hastened down the stairs to his father. He had to get to Hogwarts before he exploded with excitement and Desire!